Media Advisory: 2021 Ravens Training Camp Media Policies

In preparation for the Baltimore Ravens' 2021 training camp, the organization and the National Football League are committed to establishing and maintaining an environment where health and safety are a priority.

Below is the media protocol that will be in place throughout training camp at the team's Under Armour Performance Center. All policies are subject to change based on continued evaluations of the COVID-19 pandemic, including requirements set forth by the NFL/NFLPA, federal and state government agencies and local health officials.

Daily Credentialing Requests

  • Each week throughout training camp, media members interested in attending practice must request access for specific days on the team's credential website.
  • All media members who want to attend training camp must sign the 2021 Arbitration and Release and Liability Waiver Agreement, which can be accessed on the credential website referenced above.
  • Tier 2M will consist of media members who are fully vaccinated. They will be permitted inside the club facility for access to the media workroom, as well as the practice fields and outdoor press conference location. The maximum daily number in Tier 2M is 25. Tier 2M individuals must wear masks at all times when in the facility (i.e. the media workroom). Tier 2M individuals will also be required to wear club-issued Kinexon Proximity Recording tracking devices at all times while at the facility, including practice.
  • For Tier 2M media, proof of full vaccination must be emailed to and before arriving at the Under Armour Performance Center. Additionally, all Tier 2M individuals must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 14 days of the first arrival at training camp. Tier 2M individuals are also personally responsible to get tested every 14 days and then show proof of the negative test to a Ravens' communications representative.
  • Tier 3-Outdoor Access (Tier 3-OA) are only permitted to watch practice outside, and only videographers and photographers in Tier 3-OA will be permitted to attend post-practice press conferences. The Ravens' communications staff will assign and communicate 2M and 3-OA Tier statuses to media members on a daily basis.
  • Media will be required to submit an access request by no later than 2 p.m. ET the afternoon prior to the practice they'd like to attend.
  • Media will be notified via email whether they have been approved for or not permitted access to practice. (Reporters who are granted access will also be notified of their tier designation.) Notifications will be sent no later than 6 p.m. ET the night before the next day's practice.
  • If a reporter has been approved access for a practice but can no longer attend, that person should notify the Ravens' communications staff no later than 2 p.m. ET the afternoon before the upcoming practice. (Due to the limited number of 2M media members the club can accommodate each day, failure to appear at an approved practice will affect consideration given to future practices.)

Facility Arrival & Access

  • Fully vaccinated media members are not required to wear a face covering at practice. For media members who are unvaccinated, the Ravens encourage the wearing of a face covering while on the practice field.
  • Arrival to the facility should occur no more than 30 minutes prior to the start of practice.
  • After gaining clearance at the security gate, media will be directed to park in the second-tier lot below the large Ravens logo located on the upper hill.
  • Once parked, reporters should go to the building's northeast lobby entrance, where they will receive a daily credential and Kinexon device (when applicable). All credentials and Kinexons must be returned to the Ravens after leaving the practice field (for 3-OA individuals) or the media workroom (for 2M individuals).
  • After receiving a credential, a Ravens' communications official will escort media to the practice fields through the north gate located near the grounds crew building.
  • During practice, 2M media members are required to remain in a socially distanced manner from reporters who have a 3-OA designation. All media will need to stay in the properly designated areas throughout the duration of practice.
  • Should practice be moved to the indoor facility, only the 25 media members in Tier 2M will be allowed inside. If practicing in the fieldhouse, the Ravens will provide B-roll practice footage and photos for media usage, as videographers/photographers – who will all be assigned Tier 3-OA statuses – are not permitted in the indoor facility.
  • With prior approval from the Ravens' communications staff, TV stations will be permitted to go live or record stand-ups from the parking lot. No live shots or stand-ups will be permitted from the practice fields.
  • Media members are not permitted to take video, still photography or report on any activity seen at the COVID-19 testing tent near the players' entrance/parking lot. This includes all activity involving Ravens players, coaches, staff and other essential personnel.

Interview Access

  • A mixture of head coach John Harbaugh, players, the three coordinators and assistant coaches will be made available daily for post-practice, in-person press conferences at the outside media backdrop/podium. A lineup of expected interview participants will be provided in advance every several days.
  • Press conferences will no longer be conducted via Zoom, but as a reminder, they will be streamed live on, the Ravens' Facebook page and the Ravens' official app.
  • In-person, physically distanced interviews with players and coaches are solely permitted for media in Tier 2M. (As customary during training camp, the locker room will not be open for media access.)
  • Individual requests for one-on-one interviews – whether in-person or by phone – will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must be made to a member of the Ravens' communications staff at least 72 hours in advance.



Tactical Information:

  • Nothing can be reported from the practice facility that is of a tactical nature. This includes any information that can help an opponent prepare to compete against the Ravens.

Photos/Video/Live Streaming:

  • Interview availabilities, open practice sessions and/or other team activities that occur on club premises (Under Armour Performance Center/M&T Bank Stadium) may not be live-streamed by an individual or media outlet. This includes the use of social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Ustream, etc.
  • Television stations looking to broadcast live from club premises or carry media availabilities on live TV must first gain clearance from a Ravens' communications representative.
  • For practice viewing availability, still photography and videotaping are only allowed during individual position drills or when specified by a Ravens' communications representative. No seven-on-seven, formation or team work may be captured.

Electronic/Battery-Powered Equipment:

  • Cellphones, computers and tablet devices may not be used to report from or to communicate with while on the practice field, with the exception of taking pictures and recorded video during an open shooting period. For those with iPads or similar tablets to take notes, these can be used, but only after receiving clearance from a Ravens' communications official.

Reporting/Media Viewing Guidelines:

  • During training camp, media may report non-injury information, but this must be done away from the practice field in an area approved by the Ravens' communications staff.
  • Media may report which players are practicing as well as those who are not.
  • Media may include non-strategy and non-game plan observations in their reporting.
  • Reference to plays run or game strategy cannot be reported.
  • No reporting of which players are practicing with individual units (e.g. goal line, trick plays, blitz packages, nickel defense, etc.).
  • Comments overheard between coaches, players and staff while on-site cannot be reported. This information may also not be included in reporting (social media or otherwise) at a later date.
  • Injuries: As required by the NFL, injuries that occur during open practices can be reported – but only after the open practice or portion of that open practice has concluded.
  • Unless a player is injured during an open practice or is viewed during these open sessions wearing protective or rehabilitative devices/equipment, such devices/equipment cannot be reported. (In other words, we are asking media to only report what they see on the practice field.)