Late For Work 8/12: If A Teammate Ever Broke Joe Flacco's Jaw ...


If A Teammate Ever Broke Flacco's Jaw …

While the Ravens are enjoying training camp with a dance party in their locker room, a Jet sucker-punched their (presumed) starting quarterback Geno Smith in theirs.

The Ravens like each other. Some Jets, apparently not so much.

Smith will require surgery to repair his broken jaw and miss six to 10 weeks after 2014 sixth-round linebacker IK Enemkpali cold-clocked him in the locker room. Enemkpali believed the Jets quarterback owed him $600 for not showing up to his July 11 football camp after Enemkpali already bought Smith a plane ticket, per ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Uh, could you imagine the outrage in Baltimore if a teammate broke Joe Flacco's jaw … over $600 … especially a sixth-rounder who had three career tackles?

My favorite reaction to such an idea came from former Ravens beat writer for Russell Street Report, Kris Jones.

Well, nobody in New York went that far. Instead, the Jets promptly released Enemkpali, who will now be out way more than $600.

"You knew from flag football, to pee wee, to pop warner, to junior varsity, to high school, to college, the ONE guy that you never touched was the quarterback," former Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe said on SiriusXM NFL Radio from the Ravens training camp in Owings Mills Tuesday. "No matter what he said, no matter what he did, you didn't touch the quarterback."

The jaw-breaking news comes on the heels of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton getting into a fight with cornerback Josh Norman, who was returning a pass he had just intercepted off Newton.

Again, how would people react if Flacco was at the bottom of a pile in a scuffle with teammates? Sorry, he likely would never even find himself in such a scenario.

"You think Manning, Brady, [Brees], Rodgers, Flacco, Luck, Rivers, Big Ben would lose composure & fight? NOPE! Winners ARE DISCIPLINED ALWAYS," tweeted former Ravens linebacker Brad Jackson.

"Those QBs I named woulda got you back by shredding your defense and the player! Cause that's what we [are] paid to do: play football! Not fight!"

Fan Gives Flacco Special Olympics Medal

What Flacco was ACTUALLY doing yesterday was hosting a group of Special Olympics athletes at the Under Armour Performance Center.

Flacco has been involved with the group since he came to Baltimore in 2008 and they've forged a special bond.  While he was signing autographs for the group, he unexpectedly received something in return.

Per ESPN's Jamison Hensley, a Special Olympics athlete gave Flacco a medal he had won and wrote a message on the ribbon that read: "Never Give Up. Love, Stephen."  Flacco put the medal around his neck and continued signing and taking pictures with 60 athletes in attendance.

"You can tell how much it meant to him," Flacco told Hensley. "It's definitely really cool to see that raw excitement."

And how much did it mean to Flacco?

"At first he was kind of surprised because he's the one usually signing the autographs and giving out.  When somebody gave something to him, he really acknowledged it and it kind of took him aback," said Hensley. "After thinking about it a while, he just knew how much that this Olympian felt towards him and how much this must have meant to him because he won this medal. It was very touching to Joe.

"A lot of the special Olympians, when they go and play sports, they like to try to get the No. 5 jersey because they have that connection with Joe Flacco [from over the years.]"

Cleveland Browns Considered Signing Rice

This is the closest we've heard publicly of former Ravens running back Ray Rice getting a second chance in the NFL.

Former Ravens assistant coach and current Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine told Sports Illustrated's Don Banks that his organization discussed signing Rice.

"No critical mass has been reached in Cleveland's backfield just yet, but with the Browns clearly dissatisfied with their young rushers early this preseason, file away the Browns as one of the more logical and likely landing spots for former Baltimore running back Ray Rice," Banks wrote.

There is a natural connection, not only with Pettine's history with the Ravens and Rice, but also with Browns running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery. He was Rice's position coach for the running back's first six years in Baltimore.

While Rice came up as a possibility, Pettine added "we're not there yet."

Rice earned three Pro Bowl nods under Montgomery, topping more than 1,100 rushing yards and 1,600 yards from scrimmage in four consecutive seasons. But things didn't end on a positive note between the two.

"The two had [a] big falling out that contributed to Wilbert's dismissal," wrote The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec. "But obviously that was a couple of years ago. Rice and Montgomery have had plenty of time to mend their relationship."

Meanwhile, Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti spoke with SiriusXM NFL Radio from training camp yesterday, and reiterated that he wishes nothing but the best for Rice.

"We here at the Ravens believe that Ray Rice deserves a second chance and we hope he gets it," Bisciotti says in the audio recording below.

Smith Plans To Wound, Damage, Puncture On Way Out

Steve Smith Sr. has a sort of farewell tour planned as he finishes up the final season of his 15-year NFL career.

Count me as one ridiculously excited person to watch the scene Smith describes:

"It will be a farewell tour for me but let me be very clear: I will wound, damage and puncture a lot of people on my way out," Smith said Tuesday on The Rich Eisen Show in the video below.

He goes on.

"Let me tell you something: I'm playing with house money," he said. "You know what's dangerous when you're playing with house money? You don't have no regard. I'm all in with your money. You know what they say when you're playing with other people's money: you just be reckless, you do stupid things with it. That's what I'm going to do."

If you thought Smith was dangerous before with "blood and guts" everywhere  when he played his former team, or when he dominated Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib and told him to "Ice up, son," apparently you ain't seen nothing yet.

"Put the women and children to bed. It's not going to be a good night," Smith said.

By the way, Jerry Seinfeld posted an Instagram about Smith.  It had nothing to do with his retirement. No, the funny guy talked about how nobody has looked better in headgear worn incorrectly.

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