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Years on Squad 6
Birthday March 28 
Height 5-4 
Where I Grew Up Bel Air, MD 
College Community College of Baltimore County 
Occupation Dance Instructor 
Career Goal To become a Dental Hygienist 
Hobbies Dancing, running, spending time with family and friends 

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family
Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids
Favorite Actor: Channing Tatum
Favorite Actress: Kristen Wiig
Favorite Book: Something Borrowed
Favorite Band: Florida Georgia Line
Favorite Song: Anything I can sing along with!
Favorite Restaurant: Main Street Tower
Favorite Style of Music: Any Kind!
Favorite Place to Vacation: Naples, Italy
Favorite Activity in Baltimore: Spend time with friends around the Inner Harbor
Favorite Ravens Player: Dennis Pitta

A few years ago, one of Serena's dance teachers predicted that she would one day walk the field as a professional cheerleader in the NFL, saying she had both the talent as a dancer, the energy and spirit of a cheerleader. It seemed more like a fantasy at first, but she has since made it a reality. Being a Ravens Cheerleader has given her confidence and a sense of pride, knowing she is representing her city and her team. She loves the anticipation leading up to games, watching how it all comes together for the team before kickoff. She never really knows what is going to happen next!

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