PSLS & Tickets

Renew Your Season Tickets

PSL Owners received season ticket invoices via email on Friday, January 30 and will receive invoices via mail the week of February 9. Ticket prices remain the same for a third-consecutive season. Season tickets must be paid in full by June 1, 2015. Payments can be made via cash, check, money order or credit card. The Ravens accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit card payments.

Payments can be made online (sign in to your online account manager), by phone at 410-261-RAVE410-261-RAVE (7283), by mail, or in person at the ticket office. Download the How To Renew Guide for help with renewing online.

Payment Schedule

For your convenience, season ticket renewal billing is issued in two installments. The first invoice indicates billing for 50 percent of your total amount due. Final invoices will be mailed in mid-April for any remaining balance. This final payment is due the first week in June. Any playoff and/or re-sale credits, if applicable, have been applied towards your renewal. See chart below for 2015 due dates.

2015 Season Ticket BillingDue Date
50% of Season Ticket Amount Due (First installment) March 11
50% of Season Ticket Amount Due (Second and final installment) June 1

Payment Options

PSL Owners have the option to sign up for one of five payment options listed below.

  • Single Payment: Your card will be charged today for the full invoice amount
  • Pay 50% Now: This option will allow you to type in your desired amount to pay today (it does not have to be 50%). You must enter in the desired payment amount and your card will not be automatically charged any additional payments
  • 2 Installments: Your card will be stored and automatically charged half of your invoice amount on March 11 and half on June 1. You must sign up by March 10.
  • 3-Month Plan: Your card will be charged one-third on each of the following dates: April 1, May 1, and June 1. You must sign up by March 31.
  • 4-Month Plan: Your card will be charged 25% on each of the following dates: March 2, April 1, May 1, and June 1. You must sign up by March 1.

Please note that the automatic payment plan options (2 Installment, 3-Month & 4-Month Plans) can only be signed up for online through Account Manager or by returning the Payment Plan Form. The automatic payment plans require written authorization and CANNOT be charged by phone. Download the How to Renew Guide for help with renewing online.

Throughout the year, PSL Owners are welcome to pay in installments towards the next season’s tickets. Please call the ticket office at 410-261-RAVE410-261-RAVE (7283) to make payments.

PSL Owner Rewards

We continue to focus on recognizing your commitment to us with our newly-expanded PSL Owner Rewards Program (previously Ravens Rewards). All PSL Owners are now eligible to receive one of more than 2,000 Ravens-centric rewards by renewing for 2015. Click here for more information on prizes and how to increase your chances of being selected.

PSL Transfers

Those parties who intend to transfer the rights to their Permanent Seat License(s) must submit an official PSL Transfer Form to the Ravens Ticket Office. These forms must be received prior to May 15th in order for the transaction to take effect for that particular season. After this deadline, any transfers received by October 15 will be processed during the season in time for potential playoff games. Transfer processing periods are January 1 to May 15, and September 1 to October 15, each year.

Download a Permanent Seat License Transfer Form or contact Ravens Customer Service at (410) 261-RAVE. A $50 per seat transfer fee is required for all transfers. Original forms and signatures are also required (no copies or faxes please) to complete the transfer. The signature of the current ticket owner must also be notarized. Parking passes are not transferable.

Address Changes

To ensure prompt delivery of invoices, ticket packages and other mailings, it is important that you notify the Ravens Ticket Office of any changes of address on your account. To change the address on a PSL account, the account holder of record must submit a written request. The PSL account number and signature must be included with the address change. We recommend that you not use a P.O. Box address, in the event that a special delivery service is used. Special delivery services typically do not deliver to P.O. Box addresses.

Download PSL Address Request Form »

The last day to change your address for season tickets is May 29th. After this date, there will be a $25 fee to have the tickets pulled and shipped to a new address.

Name Changes

To change the attention name on a corporate account, a written request must be made in writing by the person listed as the original attention name or by a current officer of the organization with a brief description of why the name is changing, i.e. new contact or left company. Requests of this nature must be submitted on company letterhead. Please include the PSL account number on all correspondence. If the intention is to change the account name, a transfer must be completed.


Mailing Address

Send correspondence to:
Baltimore Ravens
Attention: Ticket Office
1101 Russell Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Please label all correspondence with the appropriate subject (i.e. Attn: Address Change, PSL Transfer, etc.).

For Ticket Payments Only:
Baltimore Ravens, L.P.
P.O. Box 64254
Baltimore, MD 21264-4254

  • If paying by check, please include your PSL account number
  • Please enclose your invoice stub with your payment
  • Please do not include correspondence
  • Do not staple or paper clip you check to the invoice stub.

What is a PSL?

In order to purchase Ravens Season Tickets in M&T Bank Stadium, the purchase of a PERMANENT SEAT LICENSE (PSL) is required. A Permanent Seat License is a one-time purchase that transfers the ownership rights of the seat(s) from the team to the individual licensee. It is a contractual agreement between the team and the PSL Owner and, as long as the tickets are renewed each season, it will be your call who gets the seats next.

Not only do you receive controlling rights to your seat location, other benefits of owning a PSL also include:

  • Pending ticket availability, a single game offer to PSL owners before tickets go on sale to the general public
  • An opportunity to purchase your seats for potential playoff games
  • An opportunity to purchase tickets for other stadium events when applicable
  • An entry in a Super Bowl lottery for each PSL that you own if the team participates

The purpose of the sale of PSLs is directly related to costs that the team incurred in its move to Baltimore. These costs included corporate and personnel relocation, team relocation expenses, NFL league fees associated with the move and upgrades to the existing practice facility. PSL revenues covered about half of these costs, with the Ravens contributing the balance. Currently, PSL funds are used to maintain M&T Bank Stadium as a first-rate facility that our fans will enjoy for many years to come.

Buying PSLs

PSLs are currently sold out in all levels (upper, lower and Club) and a waiting list for interested buyers has been established. If you are interested in purchasing a PSL, please call (410) 261-RAVE and a sales associate will be happy to discuss options, such as the Ravens PSL Marketplace, where fans buy and sell PSLs, and The List, the Ravens Official Wait List.

More information on buying PSLs »

Zones & Pricing

Use the stadium diagram below to find the location of your desired seats. To see what the view from your seat will look like, click here.

Numbered boxes denote hospitality tents.

   Zone Location PSL PSL Cost Season Ticket Cost (10 Games) Single Game Cost
   A Lower Level Midfield $8,000 $1,400 $145
   B Lower Level Sideline $5,000 $1,200 $125
   C Lower Level End Zone $2,500 $970 $102
   D Upper Level Midfield $3,500 $970 $102
   E Upper Level Sideline $2,500 $870 $92
   F Upper Level Sideline $1,500 $770 $82
   G Upper Level Endzone $1,000 $670 $72
   H Upper Level Corners $750 $620 $67
Club Level
   Club 1 Club Midfield $2,000 $3,650 $370
   Club 2 Sideline $2,000 $2,950 $300
   Club 3 Corner $2,000 $2,350 $240
   Club 4 Endzone $2,000 $1,850 $190

Account Manager

PSL Owners can log in to the online Ticket Account Manager to make payments, print tickets, forward tickets to a friend, donate tickets to charity, buy ticket to an upcoming game, or post ticket for sale on TicketExchange.

Note: Ticket Holders should never send or post a picture of tickets including the barcode as this information could be used to post tickets for sale.

Print at Home Tickets

PSL Owners can print tickets at home by logging in to the online Ticket Account Manager. You will have the option to print now, or to save a PDF file to print later. You also have the option to generate new barcodes so that the previously printed tickets will no longer be valid. Download the How to Print at Home Guide.

Transfer Tickets

PSL Owners can email tickets to anyone up to 2 hours before any home game via the online Ticket Account Manager. This allows you the option to email tickets to friends, family or clients when you can’t attend a game. During the transfer process, the barcode on your original ticket is cancelled and that ticket is no longer valid. The recipient is emailed a new ticket with a unique barcode that has been electronically issued. This new ticket can be printed using any standard printer and brought to the gate for entry. Download the How to Transfer Guide.

DonateTickets to Charity

PSL Owners can donate tickets to charity up to 7 days before any home game. You will receive tax deduction information if you donate tickets through the online Ticket Account Manager. Download the How to Donate Guide.

Sell Tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange

Your Ravens Online Ticket Account is linked with the NFL Ticket Exchange powered by Ticketmaster for PSL Owners to post tickets for sale. You can log in to Account Manager and click to post tickets for sale to be directed to NFL Ticket Exchange. By logging into your Ravens Account Manager first, your ticket barcodes will be linked and entered into Ticket Exchange automatically. Download the How to Post For Sale Guide.

Have questions about the NFL Ticket Exchange powered by Ticketmaster? Please contact NFL Ticket Exchange Customer Service with questions or more information at 1-888-NFL-59441-888-NFL-5944 or

Note: Tickets may be sold for more than the price listed on the ticket. In addition, as part of PSL ownership, PSL owners have responsibility for the actions of guests utilizing your tickets even if tickets are sold via the NFL TicketExchange or other similar outlet

Playoff Options

All PSL owners are afforded the option of purchasing their PSL seat locations for any postseason games held at M&T Bank Stadium. An invoice for your seat(s) and any parking passes, if applicable, will be sent in November if it is determined that the Ravens could qualify to host a postseason game(s) at M&T Bank Stadium. It is our policy that playoff ticket invoices reflect billing for a two-game package, which represents the maximum number of potential home playoff games.

Ticket Back Terms

View 2014 Ticket Back Information »

Season Parking

Season parking passes are sold to PSL owners by permit only. All stadium parking lots are currently sold out.

Additional parking and transportation information »

Ticket Delivery

PSL Owners can typically expect, depending upon the game schedule, that their season tickets will arrive in late July. A signature may be required upon delivery to ensure proper receipt.

Ticket Reprints

Tickets should be secured in a safe place at all times. If tickets are lost, stolen or the correct game tickets are left at home, tickets can be re-printed under the following guidelines:

  • Tickets lost or left at home: A $20.00 per ticket fee will apply to all ticket re-prints at the box office. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Damaged Tickets: Re-prints will be provided at no charge if the original ticket is provided and verified by the ticket office.
  • Stolen Tickets: Re-prints will be provided at no charge only after an official police report is provided to the Ticket Office.
  • Print at Home: PSL owners can reprint tickets at home for no extra charge by logging in to Account Manager. There is an option to generate new barcodes, so that the previously issued tickets will be invalid. Download the How to Print at Home Guide »

Reprints can be obtained from Account Manager, by calling the ticket office at 410-261-RAVE410-261-RAVE or at specified ticket windows on gameday.

Contact Us

Phone Numbers

For ticket sales information, inquiries regarding your PSL account, and other questions, the Baltimore Ravens Customer Service lines are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In order for us to better serve you please have your PSL Account Number available at the time of your call.

Ravens Ticket Office Phone: (410) 261-7283(410) 261-7283
Ravens Ticket Office Fax: (410) 468-1340
TTY Hearing Impaired Number: 410-243-9994410-243-9994

Mailing Address

Send correspondence to :
Baltimore Ravens
Attention: Ticket Office
1101 Russell Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Please label all correspondence with the appropriate subject (i.e. Attn: Address Change, PSL Transfer, etc.).

For Ticket Payments Only:
Baltimore Ravens, L.P.
P.O. Box 64254
Baltimore, MD 21264-4254

  • If paying by check, please include your PSL account number
  • Please enclose your invoice stub with your payment
  • Please do not include correspondence
  • Do not staple or paper clip you check to the invoice stub.