20 Ravens Relics In 20 Years: Jonathan Ogden's Draft Cap


On March 29, 1996, the Ravens became the Ravens. That's when, at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater in Baltimore, Owner Art Modell raised a piece of paper proclaiming the team's new name after an exhaustive process.

But it wasn't until more than two months later that the team announced its team colors. In between that time, the Ravens had the NFL draft from April 20-21.

Thus, when left tackle Jonathan Ogden became the Ravens' first-ever draft pick, he didn't have a birdie-head hat to wear.

Ogden wore a simple white hat with a black brim that just had the words "Baltimore Ravens" on the front in black. It wasn't anything fancy.

"They had to have something to give him," said Sports Legends Museum Executive Director Mike Gibbons.

The hat sat perched atop Ogden's massive head, unable to fit over top.

"I don't think they had anything to fit on his head," Gibbons said. "I don't think they even had a helmet for his head."

Ogden held up a black and white Starter jacket for his picture with NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. The words "Baltimore Ravens" had just the NFL logo in between.

The Ravens revealed their black, purple and metallic gold colors on June 5. Quarterback Vinny Testaverde, defensive end Rob Burnett and wide receiver Michael Jackson were the first players to model the uniforms at the Inner Harbor Gallery Mall.

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