Boston Billboard Counts Down Ray Lewis' Retirement


Ray Lewis had his final "Squirrel Dance" at M&T Bank Stadium, a storybook sendoff in the Ravens' wild-card win over the Indianapolis Colts.

But since then, the emotional lift of playing for Lewis had died down a bit in Baltimore's locker room.

"You guys ask so many questions about it, and you make a big deal about it," quarterback Joe Flacco said Wednesday. "When we're out there playing on Sunday, that's the last thing we're really thinking about."

Well, Boston may have stoked the emotional fire.

While the Patriots themselves aren't putting out any bulletin-board material, there's now something even bigger in the form of billboard material – an actual billboard.

A Clear Channel Outdoor billboard is counting down the minutes to "Ray's Retirement Party." That countdown conveniently coincides with the kickoff of Sunday's AFC championship game.

The picture of the billboard has spread around the web, and Ravens fans aren't too happy about the sight of it.

RavenMadness: "I think it is typical of NE fans...... Ray will enjoy his retirement after his game in NOLA......"

Ravensfan23: "I think it's perfect. The Ravens will definitely party on that field while getting the Lamar Hunt Trophy. They will definitely party for Ray's last game at that stadium. The Patriot fans are more than welcome to stick around and join in the celebration."

PuRock: "I think it's nice of them to throw a party and give such a gracious gift as a trip to the Super Bowl."

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