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Post-Game Quotes: Browns vs. Ravens

Posted Sep 15, 2013

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) “First of all, on the injury front, Chykie’s [Brown] got a knee strain – we’ll get a MRI tomorrow. It’s probably a strain of some kind – we don’t think there’s any damage in there, but you never know. Chris Canty had a groin strain, [he] had to come out of the game. Arthur Brown had a [pectoral] strain, he’ll [have a] MRI tomorrow. Ray [Rice] had a hip flexor strain and is right now not scheduled for a MRI, but we’ll see how that goes overnight. Congratulations to the Ravens, hats off to the Browns. [It was a] hard fought AFC North game. I thought we played the kind of game we need to play to win the game. We overcame some adversity, overcame some trials and we found a way to win the game. I’m sure you’ll ask me about different things, but [on] defense – you give up no touchdowns – that’s a tremendous performance. We overcame the first big play… It was really twofold: it’s letting Brandon [Weeden] scramble around out there and find a receiver downfield, and then we didn’t cover correctly. But, we kept them out of the endzone there, which turned out to be just gigantic in this game. I thought the run defense was good. We really tackled well in the second half – I think they had 85 yards in the second half. We did a much better job tackling Trent [Richardson] in the second half, and he’s a tough guy to tackle – in the first half, we controlled him really well. [The] pass rush cranked it up pretty good with sacks and with quite a bit of pressure. The one time [Weeden] got hit, the ball pops in the air and they get a big play out of that one. I thought our guys were on the quarterback all day. They played hard, they played solid football, played fundamentally-sound football. 280-some yards in the second half is what you’re looking for. Jim Caldwell did a great job. Jim was very patient and he wanted to get back to the run in the second half, and he did a great job with that and stayed patient. I think that’s a mark of just a great coach. We got the run game going in the second half and I think that helped us.”

(on coming back after a scoreless first half and keeping focus to win in the second) “That was good. They kept their poise and Coach [Jim] Caldwell is a calming presence and that’s a plus. I thought all of our coaches did a great job to continue coaching. They’ve got confidence in Joe [Flacco], we’ve got a veteran offensive line that can kind of keep everybody understanding that everything is not going to happen right away, and you can’t panic. You do have to keep playing and we did a good job of that. In the first half, [if]  we make a couple of plays – they wouldn’t have been easy plays – up the sideline that Joe threw nice balls on, that would have been a difference in the first half, as well.”

(on QB Joe Flacco’s baby news and the timeline of how he found out) “Congratulations to Dana [Flacco], first of all. She’s getting the job done on her own out there. (laughter) We appreciate that, Dana. Thank you, thank you. Daniel [Flacco], congratulations to Daniel. He’s healthy and ready to roll. It’s interesting, my dad [said] ‘I think they’re 15 months apart, Stephen and Daniel, which John and Jim are 15 months apart, too.’ I don’t know what that means or anything, it’s kind of interesting – a trivia question, maybe? Joe comes up to me at breakfast and he tells me what is going on, that Dana is at the hospital and she is in labor. Then, he tells me a couple of hours later, what the dilation is and I could see that he was praying. But I found out that he had a plan with some of the other players. The plan was – that he really couldn’t follow through with – he had planned to come to me and tell me that she’s in labor and he was getting in his car and heading for New Jersey to be there for it. I’m so glad he didn’t do it. He would’ve had me ‘hook, line and sinker and in the boat.’ To play with that on your mind, I think obviously says a lot, and we appreciate that.”

(on how impressed he was with LB Arthur Jones’ performance, especially after his illness) “Well we had heard that his heart was functioning at one hundred percent again. It was just a matter of whether he was going to be in shape to play. So, we had to go through the week to see how he would handle practice and whether his cardiovascular strength was up, because he couldn’t do any kind of exercise while he was out. He proved that during practice, so we decided [on] Friday that he would be OK to go [so] we put him up and played well.”

(on if he feels scared about RB Ray Rice’s injury) “I don’t have the ‘scary gauge’ on me right now. He might’ve gone down to protect himself, too. That’s just something that we’ll have to see. We’re confident and optimistic right now. We’ll have to see tomorrow how he responds to that.”

(on when your playmakers go down and Bernard Pierce comes in and runs well) “It’s two things. First of all, it speaks to Bernard [Pierce]. Bernard did a heck of a job, and he’s a tremendous running back. We believe in him. And, also our offensive line and tight ends. Ed Dickson really blocked, and so did Billy [Bajema]. Our offensive line really came through in the second half, especially the last eight minutes or so, we did a great job.”

(on Marlon Brown) “Marlon Brown is a humble, hungry, hard-working guy. There are plenty of things he can get better at, route-running wise and playmaking-wise. He stays after it, and he made some big plays for us.”

(on the Ravens’ pass rush) “We have a chance to be one of the best pass-rushing teams in the league. We have to make that happen. It’s two-pronged though, it’s the coverage and the front. I thought we did a good job being aggressive with our coverage. Jimmy [Smith] and Lardarius [Webb] got up there and pressed, and getting their hands on people was a plus for us. ‘Digs’ [James Ihedigbo] played well for us. It was a big improvement, obviously, in the back end.”

(on how Jimmy Smith and Matt Elam played and why they started) “Well, you’ve always got to change, especially in the beginning of the year when you’re trying to figure out who you are. We have confidence in all of those guys. Matt [Elam] has been practicing well, but really they all are. Jimmy has been practicing really well, and he’s a really good player.”

(on how important it was to stop the Browns from scoring a TD after the 53-yard reception in the first quarter) “Very important, obviously, in the score of the game, and as the game went on, I think it changed the momentum. The fact that we kept them out of the end zone there might have been … There are seven, eight, nine plays that win you games, and that’s probably one of them.”

(on Justin Tucker’s missed field goals) “Yeah, we’ve got the wind. He studied it, but it was moving around a bit, and I think he overthought it a little bit. Instead of just knocking it through the cross wind, it was one way and then it was the other way, you just try to guide it sometimes. I think he was trying to guide it through the wind rather than knocking it through the wind. He didn’t follow through with his usual assuredness there.”

QB Joe Flacco

(on if today was one of his best days with the baby announcement and victory) “No doubt about it. Anytime you have a child, it’s one of your best days. The game didn’t go exactly how we wanted it to, but that’s how we’ve won football games around here. We’re able to win like this, and sometimes you have to do it in an ugly way.”

(on coming out stronger in the second half) “We had to just take our time and be patient. You know, it was only 6-0, no need to panic or get all crazy, and we came out in the second half and just played really well. The third downs were huge in the second half, on the scoring drive that we had, so you have to just credit those guys for making those plays.”

(on if he was thinking about his new baby on the field) “Of course, not on the field but on the sideline. I can’t wait to go back [to New Jersey] and see him.”

(on his son’s name) “It’s Daniel.”

LB Terrell Suggs

(on the pass pressure today) “I think that it’s a combination of just the guys we’ve got doing it. We’ve got a lot of guys that are getting after the quarterback and that’s a good thing. [Daryl Smith] he even decided to get in on it. He even had two sacks, too. That’s the mentality we said we’re going to have. We’re going to stop the run; we’re going to get after them on the pass. We did that.”

(on the defense playing better this week) “You know, you’ve got to have a short memory. You definitely don’t want to give up 49 points every week. First things first, get the win and you’ve got to protect your home. You win your home games and you’ve got a good chance of making the playoffs and doing some great things. First things first, we got the win. We played really good on defense. It could be better, most definitely, but I think we played really solid.”

(on the sub pattern helping) “I think that’s the benefit of having depth, with the guys we’ve got up here. Pernell McPhee, he’s just a phenomenal player. I’ve been speaking of Marcus Spears since we signed the kid. We’ve got tremendous depth. I’m happy to be on this team.”

(on the playing of Arthur Jones) “I was impressed, but we expected that of Art. You know what I mean? Art’s played a big part of this team. He’s a starter. So we expect everybody to play well. He had a good day, but it’s expected. We’re proud of him.”

(on if they’re kind of fighting for sacks) “Yeah, but that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing. You want guys getting after it and everybody’s fighting for it, and I’ve got to say our defensive coordinator Dean Pees called one hell of a blitz [package] today. He mixed it up..just letting the guys get after it up front.”

(on if the defense needed to step up in first half as offense had trouble) “You all want to play phenomenal defense. You all want to play great at home. We know when [No.] 5 [Joe Flacco] gets in his flow, he’s Joe Cool, he’s never rattled. When he gets in his flow, he’s going to be special and he’s going to do some great things. It’s just all the time, defense has got to do its part and hold the levees until Joe can start opening it up.”

(on being shut out at the half) “At the half we were committed. I had a drop in the first half and I caught one out of bounds that should have been a touchdown. And Marlon [Brown] had a play down the sideline. That was our fault, and it could have easily been 14 [points] at the half. At the same time, we knew giving up only six points was okay because of the way our defense was playing.”

(on the difference in the second half) “We just started to get momentum. The same thing that happened in Denver—when you start going three-and-out, you don’t have any momentum. But we started making plays, we started finishing on third down—we were something like seven-for-eight—so we started moving the chains and kept that momentum going, and that started playing out for us.”

(on if the offense is still a work in progress) “I think that’s safe to say. We have to work on some chemistry between us, but at the same time it seems to have started working out for us. We know what we’re doing; we just have to start doing it consistently.”

(on positives to take from the second half) “We started making plays, and I think we won so that’s the biggest positive to take away. In terms of offense, we just have to play stronger both halves—that’s what it really comes down to. We’re still good, we’re still growing, and we know what it takes.”

(on the friendly rivalry with Browns’ DB Joe Haden) “It’s always great to go against Joe [Haden]. I think he’s one of the best cornerbacks in the league, and very underrated. It’s fun to make plays on him, and he made some on me. We had some tough battles out there, but he’s a great corner [back] and I have a lot of respect for him.”

WR Marlon Brown

(on the start to his career: 2 games, 2 TDs) “To come into a team where they have some wide receiver issues, I had an opportunity to come in and start playing early. I’ve just been trying to seize every opportunity I get.”

(on his TD catch) “I had a little slant route. The ball actually got tipped, so I just had to have good hand-eye coordination. I just caught the ball and just pounded it into the end zone.”

(on if his frustration started building after a number of three-and-outs) “I wasn’t frustrated because I looked at Joe [Flacco], and Joe wasn’t frustrated. And, he’s our leader, so if our leader isn’t frustrated, and he’s calm and cool, I’m going to be like, ‘We’re going to be alright, because Joe’s going to be alright.’”

(on if the team executed differently in the second half) “No, not at all. We came into the locker room and regrouped. We just focused more in the second half, and we made way more plays in the passing game and the running game.”

(on if the long pass to him in the first half was tipped) “No. I should have caught it. I slowed down a little bit and it just dropped.”

(on how it has felt as a rookie to hit the ground running) “To be honest, I have a good mind set – just a simple mindset. Every week I go out there and just try to get better. On Sundays, it’s just a game at the end of the day. At the end of the day, it’s football. It’s offense, it’s defense. It’s going to be a pass, it’s going to be a run. That’s how I think about it.”

RB Bernard Pierce

(on if he feels if the bulk of the carries are on him now) “No, I’ve just got to keep playing to the best of my ability and keep making plays. As long as they keep giving me the ball, I’ll keep carrying it.”

(on committing to run the ball at halftime) “They [Cleveland Browns] have a tremendous front seven. They like to man-up a lot. We just had to keep checking and finding the holes until we found some.”

(on the 80-yard drive that gave the Ravens the lead) “I definitely think it gave us the momentum and it gave us the confidence to keep running the ball and putting pressure on their front seven.”

(on if he knew whether he was in the end zone for the touchdown) “You know, I was just trying to spin by the linebacker and keep my momentum going, and do whatever I needed to do to get in.”

(on running the clock down at the end of the game) “It’s hard, but it comes with it. When you’re trying to run the clock down, they know you’re running. They have to stop you and we can’t let that happen.”

(on the skirmishes and personal nature of the game) “It seemed like it was very personal, especially on the Browns’ side. It seemed like they were playing like we had taken something away from them. So, yes, it was definitely very physical.”

(on getting the running game going in general) “At halftime, we all just came together and agreed that we just have to get this running game going. Nothing mattered—doesn’t matter what down and distance it was, doesn’t matter what play was called. We just have to run the ball. So we all got together and got it going.”

(on Joe Flacco’s demeanor, considering the birth of his second son an hour before kickoff) “Joe [Flacco] was actually surprisingly calm. Me on the other hand? I would have been freaking out. But, he was actually really calm, and played great.”

WR Brandon Stokley

(on his success on third downs today) “I’m here to try to help this team win games. That’s what my role is, and anything that I can do to do that, that’s what I’m here for.”

(on what it’s like to be back in Baltimore for a second time around) “It’s awesome. The listeners can’t see the smile on my face, but I’ll tell you what, the fans here, they’re the best. This organization is the best. It’s just a great place to be.”

LB Daryl Smith

(on the chemistry of the defense and if it’s still a work in progress) “Oh, most definitely. It’s just another step towards where we want to be. We still have a lot of work to do, and with each game and each week, the chemistry will be where we want it to be.”

(on the defense playing Ravens football) “That’s why we’re here, to play Ravens defense. They moved [the ball] more than we wanted, but we played a lot better this week.”

(on how frustrating it was to get his hands on a tipped ball and not come down with the interception) “Oh, man, it [stinks], but I can live with it [because] we got the win. It’s different if things would have turned out differently.”

(on his quarterback sack) “The linemen were getting pressure the whole time and it was collapsing. Josh Bynes set a good pick for me, and I came around and the coverage in the back end was free. So, when everything is working together like that, things happen.”

(on how important it was for the defense to play this well today) “It was huge. You never want to go out there and play the way we did in Denver. We just couldn’t wait for the next game to come, and we came in here with it on our minds and we got it done.”

DT Arthur Jones

(on how he felt being back on the field today) “I felt great. I felt great. My cardio was a little suspect with it being two weeks, but it’s all good. We got the win, that’s the most important part, and we’re just going to come back stronger next week.”

(on how it felt to record a sack today) “It felt great. To get that first one of the year – the first of many this season – it felt great. It was definitely special, especially for me after being out for two weeks. It was definitely special.”

(on if that was the statement the defense wanted to make tonight) “Absolutely. Run and pass [defense], that’s Baltimore football right there. Coach did a great job of keeping us fresh and rolling us, and we looked good tonight. We can’t get complacent; there’s a lot more work to do.”

CB Lardarius Webb

(on Browns QB Brandon Weeden) “He did a hell of a job today. He still has a lot of room for improvement, you know he’s still got to go back to film and correct some things, but he’s just going to get better and better each week.”

(on if playing against athletic tight ends will be a point of emphasis for the defense) “It’s showing you where the NFL is going. Everybody with these athletic tight ends; we have one in [Dennis] Pitta. It came from [Rob] Gronkowski and [Aaron] Hernandez, guys like that, everybody is trying to find one, like [Jimmy] Graham down in New Orleans. You’re just trying to find a guy like that, because it’s a hard matchup on safeties; it’s a mismatch sometimes. When you line the tight ends up on a linebacker, it’s kind of a mismatch. So, everybody is trying to go that route.”

(on how he felt about the win today) “I felt like it was a boxing match. The guys, they hung in there. The defense kept on fighting and kept on fighting, and in the end, it just shows you how to face adversity. We were down for a moment, and they just kept fighting. And in the end, our offense came through for us.”

G Marshal Yanda

(On coming out in the second half) “We said just take it one play at a time. We didn’t have the best first half as an offense. We just wanted to get her going. We made the plays and got the ‘W.’ It’s tough winning in this league. We want to do more on offense, and we are working hard. I’m just glad we went out there today and got the ‘W.’”

(On Joe Flacco’s wife giving birth today) “It was nice that she gave birth before the game, obviously. Dana [Flacco] was good, and the baby was good so he kind of got that off his mind a little bit. That’s part of it you know. A life outside of football. It’s exciting and I’m happy for him, and I’m glad we got the win for him.”

(On Ray Rice getting injured) “Football’s a violent sport, and injuries happen. I hope we get him back as soon as possible.”

(On Michael Oher being back) “It’s great to have your right tackle out there, and he was really working hard today.”

(On playing the Browns) “It seems like we always play Cleveland hard. That’s just the way it is. They’re a division rival and they know us, and we know them. It’s just a dogfight out there every time we play those guys. We had to fight every inch of that game to get the win.”

 (On running back Bernard Pierce) “Next man up. Sooner or later somebody is going to get hurt. The next guy has to take advantage and be ready to go because injuries, they are just going to happen. That’s just the way it goes.”

NT Haloti Ngata

(on the defensive effort today) “After that game against Denver, we wanted to come back today and really show what we could do. We showed some good things, and there are some things we still have to work on. Overall, though, it was a great effort all around.”

(on Cleveland running back Trent Richardson) “He really runs the ball hard. We definitely practiced on trying to make sure that when one guy is there other guys are still running to the football because he definitely can break some tackles and keep on going. We had to make sure we played it that way.”

(on pressuring the quarterback) “It’s really what we wanted to do and really what we focused on in the off season—getting to the quarterback. All of training camp we were able to do that. Hopefully, we can continue to get better and continue to do that.”

(on bouncing back from the Denver loss) “We wanted to get rid of the bad taste of the Denver loss. We went out there and did the job. And the offense got the job done in the second half.”

(on five guys getting to Cleveland QB Brandon Weeden on the same play) “Whoever touched him, I guess, is the one who gets the sack, but, yeah, I was in on that.”

OLB Elvis Dumervil

(on today’s experience) “It was a great opportunity. I thought we made some great plays. The crowd was awesome. Our guys had a lot of energy. The crowd was amazing. ‘Sizz’ [Terrell Suggs] was doing his thing. I was doing my thing. Everybody was trying to do their part. Give credit to God, I’m thankful.”

(on his sack) “I just kind of came around the edge. It was a great call. The inside guys gave a great push. So, [Brandon] Weeden couldn’t go anywhere but where I was at. There was good coverage in the back end, so I was able to make the play.”

(on getting used to his teammates) “I think it’s going to take more time. There are some things we all still need to work on, but when the team doesn’t give up a touchdown, I think that’s a great bounce back from the Broncos.”

(on the overall defensive effort) “It was huge. We were just playing fundamental football. Great effort, great energy. Guys making tackles. Not too many blown assignments. We just have to build on that and get ready for a good Texans offense.”

(on the Ravens’ defense pressuring quarterbacks) “It’s great. I have all these great guys around me. I’ve got Suggs on the other side, Haloti [Ngata], Chris Canty. When you get three one-on-ones, you have to take advantage of that.”

(on the sack where five Ravens got to the quarterback) “It started with the crowd. They couldn’t hear anything. We all came off the ball, and it was like an avalanche. Guys just came from everywhere. I haven’t seen it on the film yet, but it happened fast. The pocket collapsed, and he had nowhere to go. Great call.”

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