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Community of Fans, presented by M&T Bank

While fans can't attend games at M&T Bank Stadium in person right now, that doesn't mean your face can't be seen in the seats. Purchase a cutout of yourself and be part of our Community of Fans, presented by M&T Bank, while you stay safe this season and watch from home.

It's easy to join the Community of Fans, presented by M&T Bank. For just $55 ($45 for PSL owners), upload a smiling picture of yourself in Ravens gear (make sure it's high-resolution) and we will find a seat for you in the stands. All proceeds will benefit the Ravens Foundation's ongoing COVID-19 efforts in the Baltimore area.

Please note, you may only upload an image once and cannot purchase several cutouts of the same image. To guarantee your cutout will be in the stands by the September 28th home game, you must purchase your cutout by Monday September 21st at 11:59pm.

The Details

Fan cutouts will be seated in order of cutout purchase throughout M&T Bank Stadium. Photos will be uploaded of each section so you will be able to find your cutout by order number. We cannot take specific requests for cutout placement. The Ravens reserve the right to approve fan images based on quality and appropriateness. For guidelines on how to submit the perfect photo, please review our Photo Submission Guidelines below.

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Photo Submission Guidelines

  1. No commercial advertising, including company names, apparel brands, hashtags, social media handles, phone numbers, logos, slogans or other branding.
  2. Club-branded attire only. No third-party branding, including on apparel and in photo backgrounds. No attire or other branding of NFL clubs or sports teams other than the Club.
  3. No political statements, logos, slogans or other political content.
  4. No offensive or negative comments about the Club or other NFL clubs or sports teams.
  5. No lewd, inappropriate or offensive photos.
  6. No arms raised in photos.
  7. By purchasing the cutout you agree to the terms and conditions below

The Club reserves the right to reject any photo that it determines, in its sole discretion, violates these guidelines or is otherwise offensive, lewd, derogatory, infringing, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate. The Club will not be obligated to provide the purchaser a refund if a submitted photo is rejected for any of these reasons.

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How long will my cutout be in the stands for?

Cutouts will be in the stands at M&T Bank Stadium for all games played without fans during the 2020 season.

Can I choose my seat?

No, cutout seat assignments are random.

Will my cutout stay in the same seat all season?

Yes, your cutout will be located in the same seat for all 2020 regular season games at M&T Bank Stadium played without fans in the stands. If fans are permitted in M&T Bank Stadium for gamedays later in the season, all fan cutouts will be removed from the seating bowl.

Can I keep my cutout after the season?

Currently, we will not be able to provide purchasers with their cutout following the 2020 season. If this changes, we will reach out to each purchaser via email with instructions.

What is my cutout payment for?

All proceeds from fan cutouts will benefit the Ravens Foundation's ongoing COVID-19 efforts in the Baltimore area.

How many cutouts can I purchase?

There is no limit to the number of cutouts you can purchase. However, you are unable to upload the same image more than one time.

How do I upload my photo?

You can upload your photo through the purchase form here.

Are there any restrictions to the photo I upload?

Yes. Check out the guidelines in the photo submission section above.

How will I know if the photo I upload is NOT accepted?

You will be contacted by FanCutouts if your photo does NOT meet submission guidelines. See our Photo Submission Guide for guidelines on acceptable photos.

I uploaded the wrong photo, can I upload a new one?

No, the first photo submitted is final. You will only be able to submit a new photo if your original photo does not meet submission guidelines.

Can two people be in one photo?

Only 1 adult person per photo. You may hold your child or pet in front of you as long as you fit within the submission guideline/frame.

How will I know if the photo I upload is accepted?

You will only receive communication from FanCutouts  if your photo was not approved.

If I purchase more than one cutout, will they be placed next to each other?

While we can't guarantee exact locations, we will do our best to seat multiple submissions together.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

Please email  

*The Ravens reserve the right to move or remove cutouts at any point in time.