Baltimore Ravens Player Foundations

Brigance Brigade

O.J. Brigance, Brigance Brigade

Former Ravens linebacker and current Senior Advisor to Player Engagement, O.J. Brigance is currently fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and he wants you to join the cause against this debilitating illness through his foundation, Brigance Brigade.

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The Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation

The Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation seeks to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children and families with a focus on the dangers of childhood bullying; Bradley and Nikki's personal experiences give them a platform to help adults and children learn how to recognize bullying, respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior, and send a strong message that this type of behavior is simply not acceptable. Bradley and Nikki's efforts help lend support to parents, school staff, and adults in the community to help prevent bullying behavior and create a safe school and community environment for children. The foundation seeks to help reinforce the importance of treating everyone with respect, standing up for others in vulnerable positions, and learning the importance of stopping bullying in our communities.

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Carr Cares, Brandon Carr

The Carr Cares Foundation was founded to inspire young students to become proficient readers by providing learning tools and resources to help them reach their full potential. In addition to the Carr Cares literacy initiatives, the Foundation also encourages students to live a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness and balanced nutrition.

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Robert Griffin III Foundation, Robert Griffin III

The Robert Griffin III Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that strives to discover, design, and support programs that benefit struggling military families, underprivileged youth, and the victims of domestic violence. The foundation looks to serve as the beacon of hope for families who are struggling, whether it be from the aftermath of domestic abuse, sacrifices they made for our country through their time in the military, or circumstances that were out of their control.

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Hayden Hurst Family Foundation, Hayden Hurst

The Hayden Hurst Family Foundation's mission is to raise awareness of mental health issues in adolescents and teens by funding mental health services and/or programs thru donations and fundraising events. Many suffer in silence but if we can help open the communication channels to talk about mental health we can eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and provide guidance and support for children in need.

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10/91 Foundation, Matthew Judon

10/91 has the sole purpose to uphold standards of integrity by adopting an attitude of exceeding expectations. The foundation aims to positively affect the community through charitable events that will ensure complete community involvement. The goal of 10/91 is to effectively bring inspiration and innovation to single parent families.

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4Every1 Foundation, Anthony Levine

Founded in 2017 by 2x Super Bowl Champion Anthony Levine Sr., the Anthony Levine 4Every1 Foundation is dedicated to helping at-risk youth and their families build better futures through mentorship, educational opportunities, and life changing experiences.  Through several partnerships, we offer the following year round programming to students: SAT Prep, SAT Test Vouchers, Summer Football Clinic , Digital Literacy Collaborative.

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Peanut's Impact Foundation, Patrick Onwuasor

Peanut's Impact Foundation was created by Patrick Onwuasor to provide children with learning disabilities opportunities they might otherwise not have. Diagnosed with reading and learning disabilities at a young age, Patrick worked to create strategies for success and overcame obstacles – he now has a unique understanding for the young people his foundation serves.