Post-Game Quotes: Vikings vs. Ravens

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Will we ever see another game like that again? You've got to credit both teams. Credit to the Vikings. Leslie Frazier is doing a tremendous job coaching that football team. They are really a very good football team; they really are. They have got a tremendous amount of fight in them and heart, and I would say the same thing about our team right now. To fight like that to the end, like Dennis [Pitta] said, four game-winning scores. Is that what it was? Five – there were five game-winning scores. I lost count. [I] could not be more proud of our guys. And I would also say just from a faith perspective, I'd have to say this: That the ability to maintain faith, to understand that there are great things at work in a group of men like this when they come together, and they form a team, and you see some of that stuff play out on the field of battle like that in that kind of an environment. As a coach, as a fan, as a player, as a parent – whatever – I hope people see the greatness of sports in a game like this and what it can mean to all of us. So, it was a great fight, and I think it is one we will all remember."

(on the difficulty to stay composed) "What choice do you have really? That is kind of [how it is] for me. At that point in time, I realize there is really not much I can do. It was really in the hands of the players. I though coach [Jim] Caldwell obviously called a tremendous game. Coach [Dean] Pees fought to the end there. Jerry [Rosburg] came up with a call on the pooch kick return. I just thought all of our people did a great job. And then the players to make the plays that they made in those kinds of situations – I mean, of course the guys who made the throws and the catches – but how about the guys who made the blocks? How about all that and what happened? I think that was just indicative of about the best team win a team can have."

(on what he said to TE Dennis Pitta after his touchdown) "I'm glad we put him up this week. *(laughter) *I don't know what I said, and I really don't remember other than just elation for him and just being appreciative for all of us. I think we all appreciate Dennis Pitta being back and what he means to our team. But for him to come out that first game after all the work he has put in … When you see the work a guy puts in in rehab in this league to get back from an injury like that, then you appreciate a moment like that."

(on what makes TE Dennis Pitta a good player) "It's a question that I think would be great. You look at [him], and I think you see it. He just makes plays, he catches the ball, he has got body control – all the things that you analyze. Those two guys probably have something a little more. There is some kind of a chemistry there between those two guys that is probably hard to explain."

(on how the weather affected the game) "[In] the first half, you could hardly see. I'm glad they wore purple pants. I'm not sure we would have ever seen them out there when the snow was coming down as heavy as it was. We just had to figure out what we could do. When the weather let up a little bit, we could throw the ball a little bit more, and we felt like we needed to throw the ball a little bit against these guys. They have a really good front. I thought our offensive line did an excellent job in pass protection. We even wore them down a little bit at the end of the game with the run game, and started ripping off some runs there at the end that were huge for us. This front four is as good of a front four in the league that you are going to see. That was the thing we really had to do was neutralize them, and I thought our offensive line at the end did a really good job with that."

(on if they are weather-tested as a team) "Is there other weather we haven't seen yet? I don't even want to say that because something is going to happen. *(laughter) *I'm not repeating that. It's a bad omen."

(on what this kind of win does for the team) "Well, it sure keeps you humble, doesn't it – if there is any fear of that. I don't know what it does for you. It probably makes you tough. It probably makes you resilient. It probably puts a lot of callouses all over your psyche and your character. When you've got callouses on your character, that's probably a good thing in the end."

(on QB Joe Flacco in clutch situations) "I see a lot of callouses on his character. Joe [Flacco] is our guy, and to me, that's all you really need to say. I love him, and I respect him, and I think he is a great player. I always have."

(on how this win propels the team into the final three games) "I don't know how it does. I think we're on a week-to-week basis right now; that's what we're on. Next week is Monday Night Football against a very, very good Detroit Lion football team in their place. We're literally going into the lion's den, and we understand what that means."

QB Joe Flacco

(on the last 15 minutes of his life) "I have no idea. I have nothing for you, really. Oh my gosh. I don't know if there has ever been a crazier minute-and-forty-some seconds ever. Obviously, when they go down and score as quickly as they did – that one – OK, that happens. And then Jacoby [Jones] returns it right away. Then they had a wide receiver screen. And then we made some big plays there. Marlon [Brown] made some big plays – the first play of that drive to get us going, they dropped into coverage. I let it go early and Marlon got the ball in his hands, [it was a] nice catch. Scrambled to the right, hit Dennis [Pitta], goes down into range where we can just take a one-on-one shot; we can actually run a good play. I thought they had pretty good coverage on the touchdown play there at the end. Marlon did a good job staying with the ball, dragging his feet and getting it right in the back of the end zone. The one I was surprised about was the fourth-down touchdown to Dennis – the first time we scored – our second score of the day. I was surprised about how easy they actually let him run up and run out and hit it. That was nice, to be able to give him any easy one like that. Crazy."

(on what the mindset was when he got the ball for the last time) "The mindset is we've got to get some chunks and try to take up a lot of this field in a quick period of time. Really, the mindset for me is [to] get us into that 35- to 30-yard range so that you can start taking some legitimate shots. Kind of like we had against Pittsburgh a couple of years ago, and stuff like that. That forces them to, at some point … You can look somebody onto a [crossing route] and maybe hit a one-on-one nine route with Torrey [Smith] or Jacoby [Jones]. I think that's kind of what my mindset was, at least in the beginning of the drive. Then things just kind of play out. You can't just take random chances, you just have to play out. I think when we did get down there in range, that's when we hit Dennis [Pitta] coming out on a check down. Then we got inside the 10 [yard line] and we could actually run a legitimate play, and it worked out well. We executed it well, then we were just kind of hoping that we'd tackle him down on the kick off."

(on if this play was crazier than the "Mile High Miracle") "I think this is probably crazier. That one was probably a little more exciting, just because of what was on the line. But when you look at this, similar things were on the line, just not at the same time of year. It's not necessarily a playoff game – that was one score in over a minute. In the time period that Jacoby [Jones] scored that touchdown in the Denver game, I think we probably scored three touchdowns in this game."

(on if it's hard not to get swept up in the range of emotions) "You definitely get really high. I don't know how low you get. You're just in complete shock. I don't know if you get super low, but you definitely get really high when you score to take the lead. You get a little bit low, but like I said, it's more just shock. Rather than low, you get pissed [thinking], 'Are you kidding me? How did this happen?' You take the field, and you see what you can do. Was it unlikely that we win this game today? Probably, but we did."* *

(on playing well in wintry conditions) "The second half was better because the field cleared up. That was the biggest issue with the field. The game was just so slow in the first half. I thought we did a pretty good job coming out, and then I threw that interception, and we didn't really do too much after that. I thought they kind of brought their coverage up a little bit on our inside guys because they knew we were going to run those little stop routes. In doing so, it kind of took away that little bit of delay where we can just pop the ball on the guy. I feel like we could have got some guys just running speed and got them in a crease, then that's what would have worked, but we just weren't able to do that. All the stuff that we were breaking out, hooking out and all that stuff, it was real tough to trust how well our guys were going to be able to get out of that just because everything was so slow. Everybody was having a tough time stopping and then restarting. The second half, when they got the field cleared off, it was pretty much a typical game. The conditions were pretty close to normal. As the game went on, the field was still icy and stuff like that, but I think everybody had pretty good footing."

(on having TE Dennis Pitta back) "I don't know how many plays Dennis [Pitta] ran today or what he did. He looked a little goofy on a couple catches *(laughter). *Dennis is a good player. First of all, it's just great [after] an injury like he had, to get back out on the field and contribute. Obviously, he's going to get better and better as the weeks go on. He's a huge player for us. He knows how to get open, he knows how to run routes, and he catches the football. He means a lot."

(on the possibilities of this team going forward) "We're confident. This game was crazy and we could've lost it, but we're a confident football team. We've got a lot ahead of us. As long as we go out and continue to practice the way we are and continue to play well on Sunday, like we have been the past couple of weeks and just getting better and better. We're starting to get healthier. We're starting to put it together as a team. We just need to start putting it together for a full 60 minutes and see where it takes us."* *

WR/RS Jacoby Jones

(on his late TD return) "All week in practice, we'd been working on people kicking us sky kicks. After a while, they get nervous or they weren't going to kick the ball deep to us. They popped it up, and I was able to get to the ball, and they did a great job of blocking it for me—[Kyle Juszczyk, Pernell McPhee, Vonta Leach]. That thing parted like the Red Sea."

(on what the final few minutes were like) "You couldn't even really get emotional. It was too confusing. It'd be like, touchdown….yeah. Then it'd be…whoa. Touchdown … yeah. Whoa. You know what? Hold on, I'll just slow that down, as long as we got the ball last, we're all right."

(on the kickoff return for a TD, did assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg say something to him about the Vikings kicking it shorter) "Yeah, he would alert [us]. But I was so locked in. I was zoned in [saying], 'Take this thing back.' I'm walking around in the end zone like I usually do, pacing, and just happened to turn and look, and the kick was short. I was like, 'Oh, snaps.' So I just started hauling butt, and thank God I got there in time."

(on what he sees in Joe Flacco in the clutch situations)  "Since last year, when we got to those situations, I would see Joe, he's the same person, night and day. Cool, calm, collected. Never panics. He throws a good ball; he's still like 'Whatever.' He throws a bad ball; he's still like 'Whatever.' He throws a touchdown, then he'd be like 'Yeah.' [He'll show], that little fist he throws. That's Joe. He'll be cool and calm."

(on playing weather like today) "You know what? Playing here last year, we played in Denver. That was crazy. We played in a tornado in Chicago. We played in a monsoon in pre-season in Tampa. It was [like] Disneyland on Ice today."

(on if he wanted to bring the last kickoff out, the one he took a touchback on) "No. The team we had set up was not for a real return. We thought [they] were going to squib the ball to us."

(on what's been the difference for him on returns in recent games) "That chemistry, you know. I hadn't been back there...I was out. I finally got back there, and so the chemistry with my guys that are blocking for me, we've got that chemistry going. And health—I'm feeling good again. I'm feeling like the old 12."

WR Marlon Brown

(on his game-winning catch) "We lined up, and it was Cover-2, and I just kind of slipped my guy, and it was a great ball by Joe. It's pretty simple."

(on if he had any doubt that he came down inbounds) "I mean, a little bit, after I caught it and I got up and I looked and I [saw] my feet drag and I was like, 'All right, I'm in.'"

(on if he's ever played in weather like this) "No, man, this is crazy. It was the first time I saw real, real snow where it was just coming down. It was inches. It was more than, like, a couple of centimeters of snow. So, it was just crazy for me."

(on what he was trying to do on the last drive) "I was out there just trying to make sure I just run my routes right. I didn't want to mess up. It was already the fourth quarter. I didn't want to mess up. I was locking in."

(on the biggest adjustment he had to make to the weather conditions) "Your feet. You've got to keep your feet, and you have to run around on the slippery ice."

TE Dennis Pitta

(on if he got more of a feel for the game as it went on) "I think [in] the first half, the conditions were pretty brutal. The footing was terrible, the game was just so slow, and it made it tough to do anything effectively offensively. Second half, they kind of cleared the field off, and the snow let up, and it was more of a freezing rain. Actually, the footing was much better, so the game picked up, certainly in the last two minutes."

(on if he planned to play this much) "We stuck to the plan. I was anticipating being able to play this much. I think when we have that many two-minute opportunities, those are situations where I am going to be in the ball game. We didn't anticipate we would be getting so many of them, especially at the end. But I felt good throughout the game and didn't think about my hip, which is encouraging going forward, and [I] was able to just go out and play."

(on it being a dramatic return) "It's great to be back. I didn't think my first game back would be in those conditions, and I didn't really start the game the way I wanted to. The footing was bad, and I dropped one early. I was mad at myself for that. I was able to kind of bounce back. When the conditions improved, we really started moving offensively."

(on how rewarding it was to make an impact) "It feels pretty good. I remember when I got injured, I didn't know if I was even going to play football again, and so being able to stand here and talk about a victory and being a part of that is special for me. And just being a part of this team and being able to fight the way we did today is pretty remarkable."

(on his touchdown catch) "Actually, the defense wasn't really what we liked from that play. I think I was able to get open in some man-to-man coverage, and Joe [Flacco] did a good job of putting the ball on me where I could make a play. It was always tough to catch the ball away from your body today because of the conditions and the wetness, but he did a good job putting it on me, and we were able to get what I thought was the game-winning score at the time, but [it] ended up being just one of many."

S Matt Elam

(on the team victory today) "That's why it's called an offense, a defense and a special teams. When somebody goes down, another unit picks them up. That's why it's called a team. The one thing about us is our next [group] always steps up, and that's what happened today."

(on the WR Cordarrelle Patterson touchdown) "I saw him break through, and I tried to take a straight angle toward him as he was heading to the sideline. He cut back on me, and I tried to turn my feet around, but I slipped on the ice. Thankfully the offense stepped up and got our back to win the game for us."

(on ever playing in conditions like this) "I've never even been outside in conditions like this. It was exciting to me for a lot of reasons, including the weather. I was so excited to be playing in the snow."

(on the last two minutes of the game) "We knew what the weather was going to be today, and we knew the Vikings were a good team. We knew the fans came expecting a lot of fun. That's what we gave them. This is the NFL, and it doesn't always go according to plan, but what a way to win the game. We were just competing and competing, trying to get a win."

(on the Ravens being 7-6 with three games left) "We're the best 7-6 team in the league. I just feel like the way we stick together and the way we have faith in each other will serve us great down the road. We have faith in each other, and we see it every day in practice. I'm so happy to be a part of this."* *

NT Haloti Ngata

(on the game in general) "This was just a really crazy game under really crazy conditions. But hey, this is the NFL, and you have to play no matter what. You have to give [the Minnesota Vikings] credit. They didn't give up either, and that's a pretty good team over there. Big and physical."* *

RB Ray Rice

(on the end of the game) "Oh man, I've never been on a roller coaster like that before. It was one of those things. … It was quite the ending. What we can take out of that is that we fought for each other. I've always said this is a resilient bunch, and it showed out there today. I don't know what favor from up above we got, but the Minnesota Vikings are not a bad football team. They've caught a couple of bad breaks this year. Adrian Peterson, I wish him a speedy recovery. I'm not sure the extent of the injury, but he is somebody I look to for inspiration. That is a tough fighting bunch. The run game didn't come easy for us today. Those are big, tall, strong, physical guys in there, but this was sweet. A three-game win streak, and every game matters."

(on Joe Flacco's demeanor at the end of the game) "I'm being honest – they scored, we scored, they scored, we scored. Joe kept the same mannerisms the whole time. He did not panic. He did not say a word. He said, 'Let's go,' and that's the way he is. That's the kind of guy you want to be in battle with. In these types of situations, there is no teetering from Joe Flacco. He lined us up, got the play called, lined us up again, and it was his show. That's Joe Flacco right there."

(on going on the road the last two out of three games) "I mean, listen, we have to do what we have to do. Nothing is going to come easy for us, but we control our own destiny, and you saw how we controlled it today. God had a favor on us today, but it's good to fight through some things. It's good to battle the way we battled. The only thing that matters is winning. I'm glad we were able to pay back our defense today. Our defense has being doing this for us all year. They got us the ball. They bailed us out. It feels good to finally do something for those guys. Now, you see us coming together. The offense plays for the defense, and the defense plays for the offense. We'll be tough to beat later on in the year." * *

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on the game) "I've never seen a game like that before. Besides the Super Bowl, that's probably the most special win I've ever been a part of. It was a constant fight today. Jacoby [Jones] said, 'We got it.' Crazy game."

(on if there's anything the Ravens can't overcome) "Not that I know of. We are pretty much battle-tested against anything a team can throw against us. We just keep trucking along. This team is very tough and very mentally strong and this team has a lot of fight in it. It's fun to be a part of. We just have to keep staying the course."

(on the conditions) "It was a very [crappy] day, especially for pass-rushers. You can't really get off. Before you know it, you're down the middle with the tight end, trying to make a tackle. It was very poor conditions, but we knew we had to get the W."

(on stopping RB Adrian Peterson) "It was all about stopping 28 [RB Adrian Peterson]. Up until that last one, we had their running game pretty well contained. He [RB Toby Gerhart] busted a big one on us and that put us in a bind. But, hey, there's no such thing as an ugly win, and we'll take it."

(on the last two minutes of the game) "It was like, we need to score. And remember, this happened twice. I mean, Jacoby [Jones] pops one, and now it's like, yeah, it's on the defense. To get them into third-and-nine, they throw a screen, all we have to do is get the guy down. With the conditions, you have to be very fundamentally sound in a game like this. We just didn't do a good job of wrapping the kid [WR Cordarrelle Patterson] up. He made one hell of a play. I've never seen anything like that before in my life. When he was running down the field, all I could do was look up and see how much time was on the clock. That just also shows the character of Jacoby Jones. I'm sure he wanted to bust another one back, but he was smart and he took a knee. That says a lot about our team."

(on whether he thought they could win in the last 45 seconds) "We have a 'never say die' attitude. If there's time on the clock, then we feel we have a chance. When Joe [Flacco] hit that first deep one, I said to myself, 'OK, we have some time on the clock, and we still have two timeouts at that point.' In the end, they did it."

(on playing in the snow) "It was fun at first, when we were playing against [RB] Adrian Peterson. But then, when it was time to stop the pass, it was very hard for us to get off and get any kind of pass-rush. But we had to stay the course, and get the job done. At times we did, and at times our offense did, and at times our special teams came up huge."

TE Ed Dickson

(on the mental toughness of the Ravens) "We've been through a lot, and everybody knows that. We are better than our record shows. We play every week, and everybody gives us their best effort. We knew coming in today, we were better than 6-6. Now, we're finding a way to win these games. Right now, the sky is the limit for us. A wise man once told me, 'What you do in December people will always remember.'"

(on his first-quarter touchdown) "We needed every bit. It was a long time coming. I haven't scored a touchdown in almost two years. Hopefully, it will open the flood gates. How about that 88 [TE Dennis Pitta]? He's back. I'm glad he's back, healthy and helping us win games."

(on the final two minutes) "It was memorable. I know I'll be watching that on replay on one of those channels. Five touchdowns in less than two minutes? We needed a special teams touchdown and a big play by Joe [Flacco] to win in the end."

(on the fundamentals of his touchdown) "I actually got in on 'goal-line.' The fact that Dennis [Pitta] was back made that happen. Usually, Dallas Clark would be in there. I got to be physical on the goal line, then they called a pass play. Joe [Flacco] threw it up, and I took advantage of it. That got us started, and we held that lead for a long time. It seemed like the first half was really slow, but the second half had a lot of action. We don't take any victories for granted. We're going to watch the tape and try to get better."

(on how TE Dennis Pitta helps him) "It does my heart good to see him healthy. When he went down, it made me sick to my stomach. Just to see him out there contributing, I knew he was going to be great. He helped us big today. He's going to get better as the season goes along. He came back at the perfect time."

(on the conditions today) "It's the first time I've ever played in the snow. We're ready to play any type of game. We've played in a hurricane this year; we've played in a blizzard. What else can they throw at us? I mean, the Super Bowl is in New York this year."

DT Arthur Jones

(on the importance of this win) "Every game is a must-win from here on out to get where we want to be. I just kept saying to the guys, 'We're champions.' We believe in that, and you dig deep to pull this out."

(on the conditions) "Hail, rain, sleet. It was kind of like Chicago. It's been crazy all year with the weather. We just kept fighting. We did the job."

(on how much fun the win was) "It was awesome. I felt like I was in high school all over again. I think I burned more energy screaming, yelling, and dancing, than I did when I was on the field. It was just great to be part of something like that. This is the type of game I will never forget."

(on playing in the snow) "It was awesome. It was like Christmas. It was like growing up, and me and my brother [Patriots DE Chandler Jones] playing football in our backyard. We played in the snow, and in the rain until our noses were snotty. You know, you just don't care. You're banged up but you keep going, just on heart. It was awesome. It was one of the best games. It wasn't one of the best fundamental games. It was the best game in terms of my emotional roller coaster."

(on why it wasn't a good game fundamentally) "It was a little bit of everything—the weather, them making plays at the end, emotional highs going up and down. I'm still kind of high right now. I'm excited and I'm just happy to be a Raven. We are going to keep fighting."

(on the offense and special teams picking up the defense) "They bailed us out in the end. You have to give hats off to their coaches [Minnesota] for calling the bubble screen. We knew going in that [No.] 84 [WR Cordarrelle Patterson] was a dangerous guy and he made a play. That guy is so fast, he just shifted it into another gear, and he just took off. But we got the last laugh because we got the win. Thank God for that."

(on playing defense in the snow) "It's kind of crazy to explain because we know where we're going too. On certain plays, [defensive coordinator] Dean Pees did a good job of stunting us and keeping those blockers off of us. If they're zoning left, and we're going right, they aren't going to be able to get their hands on us. He did a great job of coordinating our movements, and that allowed us to get a lot of pressure."

(on how the game plan changed when RB Adrian Peterson got hurt) "They're both big, physical running backs. [Toby] Gerhart is a guy who doesn't stop running his feet. I missed a few tackles myself that could have changed the outcome of the game. Hats off to those two backs. They're definitely two good backs."* *

CB Jimmy Smith

(on if he's ever played in a game like that) "I've never played in a game like that. I've never even played a video game like that. That's probably the craziest thing I've ever been a part of."

(on the last two minutes) "That was a roller coaster of emotions. We scored, they scored, we scored, then they scored. I was speechless."

(on the win) "Is it destiny—I don't know. But we got the win. We should be able to build off every win, but I'm just happy we were able to finish this game off."

(on the snow) "I played at Colorado and I've never played in snow that way. It was an adjustment for both teams, so I guess it didn't matter that much. The fact that we came out and won it, in the fashion that we did, I'm just grateful. It feels awesome to still be in the playoff race."

(on playing his position in the conditions) "When you're playing in the snow, so much snow kicks up under your feet, so it feels like you're running on rocks. It's hard to get your footing, and you can't really run or cut. They know where they're going, but we don't know where they're going. It's really hard to get your footing. It's hard to catch the ball when snow is blowing in your face. You definitely go for the knockdown. But if you get an opportunity, you go for the interception."

(on the last two minutes) "Two-minute drill for the defense. They come out and score in three plays and our hearts are kind of heavy. We come back and score on a kickoff. Now we're thinking, go out there and solidify the win. We get them on third down and they hit us with a big screen. After you see that, I know everyone in the stands thought, 'I can't believe that just happened.' They probably thought it was over, and I'm not going to lie, part of me thought it was over at that point too. For Joe Flacco and the offense to go back down and score the way they did, it just says a lot about them."* *

(on how much he's grown since the Super Bowl) "I'm always a work in progress. I say that repeatedly. I'm always trying to build and get better. From the Super Bowl until now, I think that I have progressed. I'm certainly not where I want to be, but I think I've gotten better."

(on whether there's anything the Ravens can't overcome) "Teams are going to throw a lot at us. You see that kind of stuff. It was a weird game, but I don't think that's ever going to happen again."

DE Chris Canty

(on defending Adrian Peterson well before he left the game with an injury) "We knew it was going to be a football game where we were just going to have to pound and pound and pound, and just continue to stop him, continue to thwart the running attack. We knew we were going to get a heavy dose of it, and for the most part, we were able to keep Peterson in check. [Toby] Gerhart got in there, and he was able to do some things, but at the end, we rallied to make some plays, and we were able to come up with the win."

(on if he has ever been part of a football game like that) "Never been part of a football game like this. This is crazy weather, crazy things that were happening at the end of the game. I'm just glad to be able to come out on this side of it with the win."

(on the craziness of the final two minutes) "Yeah, it was a lot of up and down emotions at the end of the game. Our defense unfortunately wasn't able to stop them, but the offense came up big, special teams came up big, and like I said, I'm just happy to be a part of it and get the win."

WR Torrey Smith

(on if he's ever been part of a game like that) "No, that was like playing Madden. Seriously, I've never seen anything like that. It was special, and it counts as a win, which is the most important thing."

(on if it was like an emotional rollercoaster) "Yeah, it's definitely a rollercoaster. I mean, you're looking at it and you're like, 'All right, we're good. Our defense is going to stop them.' And then, 'All right, we've got to score, and you've got to go 80 [yards].' Then Jacoby [Jones] runs it back, and we're like, 'All right, our defense is going to stop them.' It was a roller coaster, and I would say the biggest thing is that guys made the plays when we needed them. It was definitely dramatic, and if you have a heart condition you can't watch the Ravens. That's how it's been the past couple of years for whatever reason, but again, the most important thing is that we won."

(on having a lot of crazy weather games this season) "We look at the weather report and we're like … I mean, you all have been here all week, it was like 70 [degrees] one day out there. The high school kids stole all the good weather playing in our stadium and we get to play in this. But, it comes with the territory. You have to be able to play and win in any condition."

(on the two-point conversion play) "Yeah, [the ball] was in the air about an hour. It was Cover-Zero and Joe [Flacco] had some pressure, and he was just banking on me to get over there, and I was able to cross my man's face and get in."

(on if the weather gave the offense any sort of advantage today when you can't see the field markers) "You think so, until there's certain things they can do on the receiving end, but you know it's going to be a game where you typically have to run the ball. Really, the field crew, if it wasn't for them, we probably wouldn't have been able to throw the ball as much as we did in the second half. So, we thank them for that and allow – both teams, really – to get some big plays."

S James Ihedigbo

(on the defense not being able to get the Vikings off the field late and the offense closing out the game at the end) "It's football. When one is down, the other has to pick the other up, and it's like a seesaw – the complete opposite. We always pride ourselves on finishing; last week we finished. The week before that, we finished on defense. And [today] the offense finished – they finished the game. Special teams, they bailed us out. People definitely got their money's worth, it was a phenomenal game."

(on Minnesota's two late touchdowns, first by Toby Gerhart and then Cordarrelle Patterson) "Man, just great effort plays by them. It wasn't even so much the calls [as it was] those guys were determined to get into the end zone, and you have to give them credit for that. Give credit when credit is due – and Gerhart, with [Adrian Peterson] going down, he stepped in and ran his butt off. We knew he's a tough, downhill runner, and he ran determined. That's what happened on that play, and then same thing with [No.] 84 [Cordarrelle Patterson]. Great effort on their part."

(on getting an extra day to rest with their next game being Monday Night Football) "Yeah, get some extra rest, that's definitely good. And [we'll] prepare for a very, very good Detroit team that we're facing, so we're going to celebrate this one tonight, and of course back to work on Monday."

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