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Hey Ravens fans! This is Kate S. I'm here in beautiful, sunny Punta Cana typing this blog by the poolside. There is nothing better than being surrounded by palm trees and relaxing in the 86-degree weather. Our trials and tribulations of getting here were another story in itself.

We began our morning with an early wake up call around 4 AM. After hearing the treacherous weather all night, I was beginning to wonder if our flight to the Dominican would be delayed.

All the Ravens cheerleaders arrived to the airport at 6 AM—completely decked out in our cheerleader warm-ups—in hopes that our flight would be on time! I instantly took notice of how much every girl over-packed. I guess you can never have too many shoes! Some girls had two gigantic suitcases along with two carry-ons. I think some forgot that this is only a seven day trip. Luckily my luggage made the 50-lb limit by a hair—weighing in at 48.7 lbs. J

After going through security, we managed to haul all of our bags to gate E where we waited until 8 AM to board. We stirred up a bit of commotion in the airport. People were looking at us, wondering who in their right mind would be in full hair and make-up and purple rhinestone outfits at six in the morning. As we waited to get on the plane, we took pictures, signed autographs for fans and chatted about the trip and what bathing suits we'd be wearing for each shoot.

We were lucky enough to meet the pilots of our flight to Punta Cana, and before they boarded the plane we had a chance to grace them with our presence in some photos. Our flight took about three hours. During the time, some of the Ravens girls listened to their iPods, some slept, and others watched the in-flight movie: Ice Age.

Towards the end of our air excursion, the flight attendants had all the passengers write their seat number on a dollar bill and put it in a bag. When the plane landed, the flight attendants picked a dollar bill out of the bag. The seat number they called was 19A, which happened to be one of our photographer's seats. He ended up winning the entire bag of money, which turned out to be $160! What a way to start off a vacation to the Dominican Republic! If we're lucky, maybe he'll treat us to a nice dinner. J

After lunch, a few girls got changed and headed down to the beach to get some sun. I felt like being lazy and decided to just lounge by the pool. The soothing sound of the fountain right next to me is really helping me to relax, as we're about to start a busy, busy week.

I'm glad I had a chance to check in with all our fans out there, but I have to run right now. The hotel managers are holding a reception tonight for all the cheerleaders and you know we have to look our very best for it!

Hope everything is well in Baltimore! Thanks for reading! J

Kate S. 

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