Father & Son Duo "Make the Cut"

When David Owens and his son Jack entered BaltimoreRavens.com's "You Make the Cut" contest, they saw it as just a fun way to pass the dog days of summer and make the preseason more exciting.

Getting a phone call telling them they had just won Super Bowl tickets was a bit of a surprise.

The father and son duo from Towson, Md. correctly predicted 52 out of 53 players on the final Ravens roster for 2008, and by sending their entry earlier than the other correct contestants, they now have tickets to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, Florida this January.

"I was ecstatic," Jack said after learning the news. "I was jumping up and down when I heard we won."

David, 58, is a real estate project manager for the Archdiocese of Baltimore, while Jack, 17, is the sports editor for the newspaper at Gilman. When they heard Gerry Sandusky announce the contest during the first preseason game, they decided to sit down together and see if they could "make the cut" themselves.

Jack described how they looked at each player, decided who were locks to make it and who were the long shots. He said it came down to a few crucial decisions involving bubble players like Gary Stills, Cory Ross, and Allen Patrick.

David conceded that many of those crucial decisions were made by Jack, who has had a knack for making correct sports predictions in the past. He even wrote an NFL preview for Gilman's paper.

So the father and son left the scorecard on the refrigerator throughout the preseason, waiting to see who was waived and who was added. Jack believed they had a better chance if they wanted until the last few days of the contest, knowing they had a much better chance to get the roster right than someone who entered even one day earlier.

The Owens' strategy paid off, and while the Super Bowl might be over four months away, they will certainly have the big game on their minds for the duration of the season. BR.com congratulates David and Jack Owen on correctly "making the cut!"

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