Press Conference Transcript - Practice 1-7


Opening statement:"OK, thanks for coming out. [It's] Friday, we've got the hardcores here; we appreciate it. We had a good practice and we're excited to play. We're looking forward to Sunday at 1."

On whether he senses a sense of urgency from the locker room knowing this could be the last opportunity at a Super Bowl for some veteran players:"I don't know. I think probably there's a lot of urgency. I think the guys understand that careers don't last forever, life doesn't last forever. No one is promised the next opportunity, so I hope our guys understand that – young and old. I think we're pretty urgent – we've been urgent – but probably more so now than ever."

On whether the rest this week has been beneficial for DT Haloti Ngata and OLB Terrell Suggs:"I think it's been good for them, yeah."

On whether he feels good about Ngata and Suggs:"I feel good about them, I do. I'm excited about them. I like Ngata and Suggs a lot. *(laughter) *I'm a big fan of theirs. Yeah, I think we'll be OK."

On whether it was a physical week of practice:"No, it wasn't a very physical week of practice at all. It was a physical game against the Bengals [last week], and I think we understand where we're at this time of year and what we're trying to get accomplished – what we need to do to get ready to play."

On whether that is why he's OK with giving some veterans a day off from practice at this time of the year:"Yeah, I think you try to use common sense. You know, different guys are in different places with what they have to get done – tweaks they might have or just trying to get guys as ready as they can be. It's a long season, you know? A lot of practices, a lot of games, a lot of real physical games. So, we prepared really hard. I think our guys had a great week, and we'll be ready to play on Sunday."

On whether Arrowhead Stadium is one of the louder places to play, based on his experiences there:"I'd put it right up there with our place and with Seattle [as] the outdoor stadiums that are really loud. Pittsburgh, I'd put it right there with all those places. It's a great place to play, it's very unique, it's right on top of you, it's kind of enclosed. [It's] an old-style type of configuration, so [they've got] great tradition there, great playoff tradition there. So, it'll be exciting."

On whether they turned the crowd noise up a few decibels this week in practice:"We had it up pretty loud; you guys heard it. So, I don't know. What are decibels? *(laughter) *It was loud; I can tell you that. It was loud."

On whether the Chiefs look similar to the Patriots on tape:"The schemes are very similar. It's basically the same defense, structure-wise, and it's pretty much the same offense, structure-wise. Although, you see a lot of different things in their offense. They've got the Charlie Weis influence. Todd [Haley] has got a lot of influence in there. They do different things that build around their personnel real well."

On whether that similarity is helpful because they have played the Patriots a lot:"We see a lot of these defenses. It's not like it's a new defense. It's basically an odd defense. The coverages are all coverages that we've seen before. You've just got to apply the way they run it and how they use their personnel within it. Everybody's got different tendencies. Different coordinators call things different ways. So, it is kind of unique. Every team's a little bit different."

On whether he has talked to his brother, Jim, about his coaching future decision:"I've been talking to him about it – nothing that would be any kind of a distraction, really. You want a comment on it, I take it? (Reporter answers, 'Yes.') OK. I honestly do not know what he is going to do. It's a tough decision; he's got some great choices. The thing I always try to say is [how] he loves Stanford. He loves the players there; he loves the people there. So, that's a big factor. Obviously, [Stanford QB] Andrew Luck is coming back. He and Andrew have a great relationship. But, I don't know what he's going to do."

On how much practicing outside this week will help them in Kansas City:"It probably helps us because I guess it's a real hard surface there, and we had a real hard surface out here. The fields are frozen. We had to be real careful with our footing out here for that reason – you didn't want anybody to slide around on a frozen field and get hurt. But, it probably helped us. I hope so. That was the plan."

On whether it is important to get off to a fast start and take the crowd out of the game:"Anytime in a playoff game, if you can get off to a good start and quiet the crowd down, that's a big plus. No matter what happens, we have to play a 60-minute football game. You get off to a good start, you have to finish. You don't get off to a good start, you have to finish. You find a way to win the game no matter what happens. But, that would be a help to us for sure."

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