Interview Transcripts: September 5th

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement:"We had a good practice; guys worked hard. There was a little bit of heat. It was good for them."

On T Willie Anderson's arrival:"We're excited to have Willie Anderson on our football team. He's a Raven. He's excited to be here. I think he had a nice practice. He looked good."

On whether there's any chance Anderson will be ready to play on Sunday:"There's a chance he could suit up and play. We're not thinking anything right now. We're just waiting until Sunday to see what happens, and it's not something we want to talk about."

On whether Anderson is the expected starting tackle for the season:"We're not giving out any information. We have no expectations for it. We'll see how it plays out as we go."

On how RB Willis McGahee (knee) is progressing:"Willis looked good in practice. If he can dress, he'll go."

On whether Ravens team captains will be wearing a "C" on their jersey:"That's something we're not really interested in. We will have game captains."

On whether he expects QB Troy Smith to be able to come back this season:"We really do expect him to come back this year."

On NT Kelly Gregg's (knee) status:"Kelly Gregg practiced today, partially. We'll see how it goes. It's day-to-day."

T Willie Anderson

On joining the Ravens and whether he will play Sunday:"I still don't know yet. I'm taking it day by day. As far as coming to Baltimore, it was one of the teams that we in Cincinnati always envied – the way the organization is run, the players they had traditionally, the integrity that they had. We as a team in Cincinnati always looked up to the Ravens as a goal to get to. It's funny being here, but the guys welcomed me in. That made the whole process kind of easy."

On if he has more motivation to play Sunday because the game is against the Bengals:"The good thing about it is we'll still play these guys twice a year. The guys that have been here in training camp playing together, practicing together, those guys deserve to play right now. I'm still learning my way in right now. Like I said, it's a game-day [decision] for coach [John Harbaugh] to decide what happens."

On what sealed his decision to sign with Baltimore:"For me, it was just coming here. Once I came here and met with Ozzie [Newsome] and talked to the guys and saw the facilities, the rep of this place carries big in Cincinnati already. So once I got here and met coach and met all the coaches and talked to the coaches, I had a real good feel for the guys. For me, the biggest thing was for the players accepting me here because I played in one place for so long. It usually was myself welcoming the new guy to the team every year and trying to make that new guy feel comfortable and feel at home and not feel weird – the same feeling I'm having right now. When those guys came in and did that for me, I felt at home."

On being glad to be on the same team as LB Ray Lewis:"I think it's a mutual feeling. The respect between us and the rest of the guys is mutual because we battled so much. I'm still just trying to get here, fit in and not come in with any ego. I'm an old-time guy. I'm 33 years old. I found that a lot of these guys are young guys up here, so my thing is just to come in and fit in and do what I can to make this team better and make myself better."

On becoming part of a new offensive line:"Those guys have been working. Like any offensive line group, that group takes pride in the group. My thing is being a part of the group, answering any questions – whatever it may be. In Cincinnati, I was one of the locker room guys. That O-line was kind of my O-line in Cincinnati, but that was built. Here, I can't come in and say that right now. Those guys have been working together, and my thing is just to come in, practice, play and show them more than try to talk to them. If they want to talk to me, I'll definitely talk to them and give them any hand I can."

On being from the same draft class as recently-retired Pro Bowl T Jonathan Ogden:"I said earlier about chasing this organization. I spent my whole career chasing J.O. We came out of the [1996] draft class together. When J.O. had his success early on, I always envied that. I always envied his third or fourth year, him making the Pro Bowl that early and being on a winning team. Myself, it took me until I was 28, 29, 30 to start making the Pro Bowl. Our careers definitely paralleled each other, and it's so funny to me. If you know me or you're a good friend of mine, you would be laughing your tail off right now, because for me to come here, I'm still chasing J.O. But J.O. is a Hall of Fame guy, and I watched so much film of him. I patterned myself after him and his game. He made this line better for years, and I wanted to do the same thing in Cincinnati."

On plans to make him a starter:"I don't know. It's day-to-day. Right now, you've got guys that have been battling there. Those guys have been there for the whole training camp, and I would be crazy to sit here and think that I'm more prepared than those guys right now and be up to speed for where they're at right now. I'm just trying to recover from this week of being off, being out of work for a week. I'll take it day-by-day and do what I can do to be out there."

On QBs coach Hue Jackson, who was previously a WRs coach with Cincinnati:"It was a big factor [in coming to Baltimore] because I know how much Hue meant for our offense and for our team in Cincinnati – [especially] the development of our offense and especially our receivers and our passing game with Carson [Palmer], Chad [Ocho Cinco] and T.J. [Houshmandzadeh] and those guys. He was a big factor in that. Hue was a big O-linemen's guy that knew the importance of the offensive line and knew when to give the linemen credit and when to get on the guys. We all had that mutual respect for Hue. Even though he was a receivers coach, he was more like an assistant offensive coordinator because a lot of the stuff that we did in Cincinnati was because of Hue Jackson. Definitely, Hue being here, there's a whole comfort level for me."

On his health:"I'm good. I feel like any 13-year lineman feels. Nothing serious. Am I 21 again? No, I'm 33. That still weighs in. It's funny to me to talk about health because my whole career, I never talked about health as an issue until I took a thing to the knee last year for the first time in my career. It's funny to me talking about health and being questioned about health status now, because I always prided myself in being ready to play every game."

On the reaction of his teammates, particularly T Levi Jones and G Bobbie Williams, to him being cut by Cincinnati:"Guys are stunned and shocked right now. I told them, 'Just go ahead and get over it, and go move on.' Those guys took it kind of hard. Those two guys you named in particular are two competitive guys. The whole thing kind of shocked the whole team, and guys are still sending me messages and texting me, wishing me good and hating that I'm gone. I wish the best to those guys. There's no animosity with me and the organization. It was just an issue with people giving bad info. That's what it was."

On whether he heard any reaction from WR Chad Ocho Cinco:"All the guys – we all had love for each other. Chad's reaction was the same thing as everybody else. He was shocked that the whole thing went down. It was a decision for me. It was my decision. The Bengals didn't cut me because of play. They cut me because I said I didn't want to be there anymore. That was me saying that and not wanting to deal with the other non-football issues that I had to deal with for so long. The players, I love the players. I love the offensive line coach. I'm appreciative of Mike Brown and the Brown family and the Blackburn family for giving me the opportunity. But there were other issues that, after 13 years, you kind of get tired of dealing with non-football issues."

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