Arthur Brown Converting To 3-4 Defense


Rookie minicamp is over, but linebacker Arthur Brown has homework to do.

Brown is making the transition from a 4-3 defense at Kansas State to the Ravens' base 3-4 system.

"It's a transition in many ways – that in particular," Brown said after his first practice. "I am up to doing whatever I can to learn from the guys that are here and be a role player."

The transition shouldn't be a major one, however, because of how multiple the Ravens defense functions. It's not a traditional 3-4 scheme.

In a traditional 3-4 scheme, Brown would be asked to take on more big-bodied guards, which could be a challenge for his 6-foot-0, 242-pound frame. They would have more of a free release towards Brown.

But since the Ravens often roll more defenders to the line of scrimmage – an option due to the versatility of outside linebacker Terrell Suggs – those big-bodied guards will have to go through Haloti Ngata and another defensive tackle such as Terrence Cody or Brandon Williams, to get to Brown.

That should allow Brown, who is suited more for the WILL inside linebacker spot, to show his range and athleticism and flow to the ball.

Even if Brown does have to take on more blockers inside, his speed should be a difference-maker. Brown has Dannell Ellerbe-like athleticism that should allow him to escape bigger blockers and hit gaps.

Still, there will be somewhat of a transition for the Ravens' second-round pick, just as there is for any rookie. Before the draft, Brown indicated that he would be more comfortable being drafted by a team in a 4-3 system.

"I'm not as familiar with the 3-4 as I am the 4-3 because that is what we played at Kansas State," Brown said. "I'm confident in the preparation. [The 3-4 scheme] is new and different, but I'm able to do it."

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