Eisenberg: 50 Words or Less

LB L.J. Fort

Various thoughts on various things, all in 50 words or less:

The Ravens had special teams in mind when they extended L.J. Fort, but they also like his toughness and savvy on defense. If the development of rookies Patrick Queen and Mailk Harrison is stunted by the lack of offseason practices and preseason, Fort is a capable bridge to the future.

I don't know how many fans will bemoan the understandable scrapping of the preseason in 2020, but I can assure you the Ravens' coaches are going to miss it, especially when making some of their lower-end roster decisions, where performance in a live scenario sometimes makes a difference.

Under-the-radar question to monitor as training camp begins: If rookie receiver Devin Duvernay lines up primarily in the slot, as he did at Texas, will he and Willie Snead IV end up sharing the playing load at that position or can/will one or both of them also garner snaps outside?

It was a blast being on the panel that selected the top 25 games in Ravens history. If you haven't seen it, the video is quite entertaining and certain to stir debate. For instance, I had a different game ranked No. 1. (Super Bowl 47, not the Mile High Miracle.)

In case you didn't know, you're just a couple of clicks (or taps) away from the original broadcasts of all 25 games on the list, which our digital media department has put up. It's a remarkable storehouse of great moments. I've already devoted more hours than I care to reveal.

Came across this nugget on Pro Football Focus, which surely reveals a lot about the decision to draft J.K. Dobbins: He was college football's runaway rushing leader on read-option plays in 2019. He gained 1,262 yards. The next closest back gained 661. Read-options are the core of the Ravens' offense.

Veteran lineman D.J. Fluker's social media posts about his weight loss and conditioning indicate a serious level of commitment to playing well this year. If that translates onto the practice field in the coming weeks, the competition to replace Marshal Yanda might be over before it starts.

From the Department of Blah-Blah comes the news that the Chiefs' Tyreek Hill recently predicted his team would win seven Super Bowls. Which is a lot. It's just meaningless chatter but there's no doubt the team the Ravens have to catch and pass in the AFC is brimming with confidence.

Washington Football Team? It takes me back to 1994 when the Canadian Football League put a team in Baltimore that had to go without a nickname for a year because owner Jim Speros tried to use "CFL Colts" and the NFL stepped in and blocked it at the last minute.

It remains to be seen whether there are games without fans this season, but if so, I'm fine with using "fake" cheers and noise, both at stadiums and on broadcasts. Weird? Sure. But what about this situation isn't? I'll take anything but utter silence – and I'm guessing the players agree.

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