Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 14

On if the supportive fan base in Baltimore makes him appreciate what he has compared to other coaches:"This is a great, great football city – great sports town, too. Hey, you feel it at the Orioles' games, too. People are into it. I think they really support their teams. Now, I'm sure the Ravens' fans want us to win, the Orioles' fans want them to win, want us to be successful and get disappointed when we don't. But when you have that kind of support, and when you can feel it in your stadium that they're behind you, and they're not looking for the first misstep to not be behind you, that's really empowering for a team."

On his anticipation regarding injured players DT Haloti Ngata, LB Ray Lewis and CB Fabian Washington:"Fair. I think those guys all have a good chance to play, probably, to varying degrees. But, all three of those guys have a chance to play. They've all practiced to one degree or another. Haloti went through individual [drills] and a good portion of the stuff today. Ray went through the same thing, good portion of the stuff, and Fabian the same. So they all kind of practiced the same amount. Again, we'll have to come down to the game to see how they're going to, whether they can go actually on game day. But they have a chance to go."

On if "game-time decision" would be an unfair evaluation of those three:"No. I think that's spot on. It's going to be a game-time decision for all three of those guys."

On not seeing CB/RS Lardarius Webb at the special teams portion of practice today:"He had a stomachache, and it was significant. There's something going around. A couple of guys missed practice earlier in the week, so he got sick. He was out here at special teams, he just had to go in."

On the pros of playing on Monday Night Football and if there are any cons:"Well, the con is that you have a short week the next week. The difficulty is that we're going to have to play the Indianapolis Colts the Sunday after that, and we're not going to get the normal two days that we'll get to prepare a game-plan. We'll basically have one day to prepare the game-plan. We'll have to bleed that preparation into Wednesday, Thursday, Friday maybe a little more than we normally do, which is not ideal when you're playing Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts – a great football team. But, the advantage is it's Monday night, and it's a tradition. All the players, everybody they know in the world is watching them, and same for coaches. Everybody that cares about you is watching the game. That's exciting. It's a great environment. Cleveland's a great place to play. There's nothing like Monday Night Football, I think, in all the sports, so we're excited about it."

On the routine leading up to the game:"The thing is it's not like a Sunday night game where you have games to watch. There's really nothing to do on Monday. I don't think too many of our guys are into soap operas, so I don't know what they do. (laughter) We have meetings, we have walk-throughs and things like that."

On talk that the Nov. 29 Sunday night game against Pittsburgh might be flexed down and if he has a preference:"No, I don't know anything about that – haven't heard anything about it. As you're saying, really don't care. Whatever they tell us, whatever time they say to do it, we'll be there. [We] just have to make sure the fans are aware of it, because we want them all there in full throng."

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