5 Things You May Not Know About Justin Forsett


Justin Forsett is no longer a forgotten man after breaking out last year en route to a Pro Bowl appearance.

But there is still a lot of depth to the Ravens running back and a few things you may not know about him. Here are five tidbits about Forsett:

1)   He founded the ShowerPill

What's the ShowerPill, you ask? It's an "athletic body wipe" for people on the move. Its advertising states that it doesn't replace the shower, but does make its user feel refreshed. Forsett launched the company in 2009 and is still a co-owner. While Forsett got some of his former Seahawks teammates and even Head Coach Pete Carroll to film a video for it, I can't say I've seen a lot of ShowerPills around the Ravens locker room.

2)  He's very good friends with Marshawn Lynch

One of Forsett's closest friends is Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. The two were college roommates and teammates at the University of California. Lynch taught Forsett how to drive during his freshman year. Forsett helped Lynch with emotional and religious support after a rough childhood and turbulent times earlier in his career. Lynch was a groomsman at Forsett's wedding in 2010.

3)  He's also friends with a Grammy winner and made his own music video

Forsett became friends with Grammy-winning Houston-born rapper Lecrae, who often sings about his faith. Forsett, the son of a pastor, likes rap and gospel music, so it's a natural fit. The two met backstage at a concert in 2011, when Forsett was still a Seattle Seahawk, and hit it off. Forsett is a bit of a musician himself. He plays the tenor saxophone and taught himself a little piano. He made a music video for his song, "L.O.V.E." that he wrote for his wife.

4)   He's a major money saver

While many professional athletes who have reached Forsett's level of success live an extravagant lifestyle, the Ravens runner is a big-time saver. He told ESPN The Magazine that his most baller possession is a 2008 Chevy Tahoe. He spends $1,900 on rent per month (that's less than my mortgage). His dumbest purchase was a $100 industrial fan. Check out a three-day log of Forsett's expenses. Forsett did break the bank last year, however, when it came to Christmas gifts for his offensive linemen.

5)    He may not be the best athlete in his family

The honor may go to Forsett's wife, Angela. Unlike her husband, who had a scholarship offer to Notre Dame rescinded because of his short stature, Angela was one of the top high school volleyball recruits in the country. She went on to be a college All-American and played on the USA Volleyball team. Forsett even admits that she has a higher vertical than him at 36 inches. Angela's father, Paul Pressey, was a professional basketball player and is now a Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach.

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