Notes: Ogden Enters Ring


For the last time ever, Jonathan Ogden ran out of the tunnel before the Ravens' 29-10 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

Then at halftime, Ogden officially took his spot among Baltimore's football greats in the Ring of Honor.

Never one to dwell on personal awards, the 11-time Pro Bowler was definitely soaking up every minute of applause from a packed M&T Bank Stadium. After a career that redefined the position of left tackle, Ogden earned the right to revel.

"I miss running out of the tunnel, running through the smoke," Ogden said in a press conference. "It was great to just run through that one more time and see all the fans in the crowd.

"It's just really nice that all the hard work over all the years, people appreciate it."

The first-ever draft pick in franchise history, the fourth-overall selection out of UCLA, Ogden joins running back Ernest Byner, linebacker Peter Boulware, defensive end Michael McCrary, longtime owner Art Modell and the eight Hall of Fame Baltimore Colts.

At the ceremony, Ogden's name was unveiled on the façade that rings the upper club level to a boisterous ovation.

"Going up into that Ring is just the ultimate that the Ravens can do for you," Ogden said. "So that's kind of like, 'Wow.' You've made it to the pinnacle of being a Raven. It's great."

Ogden ended his 12-year career over the summer after a nagging toe injury limited him to 11 games in 2007.

Now, he's looking forward to being more of a fan when it comes to football.

"I used to get up and watch games on Sunday," Ogden noted. "It's nice to be able to do that again. "I did all I could do out there on the field. When you feel you've accomplished everything you can, then you don't have any regrets about how you walk away from the game."

Ogden was presented his award from Smyth Jewelers by general manager Ozzie Newsome, who called Ogden the "foundation" of the team when it moved to Baltimore from Cleveland.

The tackle will have to wait five years until he is able to achieve his next honor – a Hall of Fame bust.

"First ballot would be nice," Ogden said with a laugh. "I'm not even going to sit here and try to deny that I don't think about it and hope it happens, but I'm not going to stress out over it, either."

Rex Wins Ryan Bowl

Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan won the defensive battle against his twin brother, Rob, his counterpart in Oakland.

Baltimore limited the Raiders to only 234 yards, with what was the NFL's fifth-ranked rushing attack to only 47 yards. The Ravens totaled 375 yards.

But, don't think Rex Ryan will rub it in too much in this sibling rivalry.

"It's tough, because you want him to always do well except for when he plays your team," Ryan said. "I don't feel real bad about it now."

Flacco a Triple Threat

Not only did Joe Flacco throw and run for touchdowns, he also made a 43-yard catch that would have been a challenge for even a sure-handed wideout.

Flacco hit Demetrius Williams for a 70-yard touchdown in the second quarter to take a 16-0 lead. He also gritted out a 12-yard sprint to the end zone in the fourth.

But it was his catch that was most shocking.

Flacco took off up the left sideline after handling a shotgun snap and flipping the ball to fellow quarterback Troy Smith. With the defense leaning to the opposite side of the field, Flacco got open behind linebacker Ricky Brown with enough room to haul in Smith's bomb.

"I trusted myself that if they threw it, I would catch it," Flacco said with a smile. "I was hoping I would catch it. I didn't want to make a fool out of myself."

It wasn't as if it was an easy grab, as well. He had to fully extend his 6-foot-6 frame to make the play.

"It just shows what kind of all-around player Joe is," Smith stated. "At 6-6, you really don't talk about his versatility and athleticism, but it shows you right there. That was an incredible play."

Flacco's catch was the third ever by a Ravens quarterback, but it was the first to go for positive yardage.


Frank Walker intercepted the sixth pass of his career in the second quarter. It led to the Ravens' second touchdown of the day, when Flacco hit Williams with a 70-yard catch-and-run…Williams' score was actually the second-longest reception of his career. Kyle Boller found Williams for a 77-yard score on Dec. 17, 2006 against the Cleveland Browns…Since 2000, the Ravens are 49-19 at M&T Bank Stadium. The only injury Baltimore reported was an ankle sprain to linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo.

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