Matthew Judon Explains 'Body Built By Taco Bell'


Taco Bell may have its new spokesman.

Outside linebacker Matthew Judon professed his love for the fast-food chain during Sunday Night Football introductions for the Ravens' 37-20 win over the New England Patriots.

"Body built by Taco Bell," Judon said.

And with that, fans everywhere had their new champion.

I caught up with Judon Monday to find out what was behind the intro, which has now become a viral sensation.

"I've been about Taco Bell ever since I was in college, man. It's been my favorite fast-food restaurant," the Grand Valley State graduate said. "That's a delicacy. We don't get to eat it too often, but after games, if they're open, I go there."

It seems Judon is about to get a lot more Taco Bell delivered to his front door.

"I've been trying new stuff," Judon said. "The fries, those are good. Crunch wraps, those are good. And the breakfast is off the chain."

When I told Judon I didn't know Taco Bell served breakfast, he was legitimately shocked/offended.

"Whaaaaat? You don't know nothing about Taco Bell. You're not a fiend like me," he said.

Judon's allegiance to Taco Bell does indeed go way back. After the Ravens drafted him in the fifth round in 2016, Judon told reporters he would spend his first NFL paycheck at Taco Bell.

"I like Taco Bell," Judon said in 2016. "I mean, obviously I'll have way more money than I'll know what to do with, but while I'm pondering what I'm going to do with my money, I'll be eating a chalupa or something."

Judon, who made one of the game's biggest plays with a fourth-quarter hit on Tom Brady that caused an interception, said he recorded a couple different pregame broadcast introductions. So it was the Sunday Night Football production crew that chose to use the Taco Bell one. What got left on the cutting room floor?

"I think we've got a couple more primetime games, so you've got to watch out," Judon said.

Next one is Monday Night Football on Nov. 25 against the Los Angeles Rams. Then Thursday Night Football versus the Jets on Dec. 12, so tune in.

Judon learned a lot from former Ravens pass rusher Terrell Suggs, who he calls his big brother. This season, Judon replaced Suggs as the Ravens' top pass rusher. Now he may have outdone the O.G. of funny primetime intros.

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