Here's What the Ravens' 'Big Truss' Means


When Justin Tucker took the podium after Sunday's walk-off 49-yard kick to beat the San Francisco 49ers, he started with this:

But does Tucker know what "big truss" means?

"I wish I could tell you with some level of confidence. I could tell you what it means to me – at least give you my best guess," Tucker said on The Adam Schefter podcast.

"Really, more than anything, I'm just trying to fit in. I'm the 30-year-old dad now. I don't think I ever was cool, and I'm definitely not cool now."

"Big truss" has become the Ravens' catchphrase this season. Players say it to each other. Fans are saying it. It's all over TV.

But what does it mean exactly?

I asked a smattering of players around the locker room this week and found out that some Ravens don't know, others think they do but don't, and some aren't willing to share:

K Justin Tucker

"I believe the translation would be something along the lines of, 'Trust that when I say something, I'm going to do it.' I think that's what it stems from."

OT Orlando Brown Jr.

"I genuinely don't know how to define it, bro. I thought it was truce. I didn't even know it was truss. I had no idea, dawg. I really have no clue. I just know it's a Florida thing. I feel like the only person who knows the answer is Lamar."

WR Willie Snead IV

"It's just basically like trust but with no 't'. Trust your brother, trust your coaches, trust the process. All that. Lamar came up with 'truss.' Mark [Ingram] came up with 'biiig truss' because everything Mark does is big. He put the 'biiig' on there to give it his own splash."

WR Marquise Brown

"I can't speak on it. You've got to ask those boys Lamar and Mark."

OT Ronnie Stanley

"I don't think you can put one definition on it. It's a feeling. It's a movement. It's not just about trusting someone. It's about biiiig trusting someone. You have full-fledged faith in that person – more than they even understand."

QB Robert Griffin III

"It's a Raven thing. It honestly originated from a lot of our South Florida guys on our team, and it's for us to know and no one to find out."

TE Mark Andrews

"I think it's hard to describe exactly what it means, but I think this city, the energy in this locker room … we all trust each other. This is a close-knit locker room. 'Big truss' kind of speaks to that. It's like an unsaid thing that we put into words."

Urban Dictionary, the place where uncool people like myself go to for things such as this, defines "big truss" as Pompano slang with varying meanings such as "I gotchu" or "I agree" or "Bet that."

It's actually not far off. Pompano is where Jackson hails from in South Florida. So, as everybody suggested, I went to the source – Jackson. This is deep-diving journalism stuff.

"I really can't explain it," Jackson said. "It's just like, 'I'm agreeing with you.' Truss, except with a 't' at the end, it's an 's.' Like 'Truss. I'm with you.'"

Jackson said a bunch of people where he's from say it. He didn't come up with it, doesn't know who did, but it's just part of his regular vocabulary. Now he's brought it to Baltimore.

Jackson said it last year too, but it didn't really go mainstream until Ingram repeated it (with his own signature style) it after the Ravens' win over the Texans. That's when it went biiiiiiig.

"That was L.J., man. That's Lamar," Ingram said. "He's been saying 'truss' for a long time. So I always say it to him – 'truss.' Then it evolved to 'biiig truss.' We do everything big out here, so I added the big."

And what does Ingram feel like it means?

"It's love, man. It's love," he said.


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