Years on Squad 6
Birthday January 20 
Height 5-6
Where I Grew Up Baltimore, Maryland 
College Morgan State University 
Occupation Owner - So XtraFIT Inc. (Fitness Health & Wellness)
Career Goal Building a happy, healthy and a more So XtraFIT world one person at a time.
Hobbies Traveling, water activities, the arts (theater/museums), fashion 

Favorite TV Show: Scandal and Shark Tank
Favorite Reality Show: Real Housewives
Favorite Movie:  Finding Nemo and The Devil Wears Prada  
Favorite Actor:
Will Smith
Favorite Actress: Kerry Washington
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Band: Sade/Sweetback
Favorite Song: I'm Every Woman, Whitney Houston
Favorite Performer: Beyonce
Favorite Restaurant: Graces, Chipotle
Favorite Style of Music: A little bit of everything!
Favorite Place to Vacation: Cayman Islands
Favorite Activity in Baltimore: Everything the city has to offer

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