Years on Squad 3 years 
Birthday May 4 
Height 5-3 
Where I Grew Up Chestertown, MD 
College University of Maryland, College Park, James Madison University 
Occupation Communications Projects Specialist at Johns Hopkins 
Career Goal Always changing! Anything enjoyable that allows me to be creative and make money! 
Hobbies Reading, Bikram yoga, going to movies, relaxing at home with my family and friends, sleeping, eating, Running, working out, watching football (Ravens and Terps), biking, doing anything on/in the water, shopping, and of course dancing! 

Favorite TV Show: New Girl, Modern Family
Favorite Reality Show: Any Crime Show
Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Actor:
Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington
Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts
Favorite Book: The Catcher in The Rye, The Great Gatsby
Favorite Song: It changes all the time
Favorite Band: Too many to list!
Favorite Restaurant: Salt
Favorite Style of Music: I am all over the map!
Favorite Place to Vacation: Outer Banks
Favorite Activity to do in Baltimore: Restaurant Week
Favorite Ravens player: Ray Lewis 

Spencer worked her way up from being a Playmaker in 2008 to a Cheerleader in 2009. The more she watched the Cheerleaders, the more she wanted to do it, to challenge herself, work hard and see what it was like. Her favorite part of being a Ravens Cheerleader is "GAMEDAY!".  She loves interacting with the fans and being a positive influence. Along with being a great cheerleader, Spencer also plays lacrosse and field hockey.  In her spare time she enjoys being near the water and catching up on her sleep.