Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 4

Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg

On taking Green Bay's special teams for granted: "Well, we've never taken anybody for granted. If you're in the National Football League, they're all good. It's just a matter of how they are that particular day. They've got good players, and I know some of those guys. I've coached some of those guys in the past. We've got our hands full."

On what he's seen from Green Bay S Derrick Martin on special teams: "Derrick has got a big role on their special teams. He's very active, and the coverage teams have moved him to the personal protector [role], which really gets him free and lets him use skills to run downfield. In kickoff coverage, he's making a lot of plays. He's beaten blocks. He's been a very highly-productive player for them."

On struggling with punt returns and his thoughts about CB/RS Chris Carr's strong punt returns vs. Pittsburgh: "It was good to see. It was hard for all of us, but certainly Chris would know that most. All of our return guys have been working hard and trying to give him an opportunity, and he got a couple opportunities and it paid off. The thing that we have to do better is the decisions in the return game where we don't hurt ourselves during the return. We had some really good blocks, and we had a couple balls that we could get to the outside, and Chris did a marvelous job of making a couple guys miss. Now we've got to finish the play smartly so we can keep the yards of the gain."

Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron

On if he thinks the Packers' switch to a 3-4 defense is different from a typical Dom Capers' system:"They haven't played much of it lately. They've probably been in their nickel package 90 percent of the time the last three to four weeks. People decide to play them a little differently. So going back to early in the year, you could see it's a good 3-4 defense. I didn't see a lot of issues in terms of their adjustment to it. I know there's a lot of conversation about it, but they're just playing well no matter what personnel they have out there – 3-4, sub-package – they're playing hard, tackle well. [Charles] Woodson, Woodson's playing just phenomenal. He's having, obviously, another Pro Bowl year. I think the ranking of the defense kind of speaks for itself."

On if the Packers' defensive ranking could be misleading because of the points they've given up:"The bottom line is you're looking at the season. I think you look at the season. You can really choose to look at it any way you want. But the bottom line is right now, they're the top defense in the league, and we'll approach them as such."

On if the weather has an impact on the game plan:"I think maybe wind, wind can. But you really, our system's built… You can say it's weatherproof. We build a weatherproof system, if there is such a thing. You want to be able to, in this division, you better be able to function in all types of conditions. We're definitely not an indoor team. Indoor teams, I think, are built different. We're an outdoor, bad-weather team. We like to think we can handle those conditions, so I think our guys have kind of, especially those of us that have been up there before, players and coaches are all kind of excited for the challenge, because it's a little bit different from some of the other places you play."

On how FB Le'Ron McClain is doing with his stomach injury:"I think he's a tough guy. He knows the description of a fullback. It goes without being said. You just find a way to play."

On increased use of the unbalanced line:"It's week to week, it really is. Some weeks it fits, some weeks it doesn't. It was really more a function of whether [Jared] Gaither's healthy or not. That's kind of driving the whole thing. But sometimes it fits in a game plan, sometimes it doesn't. It's not something that we'd say that we're going to do every single week."

On if playing tough defenses the last two weeks helps to prepare for facing another one this week:"That's a good question, but in reality they're all tough. You walk in that stadium, and one thing that's been true over the years, you look at the score board, there's nothing on it until you do something about it. No matter what defense you're going against, it's a challenge. You really can't get caught up in what a team's ranked or not ranked because of field position, how you decide the way to call a game based on how other phases are playing. You better just come ready to give it your best, and that's what we'll do."

On if he sensed that the players got confidence from the fourth-down conversion against the Steelers:"Not really. It's an exciting time in the game, but I don't think we're that fragile that all of a sudden we've got our confidence. We executed some plays that maybe… We improved in some areas in our execution. We've got a confident group. I don't know what it looks like from your perspective, but I know [from being] around these guys, they're confident. We don't execute the way we'll… We'll continue to get better. I don't see us as a team that our confidence really fluctuates. I haven't seen any of that this year. We're really a pretty confident group."

On if DT Haloti Ngata is calling for the ball more after getting a taste of the offense:"There's not a guy in this building that doesn't want the ball. (laughter) And there's only one, there may be two, that are going to get it every down – that's Matt Birk and Joe Flacco. That's a good thing. You want guys that want the ball, and it's nice to have Haloti healthy again so that we can utilize him. We'll see. It depends on the game plan. We're not going to force something in a game plan that's not there, but we're going to utilize every guy we can no matter what side of the ball he's on."

On the talk of quarterbacks and sliding, and if that's something he teaches them or just watches and adjusts:"What you said is true. First of all, you go get good quarterbacks, at least in my experience. You go get a guy that, whether you're in college or in the NFL, you go get a guy that really is what you're looking for, and you find out what he can do. You let him slide, you let him do [his] thing, and then all of a sudden you say, 'Hmm, he might need some work on that.' I haven't been around one yet – I'm just fortunate – that's needed any work on that kind of thing. But we know how to teach it if we need to. I guess that's the… We're not going to over-coach him or over-teach him, but you go out, know what you're looking for, and go get it. That tends to work well."

On not needing to bring in a baseball manager to teach the quarterback how to slide like Jets head coach Rex Ryan did with Yankees manager Joe Girardi:"Please, you guys fell for that? We know what that's about. That's about Yankee season tickets, period. *(laughter) *We're not falling for that. We know our boy, now. We know what's going on – Yankee season tickets."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison

On whether QB Aaron Rodgers' release is quicker than most QBs:"I look at him as another typical really good quarterback, and he's gotten better as he's gone. They had some problems early in the year, because they had some injuries up front, and you've got guys running at him full speed sometimes. You're either getting it off quick or you're getting sacked. But, the one thing I noticed watching all the film, he has steadily improved, and he's always been a very talented quarterback."

On how the injuries to S Ed Reed and LB Terrell Suggs will change his approach, if at all: "Well, we've got to assume that for sure Ed will be 100 percent. That's the way we're looking at that. And Suggs, we've gone two games now without Terrell. It's been tough, but I said earlier, somebody has got to step up. And that's what our whole deal has been, is the next guy goes in and he plays as hard as he can, and hopefully he's got enough in the bank. We just need to do that again this week."

On whether he feels like they are close to getting more sacks as a defense: "I think we're getting closer to getting sacks. But I think the other thing, because of the pressure and the illusion of pressure at times, they're getting it off quick. I think a lot of those times, they're throwing on rhythm, they're throwing it quick, but I think our guys are working hard at the pressure. Last week – and a lot of ways with this week – the guy has the ability to scramble. So, you've got to make sure that you don't put it all into trying to get a sack on a guy and give up a pass rush lane."

On Rodgers' ability to get out of the pocket: "Well, the thing that I've noticed about him when he scrambles is he scrambles with toughness. You see some guys that scramble, and they're going to try to find a place and slide and everything like that. He's always trying to pick up extra yards. He plays like a hungry quarterback, and if he sees an opening, he sees a lane in there, he's going to take off running and get whatever he can get."

On his thoughts of how CB Domonique Foxworth has played this year: "Domonique, when you look at the tapes – and again it's the position – you may see the one play that he doesn't do [well] or slips or doesn't do what he should do. We see the whole game, and we feel like Domonique and the entire secondary – I mentioned the secondary tonight – there are some guys that aren't out there. Our secondary took almost every rep both when our offense was out there and when our defense was out there, and they just keep working every day to get better, and they have gotten better."

On whether the Packers' offensive balance poses a matchup problem for the defense: "Well, yeah. I look at it as everybody we play against has got balance. And Ryan Grant is a very good running back, and they have very, very good wide receivers. They have good tight ends, and that'd be like me saying that about almost everybody we play. So, I just think they're a very good football team, and we're really looking forward to going up there and playing the game."

On whether there is a chance LB Terrell Suggs might play or if it's tough because he's missed work: "I don't know that. Well, as far as the work, it goes back to, again, he's gotten enough work in his career. It's just going to depend on whether he's healthy enough to go, and that's out of my hands."

On if OLB Antwan Barnes is not playing because of the game plan: "No. We have 45 guys that the entire team – special teams, offense and defense – picks that 45. Whatever is best for the Ravens to win, and 45 is not too many. So, what ends up happening is you go by where they are helping. Are they a special teams player? Are they also a defensive and/or offensive player? That's where you get your 45. Antwan has had a good week of practice. He's worked very hard and has continued to work. You never know when your chance is going to come, and as long as you keep working, then you're going to be ready to go when it comes. "

On if missing tackles had anything to do with Barnes not playing:"No. That had nothing to do with it. If we didn't play guys because they miss tackles, we'd be down to a 15-man roster. (laughter) So, that had nothing to do with it."

On if there is a different feel for rookie CB/RS Lardarius Webb because he's played more: "Oh yeah, that's for everybody. I think every rookie who hasn't banked a lot of experience in the league, every time you go in there it's a little bit faster. The thing about Lardarius is he's worked extremely hard. He's been very coachable. Coach [Chuck] Pagano spends extra time with him, and every second it's like he's like a sponge. He's trying to learn more and more, and that's why he's got a chance to be a very successful professional football player."

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