Giants Post-Game Quotes (11/16)

Post-Game Quotes: 11/16Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

Okay, I just want to express our disappointment in the loss, obviously. Our disappointment in the way we played. I sure wish we could've given the Giants a better football game. That's a heck of a football team, and they proved that today. They were better than us today. I'm proud of our football team though. I'm proud of our players. They prepared to win a football game, they competed in this football game. We didn't do the things we needed to do to win the game, but I'm proud to be the coach of this team.

Q. What do you see your quarterback learning from a game like this?

A. We'll both look at the tape, and he'll build from the good plays and the plays that weren't so good. He made progress just like the rest of our guys made progress, we think he's going to be a heck of a player, we're proud of him. I'm excited to see where he's going to go next week.

Q. Today was a matchup of one great running offense and one great running defense. Today they seemed to get the best of that matchup. Was it that they overpowered you, or players not fulfilling their responsibilities, what was it?

A. It was the Giants. The Giants came up with three huge runs. You can take away anybody's run and say it would've been a tight football game. Besides those runs, we played good tough run defense. They blocked three plays really well, ran three plays really well and had the three long runs. I have to give them credit, they did a nice job.

Q. With Matt's (Stover) blocked kick, was it too low?

A. I think it was a little bit of a push, but I think Matt would say he could have kicked it higher. That's what happens sometimes, especially when you're kicking into that wind, you try to drive it a little more and that's probably what happened.

Q. How big was that in the scheme of the game?

A. I mean everything was big in the scheme of the game. That was a big part of it, the big plays are always a big scheme in a game. They had four or five big plays in the football game today that made a difference.

Q. What did you tell the team after the game?

A. Well we told the guys when we win and we're successful, we don't rest on that, we build on it. We had a setback, a defeat, we don't wallow on that either, we build on that. We've got plenty of things to work on, and we go to work on Monday.

Q. Can you talk about Joe Flacco's progress from the beginning of the season to now?

A. He's made progress from the beginning of the year to this point. To sit back and say, take off all the areas that he's made progress on. I mean if you watch him play, he's made a lot of progress. He is a lot better than he was in the first half.

Q. Is it hard to get a grip on just how physical they are from just watching the film?

A. No, we had a good grip on how physical they are. They are very physical. I'm not going to stand up here and say they are not physical, but we can see that, we just needed to do better on the big plays.

Q. Derrick Mason played today on a dislocated shoulder. Did that come down to a game-time decision? And how effective do you think he was?

A. I think Mason was very effective, you know the fact that he caught every ball, he ran tremendous routes, and he was a factor in the game. He wasn't 100 percent, for sure, but that's the kind of guy Mason is. He is a courageous man and he played well.

DT Justin Bannan

Q. The Giants did a real good job running the ball today…

A. They did a good job, you've got to give them credit. I mean I didn't feel like we played like we normally do…I personally didn't play like I normally do. I mean we've just got to work everything out for next week's game.

Q. Does the defense take a game like this personally? You guys let up a ton of yards on the ground.

A. Hell yeah, we're going to take this game personally. If we didn't take it personally, it would mean that we didn't care. We've just got to fix the things that went wrong today for us today and not let a team run on us like this again.

DT Trevor Pryce

Q. How tough is it to bring down a guy like Brandon Jacobs?

A. It not really that it's him that's so tough to bring down…I actually think that Ahmad Bradshaw ran better than Jacobs did. It's really that it's so tough to bring either of them down, it's just that the holes they were running through were so big. The holes were gaping…gaping…if you give any NFL back holes like that, he's going to look like Gale Sayers. It wasn't so much that they were ultra-special, but it was more that we were ultra-bad.

Q. Did this kind of loss surprise you?

A. Yeah, it really did surprise us, to tell you the truth, but I mean when you're playing the champs, you know ahead of time that if you don't bring your A game, you're going to be in trouble.

LB Ray Lewis

Q. Did it surprise you guys that Giants ran the ball so much?

A. No, absolutely not, they're the number one rushing team in the league, we came into the game expecting that. The bottom line is that you've got to keep playing no matter what. When you've got a guy four yards behind the line of scrimmage you've got to make that play. I mean that's really how the Giants got a lot of their big plays today, because of missed tackles. We make those plays 1000 times out of 1000 times but when you don't make those plays you're going to give up the big play. Here's the bottom line: this was our last game of our three-game road trip, we're coming home now with a 6-4 record…that's nothing to drop our heads about. I mean, you've got to know if you give up so many big plays it's going to be hard to win the game.

Q. Is there one thing in particular that didn't go well today?

A. Yeah absolutely, we had problems with overpursuing. That's something that we don't do, bottom line…we don't normally let backs get outside and that's something that we pride ourselves in, but they were able to do it today. I mean there are always going to be days where you aren't "great."

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