Post-Game Notes & Final Quotes - Chiefs at Ravens - 9/19/21


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(Opening Statement)"Alright, I hope you guys can understand me [with the mask on]." (Reporter: "Are you smiling?") "I'm speechless. I'm speechless, OK? First of all, all hats off to the Chiefs, because that was a great football game against a great football team. They're very well coached. They fight. They have players all over the place that play well, and that's just what makes it such a great victory, because it's such a great opponent. I couldn't be more proud of our guys. We've said it before, but don't think I've ever been happier when we've said it: It's not perfect [and] it's not pretty, sometimes, usually, but it is us. That's how our guys play. I want our guys to play just like that all year, just better, at times, and we're going to get better at all the little things. But I'm proud of our guys. We could mention guy after guy; I'm sure you'll ask me. I'm proud of our guys, and we're moving on to Detroit. What questions do you have?"

(on if there was any doubt to go for it on fourth-and-1 at the end of the game) "No, there wasn't. But I think I wanted to be sure myself, you know? I knew he was going to say yes, but we were going for it at that point."

(on if there would be a doubt to go for it on fourth-and-1 if it was any other player at quarterback) "[Patrick] Mahomes. I bet they're going for it, too, with Patrick Mahomes. How about that?"

(on offensive coordinator Greg Roman's play calling) "I thought [offensive coordinator] Greg Roman called a great game. It was a well-called game, obviously, about as good as you can get, and it was a well-prepared gameplan [by] him and the whole staff, and it was really a well-executed gameplan by the players. But Greg kept them off-balance. He was running the ball. We took shots [downfield]. We had some control passes. We had some RPOs [run pass options]. It was just excellent."

(on OLB Odafe Oweh's performance between his quarterback hit and the fourth-quarter forced fumble and recovery) "We were in the huddle there, and I didn't …. So many things happened, I forgot to mention his name in the huddle there, in the team huddle there. So, I apologized to him afterwards, because that's the kind of play that we envisioned him making when he drafted him. That's the kind of play he and I talked about making this week as we were preparing. He was going to play a lot more, both him and [Justin] Madubuike. Those are our two young guys. Those guys have earned more playing time, and man, they both played great. For him to come up and make that play in that situation, it's just something that will be remembered for the rest of our lives."

(on what QB Lamar Jackson's coming back from his two interceptions says about his growth) "It says … It's hard, because it's rarely done – obviously, that's the point of your question. For our guys to come back, that's why I said, it's just us. Our guys fight. We fought last week, and they always will. We have great leadership. These two guys [Lamar Jackson and Marquise Brown] right here [in the interview room], coming in together, grow up together, and that's the face of our football team right there. I'm proud of those guys. They just … I love them. I love them. I love being around them. I love everything they stand for. I told them last night, in the meeting, that it would be an honor for all of us coaches to take the field with these guys, and it was. Even if the game had gone the other way, I told them it was an honor to be on the field with them, no matter what the outcome is. You don't mourn outcomes; you mourn people. You work on process, but you can celebrate victories, and that's what we're doing tonight."

(on how the offensive line played and if T Ronnie Stanley was close to playing) "They stepped up big time. Ronnie [Stanley], we're going to look at that whole situation, and we'll have more for you. Probably in the next week [or] week and a half, we'll know more. But he was not close to playing this game, no. For Alejandro [Villanueva] to move over there and play the way he did for the offense … And Pat Mekari …" (Lamar Jackson: "They played great, Coach.")"Alejandro played great, yes. He did play great. The whole line … Well, that's Lamar [Jackson]. Lamar did it in the locker … He did it. I kind of gave Lamar a high five, and Lamar comes up and says, 'Coach, the O-line. The O-line.' The O-line played great. They all played great."

(on what fans were treated to with this close game) "We look at it from our perspective. We're inside. We're the Ravens, and that's us. That's what makes me proud of these guys [and] makes me proud to be around these guys every day. That's who we are. To see our guys do that, that's what they do. I'm proud of them."

(on what this win means for QB Lamar Jackson to have a win over QB Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs) "I'll tell you; I'm just happy. I'm happy for him. We love each other. All of us have each other's backs. We want to win every single game. So, whatever it means, it means. It means something different to all of us. It means something … I can tell you what it means to me. It means a lot to me. But you know what? We have the Lions coming up in seven days, and we're going to be thinking about that really soon."

(on what the third-down pass to WR Sammy Watkins says about his faith in QB Lamar Jackson to complete that play) "It says that I have complete confidence in Lamar Jackson to make every play. I wish I had put him in a better position last week to make a play. I'll just never, ever not have faith in him to make a play in any situation."

(on OLB Odafe Oweh redirecting TE Travis Kelce at the line of scrimmage and how big it was for the defense to make that critical play despite facing multiple injuries) "I'm glad you brought that up, because our defensive coaches, starting with [defensive coordinator] Don Martindale, and the coaches came up with a tremendous gameplan. I talked about the offensive gameplan; the defensive gameplan was just as good. [There] were some things they hadn't seen before, certainly not from us. Many things they hadn't seen from us that our players executed well. Plus, we had a lot of guys banged up [and] nicked up. [We had] so many young guys playing on defense who played well and came up big. They made their plays. That's a great offense, but it was a great gameplan by the defensive coaches and well-executed."

(on what he said to QB Lamar Jackson when he gave him a hug after the game) "I don't even remember. I don't even remember. Do you remember, Lamar [Jackson]?" (Lamar Jackson: "No.") (laughter)

QB Lamar Jackson

(on how it feels to beat the team he once called his kryptonite)"I called them that one time. One time! (laughter) It feels good. It feels good to get that 'monkey off of our back.' It just feels good. We've got to move on to Detroit now. We didn't win the Super Bowl yet; it's just one game. We've got to just keep staying focused."

(on his interaction with head coach John Harbaugh before the decision to go for it on fourth down late in the game) "'Do you want to go for it?' I'm like, 'Hell, yeah!' I said it again, like [in] Seattle two years ago. He told me the play, and I was like, 'We should spread them out.' And 'Coach Urb,' [quarterbacks coach] James Urban, my QB coach was like, 'You've got to go' I was like, 'Man, I've got to get this first down, no matter what. I've got to jump, dive through a defender,' and our O-line did a great job pushing those guys back. We got the first down for the victory."

(on if there is as a fourth-and-1 he feels like he can't make, and if the offense should always go for it in those situations) "I feel like we can make anything. I feel like we can make anything. I'll say, 'Spread them out.' I'll never say, 'Don't go for it.' I've never said, 'Punt it' or anything like that. I'll say spread the defense out a little bit. Coach [offensive coordinator Greg Roman] called a great play, and we made it happen."

(on what this win says about the team)"Our team is strong. We're together – just keep building, keep stacking, keep staying focused. That loss – that close loss in Las Vegas [last Monday night] – feels like it gave us a little boost. It didn't slow us down. We know where we can be at, and we showed a little bit tonight. We've just got to keep getting better, because I threw two first-quarter interceptions – one for a pick-6 on the first drive – and that pissed me off. Then I threw another one in the red zone – that pissed me off – trying to force something, trying to make something happen too fast, instead of just driving the ball downfield like we did. We've just got to stay focused, just keep doing what we're doing, [and] we'll be fine."

(on how he maintained his focus despite the early adversity) "I know my team is going to look at me. If I'm out there just messing up, they're going to be like, 'God damn, what are you doing?' So, I've got to do it for my guys. My guys have my back. The first two interceptions, they were like, 'Man, you're good; you got that out the way. Let's just play.' I was like, 'You're right, I've got to play now. That's over with.' And that's what we did."

(on how he felt knowing that QB Patrick Mahomes still had three minutes on the clock) "I saw three minutes on the clock, [and] I was like, 'Damn, that's a lot of time. If he does score and gets the three points, we're just going to have to do the same thing; we're just going to have to respond.' But our defense held their own. They did a great job. They gave us that ball back. I had faith in them though, because I did talk to 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] on the sideline; I said 'We need a turnover really quick,' and it happened."

(on how much fun this game was)"I know for the fans, it was a great show. Like you said, we were going back and forth. It was looking crazy when, like I said, I threw two picks in the first quarter – one for a pick-6. It was like, 'Oh, they might lose again.' But we held our own. We stayed focused. My team, like I said, they stayed with me, [and] we came out on top. I know it was a great game. They're probably going to be looking for it again soon, but it's a long way [away] right now. We've got a long season ahead of us."

(on if this performance quieted the noise)"The noise will go away, then it will come back somehow. It's going to always be like that as long as I'm playing, I feel, so I don't really care about it. I'm just going to keep playing."

(on his flip into the end zone) "I fell on my butt cheek a little bit. (laughter)I fell on my butt cheek, but I'm good. We came out with the 'dub,' and I had to get right, because we had another drive in us."

(on what this win means for the team moving forward)"I don't know yet. We've just got to keep building. We're happy right now; we just got the 'dub' like 20 minutes ago. We're going to let it sink in. We've got Detroit ahead of us, a long season ahead of us. We've just got to keep going."

(on if he felt like he was in a groove in the first half)"I don't know. I was just like, 'We've got to score. We've got to take our time and score,' because we stopped ourselves – well, I stopped us with the turnovers – and that's just all it was. I wasn't looking at it like, 'I'm in a groove.' It was like, 'We've just got to keep scoring, keep scoring. That's all.'"

(on if he knew Coach Harbaugh would want to go for it on the fourth down late in the game)"In my mind, I was like, 'Damn, we should go for it, because we're close.' But then when I was going to the sideline, Coach [Harbaugh] was like, 'Do you want to go for it?' I was like, 'Hell yeah! No doubt.' And we did [go for it, and] we came out with success."

WR Marquise Brown

(on if he thought he was going to play against the Chiefs with his ankle injury) "Man, I give all credit to God. I didn't think I was going to play this week, but I woke up this morning, and I was like, 'Whatever chance I can give my team to win, I'm going to go out there and play.' So, I just give credit to God."

(on how badly QB Lamar Jackson wanted to beat the Chiefs) "I think it was the fact that it was the Chiefs and the fact that we lost last week, we all wanted to win really bad. So, playing the Chiefs was just a bonus. I know he's happy that we won that game."

(on what it is about big games that brings out his best play) "I don't know. I mean, 'Primetime Jet.' I don't know. I love primetime games, and I just want to be consistent each week. It doesn't matter if it's a primetime [or] if it's a 1 o'clock game, I want to be consistent each week."

(on how he'd describe QB Lamar Jackson's performance) "Oh man, I think he played great. Even when he threw his two picks, it was like, 'Well, yes, you threw a pick, but look at that. Look at this.' He still came in there and did what he does. He was poised. He stayed consistent. He's the leader of this team."

(on the decision to go for it on fourth-and-1 late in the game) "I knew when we ran first, second [and] third, I was like, 'Man, we might as well just go for it.' When Coach [Harbaugh] asked Lamar [Jackson], I was right there. He was like, 'Do you want to go for it?' [Lamar] was like, 'Yes. Let's do it.'"

(on if there was any need to hold each other up after QB Lamar Jackson's two interceptions) "Through this offseason, it wasn't … What we've been through, it wasn't. It was like … He knew what he had to do. As an offense, we knew what we had to do. There were just words of encouragement, like, 'Let it go.' In his head, he's like, 'Yes, I know.' So, we just have to hold each other up."

(on what he was feeling on the fourth-and-1 conversion to put the game away) "Once I saw the play-call that we were putting the ball in Lamar [Jackson's] hands, I had 100% confidence that we were going to convert."

(on what the message was at halftime) "To keep putting pressure on these guys and put points up. Take our time, put points up and no turnovers. We got it done."

(on why the team has the ability to not get discouraged, even when things aren't going in their favor) "Just trust in each other, trust in God and to know we have the guys. No matter if you're a backup, we have the guys. We have the coaches. We have the staff. Any given Sunday, we have a chance."

(on if there was a process to get comfortable in his body after his foot injury) "No, it was a combination of … I was playing scared because of my foot. So, it was a combination of catch, get down. Catch, get down. You know, once [wide receivers] Coach Tee Martin and [pass game specialist] Keith Williams came, they flipped my mindset to, 'You're not in this forever. You can't waste opportunities.' Even today, I felt like I left more yards out there that I could have gotten. So, each week, I just want to get the most I can."

(on what it's like to be on the field when QB Lamar Jackson takes off) "I love it. Sometimes, he [shimmies] and throws it. Sometimes, he [shakes] and runs it. (laughter) So, it's great to see. Like, if he breaks the line of scrimmage, we all get ready to block. If he's staying behind the line of scrimmage, we work to get open for him. So, I love playing with him."

(on if he was surprised by QB Lamar Jackson's jump pass on Brown's TD) "Oh, yes. I was like, 'Oh, he's throwing it.' It was crazy, because it gave me a little [2020 Week 14 matchup] Cleveland vibes, but it was cool."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on how it feels to finally get a win against the Chiefs) "It feels good. This team has been giving us a lot of troubles in the past. It's big – Sunday Night Football – [we] beat the Chiefs. They're such a great team. To beat them early [in the season], I think it's going to be a really big confidence booster for us."

(on the statement QB Lamar Jackson has made by this win) "I think it means a lot. I think, like you said, whether you win or lose, whether [if] it's on the quarterback [or] not on the quarterback, it's always, 'Lamar [Jackson] this, and Lamar [Jackson] that.' I'm really happy for him to get that zero – 0-and-whatever off his plate. We're really happy as a unit."

(on the message to the team after the long touchdown pass to Chiefs TE Travis Kelce in the third quarter) "Crazily, I've been on a lot of teams, and bad plays happen, and guys start, 'Hey, this your fault,' and start blaming. Whether it's [a] little or big fuss, there really wasn't any fuss. We just kept saying the same thing – don't flinch. That's what [defensive coordinator Don Martindale] 'Wink' started off … He wrote it on the board this week. 'Don't Flinch.' What the guys were saying on the sideline, we just got to tackle. That's the fundamental aspect of the game. And I felt like early on, so many things would've been solved if we would've tackled early on. I missed a couple [tackles]. I think everybody had a play or two. It wasn't their best. But we just didn't flinch, and we held on."

(on if he knew the team was going for it on fourth down to close the game out) "I didn't know that we would go for it, but [head coach John Harbaugh] 'Harbs,' he always talks about, 'Don't peak too early.' And I'm not going to lie, pre-game, he was peaking hard. (laughter) He was peaking … I'm not going to lie, he had a super-peak, because I thought he peaked on Saturday. I thought he peaked in pre-game. But hey, it all worked out. I think I lifted him off his feet after we got it [converted the fourth down]. I was pretty excited, myself. We kind of just feel like if it's fourth-and-1, fourth-and-2, we trust in our O-line, we trust in Lamar [Jackson], we trust in the running backs, we trust in in the wide receivers that we can get it. Same thing with us on defense. If it's [the game] on the line, we feel like we can get the quarterback and get a stop. I love that mentality. I feel like that's the Raven mentality – the game is on the line, don't flinch; go for it. Do what you've got to do to win the game."

(on how Head Coach John Harbaugh was peaking)(laughter)"I'm going to try to say this without getting in trouble. So, peak is when you're peak, like you're most locked-in. If you peak on Saturday, you ain't going to have any juice for Sunday. I think he pulled a little muscle-man flinch, his arms got low. And I was like, this dude is ready to go, you know what I mean? (laughter) And I loved it, but his biggest thing is, 'Don't peak too early.' And after he did it, he said, 'I didn't peak yet, just so you know.' (laughter) And I'm like, alright, if you say so! I'm just happy he didn't [peak too early] because he called a great game, and he peaked at the right time."

(on having a full stadium of fans for the first time in more than a year) "I think earlier this week I spoke about M&T Bank and the fans in there. And I said I loved it. And today was crazy. [Head Coach John Harbaugh] 'Harbs' said everybody was getting a game ball, but I think the fans – I don't know how many people were there, 50k, 60k – but if we can give all of those game balls, I think they would all deserve one. I loved how The Flock showed out tonight. If we can have that energy every time, that's only going to help us."

(on what it says about this team to get this win after battling so many early-season injuries) "It means a lot. I remember Coach [Harbaugh] told us before he made the 53-man roster, he said, 'If we can sign every one of you guys to the active roster, we would.' That's how good he felt about the guys that are right now on the 'p-squad' [practice squad], and different guys got hurt and different things [happened]. We've got a big bunch. When guys go down, you can't really have that much fall off. And I think [general manager and executive vice president Eric] DeCosta and all the scouts have done such a great job of getting the right guys in places – even if they're on the 'p-squad' or wherever – having those guys available and just ready to go. It's huge. No Marcus [Peters], no this guy, no that guy. It seems like we haven't really lost a beat. So, we look to continue to do that and just continue to stay healthy and do what we can to win games."

OLB Odafe Oweh

(on his forced fumble to seal the victory)"On the play, I was supposed to jam inside the 'B guy,' which I did, but once I did that, I saw it was clear. The O-lineman was holding me a little bit, so I couldn't really get out there how I wanted to, but I got out enough – as much as I could to be able to slap the ball out. As soon as I slapped it, I saw the ball on the ground; I was like, 'Oh yeah, it's time. Get that ball. Try to win the game.'"

(on if he reaches with the intent to force a fumble)"I'm trying to jump, go for the ball and scoop it under my armpit, so someone doesn't try to get it like that. But I'm definitely trying to keep it with me."

(on if he felt a lot of contact on the ball during the forced fumble)"I was trying to just stop him as much as I could, but like I said, I was getting held, so I did as much as I could – slap his arm and slap the ball – whatever I could. The ball came out; he was holding it loose, and I just took the opportunity."

(on the mentality of the defense)"We just don't flinch – that's the defense. We were giving up plays the whole game, but we had the next play mentality. Not to flinch – just keep on moving, keep on pushing. We knew our offense was going to take care of business, and they did, and all we had to do was seal it, and that's what we did."

(on if he expected to make such an impact so early in his NFL career)"I give all glory to God. I just try to work hard every day in practice, try to work on what I'm going to see in the game and then just try to ball out and put it all in God's hands in the game. So, obviously, I want to impact the game, every game I play, but I'm just out there 'hooping,' just trying to play."

(on his mindset when he had to line up against TE Travis Kelce)"Just try to jam him up as much as I can. I know they love giving him the ball, so I try to stop him in traffic as much as I can and then just play after that."

(on breaking down the play where he laid the hit on QB Patrick Mahomes and CB Tavon Young made an interception)"Yes, it was just a different look that we had – added [in earlier] – and I tried to impact [Patrick] Mahomes as much as I could [and] beat the center. I saw Mahomes stepping up. I'm mad he held onto that ball – or he was able to get off the ball – but Tavon [Young] took care of the business, got the pick, and we were off the field, so we're good."

(on if he was spying or if it was a delayed blitz on the play where laid the hit on QB Patrick Mahomes and CB Tavon Young made an interception)"It was like a delayed blitz, [a] spy kind of thing."

TE Mark Andrews

(on how he's feeling after the emotional win) "It feels incredible, man. This was three years in the making for us. So, for us to be able to win, the way we did it, with everything that has happened, it just shows you the type of team we have. We have a bunch of fighters, and it felt great to be in M&T Bank Stadium with the fans here. They were rocking and gave us a lot of energy. I'm just proud of the way everybody fought."

(on what this win can do for the team's confidence moving forward)"I think it shows that we can play with anybody. When we play good, Baltimore Ravens football, we're a tough team to beat. I think it's extremely positive. Everybody has been counting us out, but we're going to go out there [and] play hard – that's what we did tonight."

(on QB Lamar Jackson leading the offense tonight)"He's incredible, man. That's the guy right there. It's hard to put into words, but he put the team on his shoulders many, many times tonight. He's leading the offense, doing the right things, making the right reads, and that's what we need from him. Sometimes, things don't go exactly our way, but being able to push through that, that's the difference between wins and losses."

(on having fans back in M&T Bank Stadium) "It felt so good, man. Just to be able to get this win, and again, everybody counted us out. The 'Ravens Flock' was in here cheering us loud. They were believing in us, so we just tried to give it all back to them, and we appreciated that. It was a lot of fun."

CB Anthony Averett

(on his emotions following a big win) "I'm speechless; that's for sure. Definitely excitement. That was a great team win across the board. So, just to come out here and win this one, it's a great feeling."

(on the defensive effort and forcing a late turnover in the game) "It takes effort, and that all starts with our preparation in practice. We just run to the ball, we all surround the ball, and great things happen. The 'Football Gods' blessed us with a fumble, and we got it."

(on the team's confidence level going forward after a big home victory) "It's definitely a big confidence boost. I know since I've been here, we haven't beaten the Chiefs. It's been a couple of years, and this was a great team win. It's a big confidence boost. We have Detroit next game, so we'll turn our attention to them."

DT Justin Madubuike

(on how he's feeling after a great team win) "I feel good, the team feels good. We'll celebrate this one for a good 24 hours, but then we'll get back to work, because we've got a big one in Detroit next week. But it was a great way to close the game. [It was a] great play by Odafe [Oweh] to create the turnover and a great closeout effort by the offense. It was just a great team effort."

(on the spirit of this team to never lose hope after trailing and to come back and win) "It's a true warrior spirit. I can't even sugarcoat it – it's a warrior's spirit. We could be down 90-0, and we're still going to find a way to fight and do it with a smile on our face, [with] passion in our eyes and keep pounding. That's what I know. We've just got to keep it up. We'll celebrate this one for 24 [hours], but then it's time to get back to work."

(on how special it was to have fans back in the stadium) "The 'Ravens Flock' was crazy tonight. They were crazy tonight. They kept us going. They really kept us going with the energy, with the noise. It's crazy. When they turn off all the lights, and they're showing the throwbacks to Ray [Lewis] and Ed [Reed], [Jonathan] Ogden – I look around the whole stadium, and I'm really living the dream – for real. It feels like a movie. But in the next instance, it's 'animal' mode, and boom – make a play for my team."

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