Dick Cass Honored With Donate Life Award


Ravens players have their share of injuries, but team President Dick Cass may sport the longest scar in the building.

You certainly wouldn't know it, but Cass has just one kidney. In* *2006, he donated the other to help save the life of a friend.

On Monday, eight years later, Cass accepted a Donate Life Champion Award. The Donate Life Champion Awards are given to select members of the athletic community from across the country who have inspired others to give the gifts of life, sight and mobility.

In 2006, Cass got a phone call, telling him that a friend's kidneys were failing and that he would need a new one in order to survive.

"Are you asking me if I will give him a kidney?" Cass remembers saying.

This wasn't for a brother, or father, or son. This was for an old law school friend who Cass worked with in Washington, D.C. and still kept in touch with.

And yes, that was the eventual request. After going through a battery of tests, and a lot of Googling to find out the risks, Cass agreed. He was the right blood type and he could do it. So he did.

Cass couldn't have the typical surgery for a kidney transplant, which is a small incision around the belly button that the kidney is squeezed through. Cass had an artery too close to his kidney, so the surgeons instead had to make a significant opening near his abdomen and the surgery took five hours.

But just a week later, Cass was back at work. And a few weeks after that, he was exercising again.

Now life is normal for Cass. The only concern is that he could potentially need that kidney later in life, but the chances are slim.

Cass has never been one to boast about his sacrifice. But the Donate Life Champion Award does it for him.

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