Buzzworthy: Justin Tucker's Acting Career Is Alright Alright


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Justin Tucker vs. Matthew McConaughey. Who Did It Best?

Is there anyone on earth who's more talented than Justin Tucker?

If you watched his brand new Carbiz commercial, your answer is probably "no." The spot left most fans wondering if Tucker could be a suitable stand-in for the film legend if he ever needed such a thing. Good question. Let's see how Justin would've done in a few of Matthew's most notable roles:


(Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures)

A movie about a man traveling to deep space in order to find a habitable planet is the perfect role for a kicker who can hit FGs from every corner of the universe.

PREDICTION: Oscar Winning Performance

"True Detective"


Investigative work is extremely difficult, and even though Justin is great at figuring out how to adjust his kicks in harsh weather, he's way more of a "comedy guy" than "drama guy."

PREDICTION: Emmy Nominated

"Dazed And Confused"


Did you know that Matthew McConaughey scored his role in "Dazed and Confused" without any acting experience whatsoever? I fully believe Justin Tucker would knock the same opportunity out of the park if given the chance.

PREDICTION: Career Launching Role

The Internet Needs More Brandon Williams GIFs

I'm sure by now you've seen Brandon Williams absolutely nail "The Carlton" dance:

It's pretty awesome ... but you know what would be even better? A gif of him doing it:

Though it would be even cooler if we could somehow show him side-by-side with the actual Carlton.

(NBC Productions)

Is Brandon the best dancer in Ravens history? You decide.


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