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Years on Squad 3
Birthday June 13 
Height 5-3 
Where I Grew Up Pasadena, MD 
College University of Maryland 
Occupation Marketing Coordinator 
Career Goal To always do what I love
Hobbies Cheerleading and coaching, snowboarding, boating, roller blading, indoor rock climbing, reading, cooking, spending time with family and friends especially my niece Emma 

Favorite TV Show: Dexter
Favorite Reality Show: X Factor
Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
Favorite Actor: Ryan Gosling
Favorite Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Favorite Book: Safe Haven
Favorite Band: Boyz II Men
Favorite Song: Iris, Goo Goo Dolls
Favorite Performer: Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Restaurant: Nacho Mama's
Favorite Style of Music: Pop
Favorite Place to Vacation: Paris
Favorite Activity in Baltimore: Try new restaurants
Favorite Ravens Player: Torrey Smith

Jessica M describes this Ravens Cheerleading Team as being, "As close as a family". After trying out for the Ravens 4 years in a row and not making the team, Jessica has become the model of perseverance.  She worked harder than ever, paying close attention to the details in order to make the team in what she said would be her last year trying out. The hard work and dedication has paid off and now she is looking forward to the 2013 season.

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