Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 21

Opening statement:"Great to see everybody. This will wrap up the bye week part of the work. We want to take the rest of the days – us coaches will still work for a couple of days – but give the players a chance to heal up a little bit. There will be guys getting treatment. Certain guys will be in here training and lifting for a couple of days, but most of the guys are going to get a chance to get with their families and get some rest time. But we put in, really, three days of very good work. So, I feel like we accomplished what we needed to."

On whether he and the other coaches will get to spend time with their families:"Yes we will, thank you. We're going to give the coaches some time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and we'll have practice and meetings all ready for Monday, and we'll be back to work on Monday."

On whether you look at the big picture during the bye week or still look one game at a time: "Well, yeah it's a good point. We don't want to leave the impression that we don't have any idea what's happening after next week. We have a big picture plan in mind. We do know who's on the schedule. We do know what's in front of us big picture-wise, and we have a plan to attack. How many games are there, 10? OK, so we have an idea that there are 10 games left, and we know who they are, and we have an idea of what we want to try to accomplish."

On whether they do any kind of long-term playoff calculations: "Oh, no. I would never do that. Playoff calculations? No, that's taboo. You know how you make the playoffs? You win games. And that's what we need to do."

On if this week's practices were planned all along or a result of the loss last Sunday: "Well actually, our basic bye week plan is to do a Monday work day to practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We decided the best thing for us is not to practice on Thursday. I feel like we need the rest and recovery. Our guys practice really hard all the time. We're a very physical team, and we've been in a lot of physical games, really all year, but especially the last few games. We need that down time. I think they expected to go through Thursday and they were positive and worked great. The locker room, from what I've heard, is in good spirits. Our guys came to work, and we had a really good day."

On if he will get away at all: "Not away, but Alison has two soccer games and a school play. I think we have a family picture of some kind planned. So, I'm going to be busy. Thanks for asking." (laughter)

On if he will be watching NFL games on Sunday: "I'll probably be watching the games on Sunday. How can you not? It would be fun. I don't have Direct TV though." (laughter)

On his comments about the play he's seen from the four wide receivers being good enough to not trade for another one:"Obviously, for the most part, [they're] having tremendous success. I think Joe [Flacco] is doing a great job of spreading the ball around to different guys. We've believed all along that we've got guys that can make plays – so-called 'playmakers.' Those guys are here for a reason. I think Jim Hostler does a tremendous job with our receivers. They really are very good route-runners across the board. That's a tribute to their work ethic and the coaching that Jim does. It's a tribute to the job that we do with the quarterbacks and the scheme and all that stuff. We're always looking for better players, but we like the guys we have."

On how QB Joe Flacco's ankle is feeling:"He says he's feeling great. He's flexible, he's walking around pretty normally on it. I think he's about four shoe sizes bigger right now than it was before, so he's really swollen. He says it feels remarkably well, so he should be back practicing Monday."

On if Flacco has been sitting out the last few days:"Yeah, he hasn't practiced the last few days. He's been doing the mental stuff."

Closing statement:"Let me say one thing: I don't know if this is appropriate, but I just wanted to comment on behalf of Michael Oher with the little firestorm that happened. That's what happens in the NFL, but I just want to reiterate something for Michael, on his behalf. I know he spoke to it yesterday, but Michael Oher is a great kid. He's got tremendous respect for Jared Allen and all the guys he's played against. I think he looks at those guys… He's always kind of idolized NFL players, and he wants to hold his own. He's got a lot of pride, and it means a lot to him when he can go out there and, I'd say to a good degree, hold his own. Obviously, Jared Allen is a great player. [He] put a lot of pressure on us in that game. That's really the biggest part of what makes their defense so good. Michael knows that and respects that. You want Jared to know that and everybody out there to know that that's the kind of guy Michael is."

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