Brandon Williams Gets First NFL Sack On Cam Newton


The biggest problem with Brandon Williams' third preseason performance may be that he forgot to bring a dance.

After wrapping up Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for his first career sack, Williams simply ran off to the sideline. That's where the teasing started from his teammates.

"They made fun of me because I didn't really do a dance," Williams said with a laugh. "I didn't know what to do."

Williams received positive grades from Pro Football Focus for his run defense in his first two preseason games. That's what he's known for. But the hulking, yet nimble 6-foot-1, 335-pound monster showed off his pass rush Thursday night.

Newton is one of the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL to bring down. Williams did so, and sent him to the sideline in pain with a thigh injury.

Williams came up the middle and was hardly touched by guard Garry Williams. Williams put his hands up to block Newton's throwing lane, then careened into him, wrapping him up around the head to sling him to the ground.

"It was cool. It didn't hit me until afterwards. I was like, 'Crap, I just sacked Cam Newton,'" Williams said.

"It opened like the red sea. The guy just gave me a [quick] read. He didn't really block me. I just swiped his hand down and off I went, straight ahead. It was a missed assignment and I capitalized on it."

The third-round pick out of Missouri Southern has impressed since arriving in Baltimore. He is competing to be in sub packages along the Ravens' talented defensive line, and is currently playing behind defensive tackle Art Jones.

"Tomorrow I'll look at the film and just continue to get better," Williams said. "I'm my biggest critic."

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