Billy Cundiff Offers Support for Reenlisting Soldiers


The 2010 Pro Bowl kicker attended a reenlistment ceremony on Tuesday (12/28) to show his appreciation for local service men and women.

Throughout his first two years in Baltimore, Billy Cundiff has witnessed the constant dedication and support demonstrated by local football fans. For many Ravens die-hards, Cundiff and his teammates represent role models, stars – some would even consider them heroes.

But the Ravens kicker realizes that without real heroes – the men and women who serve our country through the armed forces – he and his teammates may not have the opportunity to take the field each Sunday.

So, on Tuesday morning, Cundiff took time to show his unrelenting appreciation for local service men and women by attending a reenlistment ceremony at Fort Meade, located in Anne Arundel County, Md.

Held in the McGill Training Center, the ceremony honored six soldiers who were enlisting in another bout of service. After reaffirming their commitment to the armed services and reciting the oath, Cundiff joined the men and women on stage to say a few words in honor of their hard work and dedication.

In his speech, Cundiff thanked the soldiers for the constant sacrifices they have made, and will make, to protect the men and women of the United States. He mentioned that, although so many people support him and his teammates on a regular basis, the soldiers like those beside him were the ones most deserving of the admiration.

As the ceremony concluded, Cundiff joined the military men, women and families in attendance for refreshments as he signed autographs, posed for pictures and continued to offer his words of thanks and praise.

Cundiff, a loyal supporter of the men and women in the armed forces, has been actively involved in military-based community initiatives since coming to Baltimore last season. In September, the kicker, along with his teammates and cheerleaders, participated in Under Armour's Freedom Initiative by packing more than 200 Wounded Warrior-branded backpacks for injured soldiers overseas.

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