Inside Answers: Dawan Landry


*For the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game. *


Here's safety Dawan Landry with his answers to your questions.


[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Eric Wetzel, Union Bridge: Dawan, what do you think the chances are to make the playoffs with two games remaining against the Steelers? Also, are you going to explore the market after this year or would you like to remain a Raven? Two picks in two weeks. Keep it up buddy.

Landry:"We just have to do our jobs and do the little things, like execute and remember fundamentals, to get some wins against a good Steelers team. For the contract, I let football take care of football and that contract stuff take care of itself. I'm just focused on the season and having fun. I'm ready for whatever happens, but I'm hoping for the best."

Ryan Taggart, Eldersburg: What team did you like to watch when you were a kid?

Landry:"I was actually a Colts' fan. I didn't root too much for the Saints, even though I'm from Louisiana. Marshall Faulk was in Indy, and he was from New Orleans. Jim Harbaugh was their quarterback. I haven't told coach about that yet. A lot of people liked Green Bay at the time, and I wanted to be different."

William Dion, Annapolis, MD: How does it feel knowing you lead the Ravens in interceptions with four? And did you ever play any other sports?

Landry:"I don't think about it at all. It's about the team. We are just trying to get better and focus on the playoffs right now. We have to grind it out right now. I played all the sports as a kid. Baseball, basketball, football. Depended on what season it was. I like them all, and was pretty good at them, too."

Dustin Lerma, San Antonio: Your forearms look as big as your biceps, but your brother LaRon is buff too. Haha. So who's winning an arm wrestling match between the two of you? Tough loss today by the way, but keep up the good hands!

Landry:"I'll say me, because I'm older. We used to wrestle every day. Since he was two years younger than me, I was naturally stronger than him. But, he would never back down, either. Every day, my mom would have to break us up. We would fight about everything, things like turning the channel."

Brett Tinnes, Minot, ND: What's up Dawan? Tough loss this past week. It's nice to see you nabbing some 'pics lately, though. We need to get back on track to make it to the playoffs. I had a question regarding the relationship between you and your brother, LaRon. How often do you guys talk during the season? Do you talk about each other's matchups before and after each game? Keep up the good work. Good luck all the way from North Dakota.

Landry:"We're close and talk pretty often. Every Tuesday, I go to his house or he comes here. It's a blessing that he's so close with the Redskins. Our parents get to come up every week and watch us play. I'm grateful for it."

Gregory Hurlbrink, Baltimore: When you were a kid did you think that you were good enough to play in the NFL, or did you doubt the chances?

Landry:"I think it was about the eighth grade. I always loved football, but that was when I really put my mind to it to make it to the league. I was playing quarterback then. I never thought I would be playing on the other side of the ball, though. I thought it would be something offensive, never defense."

Michael Hudnet, Baltimore:What did your defense do to rattle Peyton Manning into one of his worst games of the season?

Landry:"We did a good job of trying to make everything look the same to Peyton trying to keep him off balance – keep him from getting a read on me and Ed [Reed] and forcing him into bad decisions. We were able to get a couple of picks today. We got a fumble, just made a couple of plays."

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