Jacoby Jones' Pigeon Toes Take Center Stage


Jacoby Jones was born with a dancing problem.

His natural pigeon toes have consistently been an issue with judges on "Dancing With The Stars," but they were even more under the spotlight during Monday's episode and led to a slide in the wide receiver's score from last week.

Jones and partner Karina Smirnoff took on the quickstep, which requires perfectly straight toes. Jones once again looked smooth and energetic, but those toes were still pointed in.

Jones and partner Karina Smirnoff received a score of 23, a drop from their season-high of 26 last week. They were outdone by three other couples, including a pair of 29s.

"I'm not trying [to correct my toes]," Jones said after his dance. "Once everything ends, I've got to go back to my day job and I need my pigeon toes. I have to be fast."

It was Stevie Wonder night, and Jones danced to "For Once In My Life."

In the week of rehearsals for the ballroom dance, Smirnoff knew it would be a challenge for Jones.

"There's no way to camouflage pigeon toes," Smirnoff said. "You either turn them out, or they're going to be there visible for the whole world to see."

"My feet are made like that," Jones told the television audience. "They're not going to turn out. I've tried all five weeks. So I'm just going to dance."

Here's what the judges thought of Jones' quickstep:

Bruno Tonioli: "You took off like the Indy 500. You took the first run and I thought you were going to end up in the Hollywood Hills. I tell you, your energy is amazing. Yes, the frame could be better. The footwork, you put some work in it and it shows. Yes, there's room for improvement, but I enjoyed it."

Carrie Ann Inaba: "Sure, yeah your feet are a little funky. But you make up for it. And every time you come out here and you do something special, you surprise me. It's hard to do, we've been watching for 16 seasons, a thousand, billion dancers, and yet somehow you bring a new element, which I love. I like the form, I like the frame, I think Bruno's wrong."

Len Goodman: "I know it's Stevie Wonder night, but this is like a Beatles medley. It started off and I was thinking, "Please, Please Me." By the end I was thinking, "Help." Honestly, you need to work (boos) … This is a dance that doesn't 100 percent suit you. ... Jacoby, I admire you, I like you and I'm willing you every week to do great. We had a few people tonight that had dances that didn't suit them particularly well. You're a rhythmic dancer. You want to get out there and let it all happen; and this is a dance that is really confined. You did a good job with a hard dance. It's not your best but it's not your worst."

The couples were also divided into two teams to compete in a group dance. Jones and Smirnoff's team "Paso Doble" received a score of 22, which when added to their individual score gave Jones and Smirnoff a 55 for the evening. Team Salsa earned a score of 25.

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