Ravens-Broncos Post-game Quotes (12/4)


(opening statement) "OK, great to see everybody. I can tell you right now, no one has it better than the Ravens. That was a great win. In December football, you have to find a way to win the game, and I'm proud of our team. I'm proud of every single guy; I'm proud of every single guy in that room there, player, coach, manager, trainer – everybody. That was the kind of win that you have to get in December, and I feel great about it. Now we're going to get to work after we get healed up a little bit, and we'll get to work on our next opponent, which is the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh. So, what questions do you have?"

(on QB Lamar Jackson's injury status) "Lamar [Jackson] has a knee, but it's not a season-ending-type of knee. We'll get more tests tomorrow and let you know how long it's going to be; we'll see. Hopefully, I'll have something for you tomorrow afternoon, certainly by Wednesday it will be more definitive, but's it's going to be a number [of] days to weeks. We'll see; we'll see if he can go back this week. If not, it'll be some time after that shortly."

(on LB Patrick Queen's injury status) "Patrick Queen had a thigh bruise. The X-rays were negative, so that was very good news for us."

(on how impressed he was with QB Tyler Huntley's performance today) "Yes, how much pressure? I don't know; I never played quarterback in the National Football League, but I have to tell you – it has to be something tangible. Mark Andrews plays tight end in the National Football League, so you can ask him that question, because I saw our guys go out there and handle it. Whatever that pressure was, I saw them handle it. Nobody flinched, nobody batted an eye. These guys were bringing blitzes from everywhere. Our offensive line, our tackles who had to go in there and play stepped up. You talk about Morgan Moses did a great job, Daniel Faalele, Pat Mekari, even after Pat got dinged, Daniel came in. Tyler Linderbaum as a rookie stepped up. Isaiah Likely made plays as a rookie. Those receivers made plays. Every single guy in this offense made plays. You can talk about these two guys right here. Of course, Mark did what he always does. He led those guys. And Roquan [Smith] … I'm just thinking the one play that jumps out in my mind was the play on the sideline on the sweep that could've popped through there. He came out of nowhere like a lightning bolt and laid a hit on that running back. So, those are the plays in the game that matter. Those are the plays that give you a chance to win a game like that. Then, of course, you're talking about 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley]. So, let's give 'Snoop' credit; he led a game-winning drive at the end there from what, the nine-yard line was it? That's pretty remarkable; that's pretty great. So, hats off to our guys for doing that."

(on what it says about the defense that it limited Denver to three field goals) "No question. It was going to be tough at that point; you're trying to figure it out, and that's a good defense we're playing. It's the top-ranked defense in football, isn't it? First- or second-[ranked] depending on which metric you look at, and there's a reason for that. So, our defense stepped up [and] matched them blow for blow. At the end, [it] won the battle. Our defense was incredible throughout the game, then to get the stop at the end as much as we had to. So, I was proud of those guys. I'd like to think of the names right now; the D-line, the pressure that we got. Russ Wilson is still Russ Wilson. Would you guys agree with that after watching him today? The guy made plays, so I'm proud of our guys, really am. [There were] a lot of heroes out there today."

(on what needs to be improved to get the running game going again) "We'll work on it, just like we always do. It's not the time to talk about that stuff; it's game to game right now. It's game to game. There are no big narratives; the big narrative questions, they're irrelevant. What matters is the next game and trying to find a way to win it."

(on OLB Odafe Oweh's sack today and what that will do for his confidence) "That'd be a great question for him when you go in there, but he's a confident guy. I do think sometimes you can crack it, and all the sudden it starts to flow a little bit and the dam breaks. So, he's been rushing the passer well. [He] plays so hard, so [I] couldn't be prouder of him."

(on OL Patrick Mekari's injury status) "Yes, he has kind of a toe thing. He should be OK.

(on if TE Isaiah Likely just had a stinger after exiting the game briefly) "Yes, it was a stinger. A stinger."

(on what it says about the team that they have been able to persevere through many injuries) "It does; it says who these guys are. Character gets rewarded in the end. It doesn't always get rewarded when we want it to on our clock, but it gets rewarded eventually. Today, we were blessed enough to have it be rewarded before this game ended. We're very appreciative of that and grateful for it."


(on what was going through his mind when he saw QB Lamar Jackson heading into the locker room)"It was cold outside, so I had to get warm – that's what I was thinking about – getting warm. (laughter) I think I got warm enough."

(on if he mentally must flip a switch when he's inserted as the quarterback)"Not really a switch. [It's] just like practice. I came in, got the reps that I did and appreciated them."

(on the pass to RB Kenyan Drake that resulted in first-and-goal on the last offensive drive)"Yes, I was about to just swing it out to him so he can get out of bounds. But the [line]backer – whatever [jersey] number he was – he did a good job of hugging out to him. But he didn't do a good job of staying with him. So, [Kenyan Drake] got up the sideline, and I was hoping [Kenyan] Drake really made the last dude miss and got in the touchdown. But it all worked out good."

(on if he knew QB Lamar Jackson was tweeting at him from the locker room)"No, but I had finally seen it once I got to my phone. I'm really going to go by his house and check on him [Lamar Jackson] when we get done with this. [I've] got to make sure my boy is OK."

(on what the vibe was in the huddle needing to drive the length of the field for a touchdown)"Everyone was basically like … We were all talking to each other telling us, 'Hey, we need points here. That's the only way we're going to win this game.' So, all of us stayed calm, focused on the play that was call at that time, and we just started executing the best way that we can."

(on how much the stretch of games from last season, in which he started, factored into his ability today to come in and perform)"I think they played a good part in it. It was great experience playing last year too. Just hope that the outcome is way better than last year. We finished out strong."

(on how much he thrives in these moments as a backup quarterback)"I'm already blessed to be even playing with the Ravens. So, I think it starts there – it's a blessing to be playing with the Baltimore Ravens, and everything else is going to take care of itself or after that."

(on what's going through his mind on the fourth-and-2 play in the fourth quarter)"Shoot, we've got to get this first down. (laughter) We've got to get the first down, and we did."

(on if anyone reminded him to get down and slide after taking a big hit in the first half)"It was just like ... I was thinking my boy [Kenyan Drake] was going to get the block. But I tried to slide out the way. He had just caught my shoulder or whatnot. So, it wasn't too big of a deal. But yes, for sure, somebody did … I think it was 'Ro.' [Roquan Smith] 'Ro' said, 'Alright, you don't need to be taking them hits.' I said, 'Alright, yes sir, yes sir.' (laughter)"

(on what he saw on his touchdown run to tie the game)"Shoot, I just knew I had to get in the touchdown. (laughter) I was like, 'We've got to score points.' That's all I was thinking about at that moment."

(on if he's thinking big picture in those pressure moments)"I was just thinking about the game at that point. I look at the clock. I look at how much time we got on the play clock. I'm just looking at how much time we have left in the game. [I'm looking at] what down it is – that's all I'm focusing on at that moment."

(on that first fourth-and-2 conversion from TE Mark Andrews, was he denied on the first attempt to get the first down prior to getting a big push from the rest of the offense)"I wouldn't say [Mark Andrews] was denied. He just kept working his feet, and we got the first down. So, I knew he wasn't going to get denied."

(on how big is this win given how difficult it looked)"It's a big win, because our focus is going 1-0 on the week. We're starting to get into more division play. So, [we're] stacking wins, and we've just got to be ready for our next game."

(on his mindset if QB Lamar Jackson ends up missing game due to injury)"Just like every week – just prepare, and that's about it. That's all to it."


(on QB Tyler Huntley's performance today) "[Tyler Huntley has] just so much confidence. You see the way he plays. Things weren't perfect, but for him to be able to come in – especially that last drive – and do what he did, and have the composure that he had, just shows you how good he really is, how much he's learned. I'm thinking about Lamar [Jackson], but you have to tip your hat to 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] [and] just how well he played. It's impressive football."

(on the offense's mindset after QB Lamar Jackson left the game) "We have so much confidence in 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] and his abilities. Obviously, last year we all got a ton of work with him, so we have a lot of trust in that. The main things that we talk about are just keep on fighting, believe in yourself and no matter what just keep on going. That's what the guys did today. So, there were plenty of times where guys could have said, 'Poor me, poor me,' but guys just kept fighting, and fighting and fighting, and then finally [we] broke through at the very end. That's awesome to see."

(on what he thinks the offense needs to fix)"We just have to be more efficient. [We have to] just keep on plugging along. Like I said, we have a ton of confidence, a ton of play makers, guys stepping up, making plays. Just looking at Isaiah Likely going down, but then making a big play on those two-minute drives. We have a bunch of guys like that. So, we're just going to get better and better. We're not going to get too down because we know we have a dangerous offense. I'm excited about the future of this, [and] for us as players and our coaches to keep on striving to be better. That's what is beautiful about this team; we have a bunch of guys that want to be great."

(on Broncos defenders laying on top of him when he was trying to get up to the line at the end of the first half, and if he heard anything from the officials about it) "No, they didn't want to talk about that, but that's alright. That's part of football, but when you look at that type of thing, [if] that's the end of the game or something like that, we need to look at that. So, we'll see. I didn't think it was right, but yes."

(on if it is meaningful for the team to be on the other side of a last-minute victory this time) "We'll take it; we'll take that win. No matter how it comes, we're going to take that all day. We know our time's coming; we know things are going to start clicking. Like I said, we have a team that wants to be great. We come to work every day. There are ups [and] there are downs, but we stay level. So, that's what it's all about."

(on QB Tyler Huntley's demeanor in the huddle on the game-winning drive)"Calm, cool, confident. [He was] acting like he's been there before, which he has. So, [I have] just so much love and respect for his game and what he's able to do. That was a good Broncos team, a good Broncos defense, and the way he was slinging the ball was crazy. When he's able to get out of the pocket, it's big-time plays. Obviously, he's been able to learn a ton from Lamar [Jackson], but his game is very polished."


(on the last offensive drive of the game) "It's an emotional rollercoaster, but the heartbeat of this team is kind of sticking together. Can't really let the situation get too big for you. You have to make the plays, chip away, and kind of let the game come to you, if you may. Don't try to do too much, and the plays kind of happen. At the end of the day, it's all about a win. It doesn't matter if it's one to zero or 100 to nothing, that's the National Football League, so we just kind of took it one play at a time. That was really our mantra all week and it kind of worked out for us when it really got tough out there."

(on his connection with QB Tyler Huntley on the last drive) "I just give it all to No. 2 [QB Tyler Huntley]. Big time players make big time plays in big time games. I told the men on the sideline I kind of use what he was giving me. Especially early in the game, we had a couple of times where I could have rolled them, and he kind of ran with it. And I was like, 'Look man, I'm going to try to make myself available to you in that situation.' He kind of pumped it, I kind of looked up and saw everybody converge on me, so I just went up the field and he gave me a good ball. You know, I wanted to selfishly be the man of the hour, to kind of get in the end zone, but he finished the job for me and that's all that matters at the end of the day. Win is a win."

(on what the mood was after QB Lamar Jackson went down due to injury)"We all believe in No. 2 [QB Tyler Huntley] and that's really, at the end of the day, it's always the next man up on this team. I wasn't on the team last year, but in every game you had to battle with him [QB Tyler Huntley]. There were a lot of games that came up kind of short, more times than not. I feel like with that experience, they were able to kind of use that to their advantage today. Regardless of what it looked like, the outcome was favorable for us. Like I said, we believed in him [Huntley], everybody around believed in him. So obviously, Godspeed to [No.] 8 [QB Lamar Jackson], hopefully he's not out for too long, but we have the utmost attention and respect for [No.] 2 to go in and handle his business."

(on if he was afraid that the offense scored on the last drive with too much time remaining)"Well, I know they had two timeouts and I played in the NFC West before for a year and a half, I know what type of magic Russ [QB Russell Wilson] can try to make. I think, if I'm not wrong, their kicker [Brandon McManus] had the NFL record before [Justin] Tucker. So, I know this is different circumstances for not being in Denver, not indoors. It was definitely a little nerve-wracking. But our defense came up big, game in and game out, all day today, too. So, I wasn't really worried."


(on securing the victory) "I'm just happy we finished. We'll take a win however we can get it. I think, defensively, we played good, but we can be better in all phases. We just continue to build from this point. Like I said, we got the win, and it's the AFC, so it's a big win for us, [especially] this time of year – in December."

(on the defensive performance) "I'm pleased. I'm sort of happy, but we gave up some field goals. I think we shouldn't have given up those field goals. Yes, we have high standards for ourselves, and we're still not playing to our standards."

(on QB Tyler Huntley's performance today) "This is not my first time seeing 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] out there. I was here last year, and I saw him throw 'tuddies' [touchdowns] over the best. I know, last year, some of the games didn't turn out like we wanted [them] to, but with him in the game, I believe in him wholeheartedly. He's shown he can play in this league and make plays time after time when he gets his opportunity. It was his time, and he stepped up to the plate."

(on what this victory means for the team) "[It's] just motivation and something to build off of, something to look forward to. An AFC win this time of year is big for us."


(on the defense holding Denver to three field goals)"It was big. It was a good test for the defense. We gave them two field goals early, but [in the] second half we kind of tied it up. That one was kind of in their territory already, but it's good. We'll still just trying to build. We're still chasing a goose egg, so we could have played better. Some plays I left on the field, but it feels good to be able to have a good defensive day."

(on if it was nerve wracking watching K Brandon McManus' last-second field goal attempt) "I actually was very nervous watching that. Honestly, I thought it was going in, but it didn't, so that's good. That's good."

(on if guys were shell-shocked when QB Lamar Jackson first exited the game)"I actually wasn't too surprised just because 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] is on the scout team along with 'A.B.' [Anthony Brown] every week. I've seen some dimes from both of those guys, so I know our coaches kind of coach up everyone in that room. So, obviously you can't replace Lamar Jackson, but I feel like we have a starting quarterback at our No. 1 quarterback and our No. 2 quarterback. So, I felt pretty good about it."

(on the offense being able to win the game at the end today)"It feels good. For a second there during the game, I was getting a little confused. I thought I heard boos instead of cheers. I don't know if my ears are messed up so ... I know our home team [crowd] couldn't have been booing us, but it felt good to be able to do that. Sometimes our offense is going to play bad, [and] sometimes our defense is going to play bad. It's all about who can uplift the other. So, when the offense has a slack, we have to pick up their slack; when the defense has a slack, the offense has to pick it up. Then, I thought who played lights-out today was special teams. Some of those kickoffs, [they] came out there so energized. So, it was really a team effort win."

(on his confidence in this group as a whole) "I don't think the offense really changed, which is a crazy thing. The play calling, it's all just the same thing. I think it was really impressive what 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] did today. To come in – the Broncos defense – obviously we didn't put up points, but that's a really good defense. They have one of the best corners in the game, one of the best safeties in the game. Their front, they do a lot of special things. A lot of their games have been based on their defense that's kind of won them those games. So, for 'Snoop' to come in and have that game winner, a game-winning drive at the end, was huge for us."


(on what it was like watching QB Tyler Huntley go into the game after QB Lamar Jackson left with an injury)"Obviously, you want to make sure what's going on with Lamar [Jackson], but we have so much confidence in 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley]. I knew that the offense wouldn't bat an eye. We were a little bit slow, but we finished strong, obviously, we got the win. We all believe in 'Snoop,' and we all know what [Tyler] is capable of doing, and what he's capable of doing he did. We got the win [and] it's on to next week."

(on the pride the defense has for its recent efforts)"The effort is 100 percent. On defense, we have a standard. Everybody is kind of held to that standard, and we fought, we fought, we fought, [and] we got the win. We've got to carry that over to next week and bring more intensity, because it's not going to be an easy game. If everyone on our defense does what they need to do and puts their best effort in, we'll put ourselves in position to enjoy ourselves."


(on the crazy ending to the game) "This game just showed our character and resiliency. We saw fans starting to leave, but we just had to keep on believing in ourselves and believing in 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley]. And, he got it done. Kudos to him."

(on QB Tyler Huntley in the last four minutes of the game) "That's big on 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley]. A lot of people doubted him, but he came in here, was calm and collected. He had some growing pains throughout the game, but that last drive was surgical, precise. And, he really showed why he can be a starting quarterback in this league."

(on the Denver Broncos' offense) "They caught us off-guard with certain things they were doing. But as a defense, we were able to stop the run and put him [Russell Wilson] in passing situations. We were able to keep our own in those situations."

(on his sack during the game) "Finally. (smiling) That's all I am going to say."


(on if the defense's mentality was to not give up anything) "That's our mentality always as a defense, and to be the best in the league at what we do. I think our mindset, you know, if we never give up anything, then they won't score. If you have that mindset, it's a mindset for success."

(on if he was thinking about how last year, with the Bears, he was on the other sideline when Ravens QB Tyler Huntley led a game-winning drive) "I vividly remember that drive back in Chicago, but actually it was crazy on the sideline, even when it was fourth down, I told the guys, 'We're about to get the first down right here, he's about to drive it down the field, [and] we're about to punch it in. Then we're going to go out there with, like, 20 seconds to go, and we're going to seal it.' It's crazy how that all happened. It was an amazing performance by him, and I'm excited to be his teammate now."

(on Denver's final offensive play before the field goal attempt) "I can't even really remember the play, but I just know we got off the field and forced those guys to kick a field goal, and they missed it. Ravens win."


(on QB Tyler Huntley's last drive of the game) "Honestly, it's not even surprising to us. Even going back to last year, time and time again, when Tyler [Huntley] is in the game, good things happen. We're lucky on this team to have him. He can be a starting quarterback on almost any other team in the league. Calm, cool and collected in the huddle and he is able to make the plays. It wasn't a pretty day for us overall, but give a big shoutout to our defense for taking us into the fourth quarter and giving us a chance. However long we need Tyler [Huntley] for, we are in good hands."

(on the fourth-down scramble that kept the drive alive) "The game was basically right there at the end. I was able to make that block and Tyler [Huntley] was able to make that cut and take on a tackler to make the yards. That was a huge play and credit Tyler [Huntley] for making that happen."

(on the battle at the line of scrimmage with a tough defense) "Heck of a battle. Different guys had to rotate in today because of injury, here and there. It was a tough battle. A huge shout-out to the Broncos, there is a reason they are No. 1 in the league. That was insanely tough all day long. Obviously, a win is a win in this league, so we'll take it. But we want to be better."

(on moving on to the Pittsburgh game) "There is really nothing that needs to be said. It's Baltimore – Pittsburgh. It's the AFC North. It's the biggest rivalry in the league. No matter what, we know they will be motivated and ready to go. We've got a big week of prep coming up and we need to be ready to go."

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