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  • Sat., Feb. 20, 2016 10:00 AM EST Cheerleader Prep Clinic The purpose of the clinic is to provide prospective cheerleaders with the best preparation for try-outs on March 5th.
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  • Sat., Apr. 02, 2016 2:00 PM EDT Torrey Smith Charity Basketball Game Former Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith announced that his annual charity basketball game will return to Baltimore on April 2 at Royal Farms Arena.
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Wait List

What Is The List?

With the Baltimore Ravens PERMANENT SEAT LICENSES (PSLs) reaching a sold out status, The List was created as a means for interested buyers to get access to available PSLs. The List gives individuals the opportunity to be part of an exclusive club whose members will be first in line when PSLs become available. If you are already a PSL owner, this is your opportunity to add seats or refer a friend or family member who is interested in becoming a PSL owner.

Apply to be on The List: Apply OnlineDownload an order form here to sign up by mail (pdf)

The Basics

  • An initial payment of $50 per seat is required to join.
  • A flat $25 annual maintenance fee is required for accounts not receiving seats in a given year.
  • You may request to purchase a maximum of six (6) PSLs per waiting list account.
  • All monies paid towards The List (including maintenance fees) will be applied towards your eventual PSL purchase and are non-refundable.
  • You own your position on The List.
  • This is a "Closed List" (limited to 3,000 members).
  • Your position on The List can be sold or transferred. Visit the Ravens PSL Marketplace.

How do I join The List?

To apply to become a future member, an application must be submitted to the Ticket Office by mail, fax, online, or by phone. After your application has been processed, you will receive a welcome packet in 3-4 weeks. 

Apply Online | Download an application

Mail: Baltimore Ravens, The List, 1101 Russell Street, Baltimore, MD 21230 Phone: 410-261-RAVE(7283) Fax: 410-468-1340

Wait List Marketplace

Looking to buy or sell a Wait List position? The Ravens have created the official marketplace for Ravens fans to buy and/or sell Wait List positions. Visit the Wait List Marketplace to learn more.

The List Q & A

Is There A Cost To Join The List? Yes, $50 per PSL to be paid with initial application. Additionally, there is a $25 yearly maintenance fee to stay on The List.

What Is The Maintenance Fee? A flat $25 maintenance fee is assessed annually on active wait list accounts to ensure continued interest.

What If I Don't Pay The Maintenance Fee? Failure to pay the fee by the due date will result in removal from The List and loss of all monies applied to the account. The maintenance fee will typically be due in October.

What Happens To The Money Paid Into My Account? Initial fees and maintenance fees will be applied towards your purchase of new PSLs. These monies will be applied to your PSL purchase and not towards your season tickets.

Why Do I Have To Pay To Get On The List? A small fee is required to join The List to confirm the interest the member has in purchasing PSLs and season tickets. It also acts as an initial deposit towards the final purchase.

For What Reasons Can I Be Removed From The List? You can be removed from The List for the following reasons:

  • Written request from the owner.
  • Failure to pay the annual maintenance fee.
  • Failure to maintain correct address information (returned mail for two years).
  • Inappropriate conduct at stadium events.
  • Failure to observe the terms and conditions outlined in the wait list contract.

If you are removed for any of these reasons, all funds paid toward the account will be forfeited.

*Applicants who have not been given a position on The List to date are eligible to submit a written request for a refund of monies paid.

What Do I Get For Being On The List? Ultimately you will receive the opportunity to purchase PSLs and season tickets. Initially you will receive a packet containing your contract and owner's manual. Throughout the year you will receive the e-newsletters, an annual letter and invoice with list status and special ticket offers when available.

What Is Meant By A Closed List? A "closed" list means that there are a maximum number of accounts on The List. Once there are 3,000 members, The List is closed.

Why is it a "closed" list? The List is closed because we want the members of The List to feel that they have a realistic chance to obtain PSLs within a reasonable amount of time. We also feel this creates a greater value for members who hold a position on The List.

Can I Transfer My Position On The List To Someone Else? You are the owner of your position on The List and that position can be transferred to another person. A transfer form is required along with a $25 fee. The transfer fee is waived for all transactions that take place on the Wait List Marketplace. All transfers must be approved by the Ravens and the transfer fee is not applied towards the eventual purchase.

Click here to download the transfer form. 

Will I Know My Position On The List? Upon acceptance to The List, members will be provided a number corresponding to their position on The List. Each year members of The List will be notified of any changes in position once the maintenance fee renewal process has been completed.

What Is The Payment Schedule For Members Of The List?

  • Wait list deposit: At time of registration.
  • Maintenance Fee: Due October 1st.
  • Season Tickets: Payment in full at time of PSL purchase.
  • 50% of PSL: Due by October 1st, includes all deposits.
  • Remainder of PSL: PSL paid in full by January 25th.

Can I Make A Specific Seating Request? Due to limitations in available inventory, specific seating requests are not allowed. However, upon selection we hope to offer three different seating options from which to choose.

When Will I Be Contacted Regarding PSLs? Selected members will be contacted between late June and early August, once available inventory has been identified. You will be called by a sales representative who will provide the options available to you.

What If I Don't Want The PSLs Being Offered? You are given two chances to accept seating options. If you decline the first offer you will keep your position on The List for one year. If you decline a second time, you will be dropped from The List and lose any funds paid.

What If I Buy PSLs From Another Source? If you buy PSLs from another source (i.e. The PSL Marketplace) you may choose to stay on The List or be removed. If removed, the monies paid will be forfeited. We recommend staying on The List because you may want to buy additional PSL's or try to upgrade your seat location. Also, similar to PSL's, wait list positions are transferable to other interested parties. The transfer fee for wait list positions is $25 unless sold on the Wait List Marketplace.

Can I Get A Refund At Any Point? Once officially on The List, any monies paid towards The List are non-refundable. Applicants who are still waiting to be added to The List may submit a written request for a refund of monies paid. Please allow 4 weeks to process.

When I Am Selected, Can I Purchase More Or Less PSLs Than I Originally Selected? You can purchase a lesser number of PSLs upon selection but not more. However, during the maintenance fee renewal time, you can increase the number of PSLs that you selected on your original order up to the maximum of 6 by paying the $50 per PSL fee.

How Do I Change My Account Information? Address changes must be submitted in writing and signed by the account holder; please include your account number. They can be faxed to the Ravens ticket office at 410-468-1340 or mailed to:

Ravens Ticket Office
Attn: Address Change
1101 Russell Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

You are welcome to change your email and phone numbers online through our Account Manager function, called My Ravens Account. You can log into My Ravens account at the bottom of the page. Upon logging in, you will be asked for your account number and your pin number which can be found on your maintenance fee invoice.

Can I Change The Name On My Account? Name changes can be made by transfer which requires the submission of an official transfer form and the $25 transfer fee.

How Many Members Are On The List? There can be up to 3,000 accounts on The List.

How Many Account Holders Will Be Provided PSLs Each Year? It will depend on the number of PSLs that become available. PSLs will come from current season ticket holders who do not renew each year.

How Soon Will I Get PSLs? It depends on your position on The List and the renewal rate for current PSL owners.

Should I Join The List If I Already Own PSLs And Want To Change My PSL Location? Yes, you can join The List to relocate or add PSLs, however it would be your responsibility if you decide to sell your current PSL location(s).

Will The Ravens Buy Back My PSLs If I Get New PSLs? No, the Ravens do not buy back PSLs. It is your responsibility to sell your current PSL locations. For maximum exposure and ease, we suggest utilizing the Ravens PSL Marketplace.

What If I Want To Sit With Another Wait List Member? If the total number of PSLs selected is 6 or less, you should submit one application in one name until PSLs are offered. At that point you can put the PSLs in various names.

Contact Us

Phone Numbers

The Baltimore Ravens Customer Service lines are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ravens Ticket Office Phone: (410) 261-RAVE (7283)
Ravens Ticket Office Fax: (410) 468-1340

Mailing Address

Send correspondence to :
Baltimore Ravens
Attention: Ticket Office
1101 Russell Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Online Form

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