Post-Game Notes & Quotes - Rams at Ravens 1/22/22


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "[It's] good seeing you guys flashing onto the screen here, I appreciate you being with us. … Tough loss. I thought the guys were physical. I thought they played very hard. We need to make a couple more plays [in] critical situations – [that] would've turned the tide for us. We didn't get that done. We made a number of plays. We have one game left to try to get that done. What questions do you have?"

(on his message to the team with one game remaining) "Win. Find a way to win the game – that's our message."

(on S Chuck Clark's performance) "Chuck [Clark] was good. It was good to see the interceptions. It was good to see a breakthrough in that area. We've been working hard, [trying] to find a way to get some turnovers. I thought Chuck just made two great plays back there. The guys … Basically the secondary for the most part, I thought we played good, sound football on the back end. That was good to see."

(on if they did not have a chance to put C Bradley Bozeman on the inactive list) "That's what happened. He was very sick, and we didn't have a chance to make a roster move when it was determined he wasn't going to be able to start. He was available to us in an emergency, but he was not able to play right at the last moment there."

(on what he saw from the Rams' fourth-down conversion and the subsequent touchdown) "I thought we had him covered. It was a tight combination coverage there, a man combination coverage that we used. It was just a … Obviously, it was simply a great play by them. The throw was right where it needed to be. [Odell Beckham Jr.] made a great catch right there at the sticks. I don't really fault the coverage; it was a nice play by them."

(on if QB Tyler Huntley showed poise while trying to battle back) "Yes, he played a poised game. He made some plays. I'm sure there are plays he's going to want to have back. We're looking … We're going to judge all of our players by the highest standard. As a starting quarterback, there are plays he could have made there, too, with his legs and with his arm. He also made a number of plays and operated for the most part well. The delay of game [penalties] are disappointing between him and the center, but they'll work those out. That's where we're at."

TE Mark Andrews

(on what's been the difference as of late that the Ravens are not winning the close games like they were in the beginning of the season) "Football is a game of inches, you know what I mean? So, it's like …That belief and that fight that this team has is still there. Obviously, in the beginning of the season, we had a bunch of those [close games] and came out on top, but that's just sometimes the way it goes. That's just kind of the way things went. We were right there until the very end. I wish it would've gone our way. Just a couple little things here and there, and we win that game. But you know, it's football."

(on the team's mindset heading into the final week of the regular season with playoff hopes on the line) "We have our division rival [Pittsburgh Steelers] coming into our house, so it's going to be a big game. Like I said, this team doesn't quit. We're not going to stop. It's all hands on deck; we're going to be ready to go."

(on what it means to set the franchise record for most receiving yards in a single season) "It's an honor. There are a lot of great players that have played here, and I've played with a lot of great players. Without my teammates, without the guys throwing me the ball, pass protecting, my receivers on the outside, my tight end room – shoutout to them. Without all of those guys, man, I wouldn't be where I'm at. They push me to be great each and every day, and that's what we all do. We're all working to be the best that we can be. Again, I'm honored; it's humbling to be able to be in this position that I am."

(on how frustrating it was that multiple drives ended in field goals instead of touchdowns, and if there was any concern that would come back to haunt them) "Yes, like you said, that's super frustrating. [There were] a lot of great drives, a lot of good things [and] a lot of guys stepping up making plays. The run game was going, [and] the linemen were driving guys off the ball. So, we were moving the ball real well. But I knew that last drive before the very end of the game, with that field goal, I knew that was big. But we just have to find ways to score points, that's about it."

(on if he threw his hands in the air on the third-and-9 play because he felt he was open in the end zone) "No. No, not at all. I think I was just frustrated. Obviously, I thought that 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] had gotten it off on the first play when it was third-and-4, and I thought that we were going to be able to get that ball off. They were in and out on the red zone there, so the ball is not supposed to go to me. But [it was] just frustration, man. Like I said, I just wanted to score. I knew what that meant for that game and kind of just going down the line, and that's what happened. So, I was just frustrated, knew what it meant and really wanted six points there."

(on if he felt a change in momentum when the Rams scored just before halftime or if it's too early to feel that) "I think it's too early. I don't think there was a point in this game where I didn't … I thought we were in control the whole game. I thought it was a team effort; defense stepped up and balled out, and offensively, we did a lot of great things. When you control a game the whole game, which I felt like we did, and you end up losing, that just hurts."

(on what the tone was like in the locker room after the game) "Obviously, you guys know Coach Harbaugh, and I said this earlier, we have our division rivals coming into our house for the 17th game. So, he was proud of us. He was proud of the way we fought and the way guys battled. Like I said, there were a lot of great things, and he let us know that there were a lot of great things, but we have to be able to win games. So, that's what … We're going to be ready to go."

(on if it's more frustrating to lose close games that people didn't think they had a chance to win because of how many players are missing due to injury) "I mean, we don't do this thing for moral victories. A loss is a loss; that stuff still just burns. It sucks. … We don't do this for moral victories; we're trying to win. This is the Ravens, and that's what we do. We win games, and we're going to get back on track."

(on how QB Tyler Huntley played) "He's an impressive quarterback. I think just the way he sees the game, he's awesome. It's been incredibly fun to be able to play with him. Like I said, he's learned a lot from a guy like 'MVP Lamar' [Lamar Jackson]. The sky is the limit for him. I just encourage him to keep his head up, because he's going to be a dangerous, dangerous player in this league for a long, long time. Man, he's special."

S Chuck Clark

(on the close losses) "I think it just comes back to us finishing as a team in all phases. We've had a couple of those – well, a lot of those – in the beginning of the year, and we just pulled them out, we just finished them. But it's just the small details and things like that. Like, all of that in all phases – doing what we have to do on our part to finish."

(on getting two interceptions and his first pick-six) "It felt good, but I mean, it doesn't mean anything if we can't do what we've got to do as a team. Individual goals are cool, but I'm more about team goals."

(on what he saw on his first interception) "It was just something that I'd seen on film, individually, this week, and I kind of have that same play in practice, and I had a collision with somebody. But I'd just seen it again in the game, and [I said,] 'I've got to make this one.' Like I said earlier, in all phases, you've got to be able to do your part. So, I guess that was my part to do something."

(on the team's mindset) "We don't know how the rest of the league is going to shake out or what's going to happen, but with one game left, we know that we can control what we can control. We can't control anybody else's win-loss outcome. We've just got to go out next week and do our part and win and control that."

(on what happened on the Rams' last scoring drive) "They just made some good throws and catches; that's just what it came down to. They just made good catches and throws."

(on the Rams' adjustments) "I think they pretty much stuck to what they were going to do. They stuck to their offense, honestly. They missed a few early in the game, then they – like I said – just stuck with it." 

(on any positives he can take from these close losses) "I think the positive take from it is that we've got a fighting team; It's just like this city. I say it a lot; everybody on this team is a fighter. This city is full of fighters – tough, tenacious people, overcoming – so I think that just the team and the city spill over, and it goes hand in hand."

QB Tyler Huntley

(on the team's mindset heading into the final game) "We had to play our best football [today], but we played a little bit under that."

(on what happened on the delay of game penalty on first-and-goal) "I think the ref … Not going against the ref, but I just think they shorthanded us right there. I was looking at the clock. I called for it with like one second left, the ball came, [and] I saw it touch zero. I felt like they just shorthanded us right there."

(on how tough it was to move the ball offensively but then settle for field goals) "The Rams have a good defense – a great defense. They played very physical down there. We just came up short every time we got down there."

(on what happened on the interception before halftime) "'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown] beat him a different way than I was thinking. It was just a miscommunication. I wish I could have that one back, though. That was one of those ones that you want to have back, but football is football. Kudos to No. 4 [Jordan Fuller] – he made a good play right there"

(on what he's taken from his starts and how the team can improve) "We have to stop hurting ourselves. We controlled the game the whole game. We just have to stop hurting ourselves at the end of the day and score points."

CB Tavon Young

(on what has been the difference between the wins and losses in close games this season) "I feel like no matter what the outcome was, we always fought hard. There were games we gave up [more] big plays than others. But at the end of the day, we've got to close games."

(on the bang-bang play with Rams WR Odell Beckham Jr. late in the fourth quarter that resulted in a Los Angeles first down) "It was simply just a good pass [and a] good catch. There's nothing to talk about. I had good coverage; he made a good catch."

(on his thoughts on WR Cooper Kupp) "He's a great receiver. [The] stats don't lie, [the] numbers don't lie. Shoutout to him – he's a baller. We did our thing … We kind of held him. He got one touchdown, but it is what it is. He's a good player. Good players make good plays. We made plays, [and] they made plays."

(on how challenging this season has been) "Man, I don't think I've been a part of a season with this many close games ever in my life. All those overtime games, the last-drive games – it's been crazy. But like I said, we're going to fight regardless, no matter the outcome. You're always going to see us flying around."

(on CB Marcus Peters' presence on the sideline today) "Yes, 'MP' [Marcus Peters] was talking to us. He was coming up to us after every series [and] telling us what he's seeing, or what they might come and do next series. [He was] just being a teammate."

(on the few plays where WR Cooper Kupp was left completely wide open) "I have to get back and watch the film. I can't really tell you off the bat. I've just got to watch film. When we were in man [coverage], we were there. It probably was a zone play if anything. But I can't call it; I've got to watch it on film."

(on the mood in the locker room after the game) "Just keep fighting. All we can control is winning next week. Keep our heads up, and let's go."

OLB Tyus Bowser

(on how difficult this string of tough, close losses has been) "There's nothing good about losing; especially five times in a row. A lot of these have come down to the last minute, last drive, or whatever, and we're just not finding ways to win and finding ways to finish. That's what we've got to do. We made plays throughout the game, had a couple stand-up, big-play drives, but we've just got to find a way to finish in all phases of the ball. Unfortunately, we haven't done that, and we need to figure it out."

(on the defensive unit's effort against a good Rams' offense) "We played great, man. Early on, it was Chuck [Clark] with the big interceptions, the big score. That's something we've been looking for this entire year, especially the defensive touchdown, so that was big for us. We did really well stopping the run, but it's just the small little details on the front end, back end, and we've just got to find a way to finish. Especially on that last drive, figuring out a way to get off the field or forcing them into a field goal or just whatever. I feel like we did well today, but not good enough to win the game."

(on the defense creating turnovers today and his forced fumble) "Yes, I feel like it started with Chuck [Clark], and we really just needed that energy. We haven't had a lot of turnovers on defense, and that's something we've been preaching – just find a way to get the ball and help this team. Chuck did that and just helped us move forward throughout the game. It was great, especially coming out of the half and finding a way to get a stop. It worked out for me to get to the quarterback and forcing the fumble to give our offense an opportunity to get back out on the field. So, that was great."

(on the mindset of the team heading into the final game of the regular season) "You're only as good as your last game, so we need to find a way to win. Simple as that."

DT Calais Campbell

(on where the team is mentally after losing several games with such close margins) "It has to be the craziest season I've ever been a part of, just with the ups and downs and the highs and lows. Three of our last five games have been one-point games, and it's tough. We're fighting hard. We're leaving it all out there, putting ourselves in a position to win, but we're just not getting it done right now. I guess it just says a lot about our team, that no matter the circumstances, we're going to keep fighting. We've got a lot of heart. If the Football Gods bless us with an opportunity to make the playoffs, I think all of this experience is going to pay off. All of these hard-fought battles [and] close games, that's going to make a difference if we get a chance to dance. Obviously, we need some help, but we've got to do our part. It's just one day at a time, and we'll embrace the opportunity, but it would have been nice to win this ballgame."

(on heading into the final game of the regular season) "The mindset is just putting everything else behind us. It's a one game season. Everything else that has happened up until this point, it does not matter. It's a one game season, and we need some help, but at the end of the day you can't control that. It's a one game season. So, we've got to go out there, have some fun, leave it all out there, and hopefully, win the ballgame."

(on if the defense's outing was encouraging today) "We had them. We had them. We played a great football game – it's just a play here, a play there. It's football, and they're going to make some plays. That's just a part of it, but we played a heck of a football game. It's one play here, one play there. So, we take it with a grain of salt. There are no moral victories in NFL football. It's just something we can build on."

(on what he has learned about this team and the locker room going through a season like this) "There's a mantra about 'Playing Like A Raven,' [and] that's the mentality that this team has. It's about heart and the fighting spirit of a Raven. Taking it one play at a time, and no matter what the score is, go out there and give each other maximum, best effort. That's what we're doing, so I think it's just taking pride in knowing that we're going to 'Play Like Ravens.'"

RB Devonta Freeman

(on how difficult of a stretch the past few weeks have been trying to close out games) "[We've been] just trying to finish the best way we could. [We're] trying to get us into the playoffs – that's the main thing. Finish out strong and see what we need to do. Obviously, we just control what we can control right now, and [we're] just trying to win and make it someway, somehow, some type of miracle."

(on the offense's resiliency this season with all the shuffling pieces) "Just being in the NFL [and] understanding how the NFL works, [it's] always the next man up, because injuries happen. [We're] just making sure everybody does their job, whoever is up next."

(on how he was seeing the field and how the offensive line performed) "I think the [offensive] line did a hell of a job blocking. I feel like we played well as an offense, overall. Everyone was executing plays and going to the details. I just think we've got to finish strong and just figure out how to win – figure out how to finish and win."

(on the mindset heading into a divisional matchup next week to close out the season) "All eyes on Pittsburgh – all focus on Pittsburgh right now. So, [we're] just going into this thing looking at it like we've got to figure out a way to beat Pittsburgh."

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