Art Donovan

Ring Of Honor - Earnest Byner

Art Donovan was a 26-year-old rookie when he first joined the Baltimore Colts, due to his service in World War II. That Colts team folded after one season, causing Donovan to play for the New York Yanks in 1951 and Dallas Texans in 1952 before joined the newly re-formed Baltimore Colts in 1953. As he grew into an All-Pro player with Baltimore, Donovan was said to be almost impossible to trap. He was a great contributor on the field - skilled at rushing the passer, closing the middle and splitting double team blocks - but was also a morale-builder in the locker room with his sense of humor and laughter.

Career Highlights

  • All-Pro from 1954-57
  • Made five straight Pro Bowl appearances
  • First Colts Hall of Fame inductee in 1968

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