Baltimore Ravens Player Foundations

Brigance Brigade

O.J. Brigance, Brigance Brigade

Former Ravens linebacker and current Senior Advisor to Player Engagement, O.J. Brigance is currently fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and he wants you to join the cause against this debilitating illness through his foundation, Brigance Brigade.

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The Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation

The Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation seeks to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children and families with a focus on the dangers of childhood bullying; Bradley and Nikki's personal experiences give them a platform to help adults and children learn how to recognize bullying, respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior, and send a strong message that this type of behavior is simply not acceptable. Bradley and Nikki's efforts help lend support to parents, school staff, and adults in the community to help prevent bullying behavior and create a safe school and community environment for children. The foundation seeks to help reinforce the importance of treating everyone with respect, standing up for others in vulnerable positions, and learning the importance of stopping bullying in our communities.

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CRC Foundation, Calais Campbell

2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year established the CRC Foundation in honor of his late father, Charles Richard Campbell. The CRC Foundation is committed to the enhancement of local communities through the teaching of critical life skills to young people. Through sports, creative talents, vocational skills, financial skills, and quality health and nutrition, the CRC Foundation helps develop young people into empowered and self-aware leaders for the future.

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4Every1 Foundation, Anthony Levine

Founded in 2017 by 2x Super Bowl Champion Anthony Levine Sr., the Anthony Levine 4Every1 Foundation is dedicated to helping at-risk youth and their families build better futures through mentorship, educational opportunities, and life changing experiences.  Through several partnerships, we offer the following year round programming to students: SAT Prep, SAT Test Vouchers, Summer Football Clinic , Digital Literacy Collaborative.

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53 Families Foundation, Jameel McClain

Former Ravens linebacker and current Director of Player Engagement, Jameel McClain founded the 53 Families Foundation in 2010 to provide support and resources in order to shape the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. 53 Families Foundation assists youth in basic needs of shelter, food and clothing to help promote self-esteem to produce positive life results. Since the foundation's inception, thousands of individuals have received resources including clothing, meals and financial support.

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Fam1st Family Foundation, Marcus Peters

Alongside former NFL athletes Joshua Johnson and Marshawn Lynch, Marcus Peters helped established the Fam 1st Family Foundation in 2011. The Fam 1st Family Foundation has embodied the intrinsic family values of loyalty and leadership to impact the lives of Oakland's disenfranchised youth. Through the transference of family values, the Fam 1st Family Foundation strengthens Oakland's fractured community and provides critical aid to residents in need. Peter's currently serves as the VP and is instrumental in the execution of various capstone events such as Thanksgiving dinners, football camps, day parties and carnivals.

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The Wolfe Pack Foundation, Derek Wolfe

The Wolfe Pack Foundation is devoted to tackling underprivileged and at-risk youth disadvantages in Colorado, Ohio and Maryland. In addition to several capstone events, the Wolfe Pack Foundation has actively supported local schools and programs including donations to YMCA programs and a $1 Million donation to his high school alma mater Beaver Local School District.