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Late For Work 11/6: Bart Scott: We'd Rip Ravens Patch Off Richie Incognito


Scott: We'd Rip Ravens Patch Off Incognito

Jason La Canfora asked the question many Ravens fans have been wondering since the contents of infamous voicemail had been reported.

If Richie Incognito were a Raven and had left that racially-charged message, threatening and bullying a teammate, how would a Baltimore locker room with Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Trevor Pryce and Haloti Ngata have reacted?

"How the hell would that have gone down?" La Canfora asked former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott on CBS Radio's MoJo Show.

"It's no way. He would have got a swift kick in the butt and would have been thrown out the door. It's no way we would've allowed him to come in here," Scott responded.

"If he would've came in, we would have snatched the Ravens patch off his chest, kicked him in his butt and told him he wasn't welcome here. And let everybody know that he wasn't welcome here."

Scott said he was surprised that the Miami Dolphins front office and players didn't prevent the bullying from occurring and allowed it* *to get to the point that it did.

He called it "embarrassing" to have Incognito represent the league when so many other NFL players try to set the example for good, including with anti-bullying initiatives like Ravens running back Ray Rice supports. Scott told ESPN radio that he thinks NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should kick Incognito out of the league.

Some people have come to Incognito's defense, even calling him a "good guy." But Scott's experience with Incognito leads him to a different conclusion.

"I can say firsthand that he's not a good guy," Scott said. "I've had my own run-ins and I tried to fight him after a game when I was a member of the Baltimore Ravens because the things that he was doing was outside the realm of football. Some of the dirtiest things you can think of – cut guys in the back, grab facemasks, pulling guys down, pushing them over the pile after the play is over – all dirty stuff.

"But then when I confronted him after the game, he didn't really have the cohones to stand up. It's one thing to be tough with pads on, but after the game, he didn't seem so tough."

There are NFL players who criticize Jonathan Martin for walking away from his team, saying he broke the code of the locker room by leaving it. Scott doesn't have that point of view. He says that bullying victims have all sorts of faces, and just because Martin is a 6-foot-5, 312 offensive tackle doesn't mean that he can't be bullied.

Scott commends Martin for simply walking away, instead of lashing out in a dangerous manner.

"They better be lucky that this kid didn't reach one of the points that some of these other people get bullied and bring a gun to work and we have some type of tragic incident on our hands because he can't just take enough," Scott told ESPN. "Thank God that he just walked away."

Patriots Sign WR LaQuan Williams

Former Ravens wide receiver LaQuan Williams has found work again in the NFL.

He signed with the New England Patriots yesterday, the team announced, after agreeing to an injury settlement (hamstring) with the Ravens and getting cut from the squad in September.

Williams was popular among Ravens fans after the former University of Maryland and Poly High School player made the team as a rookie free agent in 2011.

"Happy for my bro @i_amQUAN ....he joined the Patriots today," tweeted Ravens receiver Torrey Smith.

Let's Not Lose Perspective On Ravens

Yes, the Ravens have experienced a disappointing season so far.

Starting the season off with a 3-5 record just a few months removed from a Super Bowl championship feels like a kick to the gut. It is possible that the Ravens don't advance to the playoffs for the first time in the John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco era.

Even if Baltimore does miss out on the postseason, The Baltimore Sun's Peter Schmuck says that wouldn't be "vindication" for those who believe Flacco is an average quarterback or recently decided Harbaugh isn't the right guy.

Schmuck doesn't think that a bad stretch should blur the big picture.

"The Ravens are having a crappy year," the columnist wrote. "Everybody can see that and nobody is absolving Harbaugh, Flacco or the front office of their responsibility for the dismal way the season has developed so far. It's just important for impatient fans to avoid letting their short-term frustration obscure the panoramic view of the Harbaugh/Flacco partnership.

"A few months ago, Harbaugh was the best coach in the NFL and Flacco was the Super Bowl MVP who just signed one of the biggest contracts in the history of the league. They certainly don't look any different in street clothes, but it's obviously true — especially in professional sports — that it only takes 24 hours for the world to roll over on you after you've reached the top of it."

Ross Providing 'Pain' Chips To Ihedigbo

Mitch Ross, the man who said he provided Ray Lewis deer-antler spray, says he is providing Ravens safety James Ihedigbo with "pain" chips, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The chips - essentially hologram stickers – are not banned by the NFL, per the report.

Why is this relevant?

"Personally, I'd rather talk about Bora Bora than something about pain chips," ESPN's Jamison Hensley wrote, referring to Ihedigbo's island honeymoon.

Quick Hits

  • Ray Frager pointed out that there are some photos circulating that show Ihedigbo on top of Browns receiver Greg Little with both hands on Little's neck. The two got in a scrum and Little was penalized for taking off Ihedigbo's helmet and launching it down the field. Some are accusing Ihedigbo of trying to choke Little with the pictures as evidence. If you watch the play in real-time, his hands are there for less than a second during the exchange. It could have been inadvertent. []
  • Hensley's reaction to Harbaugh's defense of the offensive line's performance against the Browns: "I almost chuckled because I thought Harbaugh couldn't have been serious. In my Ravens report card, I gave the offensive line a 'D.' Was I missing something? Pro Football Focus tends to favor Harbaugh's evaluation. Left tackle Eugene Monroe received the highest mark on the Ravens in Sunday's game. Center Gino Gradkowski had his highest grade of the season. Right guard Marshal Yanda and right tackle Michael Oher got average marks." [ESPN]
  • @MarkViviano [WJZ]: Ravens have lost 9 of last 13 REG season games & lost 6 of last 7 REG season ROAD games. Still won a Super Bowl in between. THAT's the NFL. [Twitter]
  • @RavensCommunity: Nine @Ravens came out to The Helping Up Mission's annual coat drive to distribute winter outerwear to those in need! [Twitter]
  • @TorreySmithWR: Had so much fun at the Play 60 event in Aberdeen. It was fun to hang with the military kids. #salutetoservice [Twitter]
  • @mattvensel: The #Ravens used their 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR) on 64 of their 67 plays against the Browns. Used it 55 of 61 against the Steelers. [Twitter]
  • @ESPNStatsInfo: Ray Rice (2.7) and Bernard Pierce (2.7) have the 2nd and 3rd worst yards per rush averages among qualified NFL RBs this season. [Twitter]
  • Here's some middle school football players providing the exact opposite example of Incognito. The Olivet Eagles intentionally did not score and took a dive at the 1-yard line without even telling their coaches that they would do it or why. "Everybody who is in the NFL and/or follows the NFL should watch this video," tweeted Mike McCartney, a former NFL pro scouting director. I concur. [Twitter/YouTube]
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