Ravens Celebrate U.S. Women's Historic World Cup Win


They are being called heroes after their incredible showing in front of the world.

The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team didn't just beat Japan in the World Cup final Sunday. It demolished Japan in a 5-2 finish.

And the United States made history in the process.

The Americans became the first team to win the World Cup title three times, and it was also the highest-scoring final game ever. Carli Lloyd was on a mission to bring home the victory, scoring the first hat-trick in a women's final.

She netted three goals in the first sixteen minutes of the match and her third was absolutely spectacular, leaving jaws on the floor. Lloyd received a pass at about midfield, and from there, she let the ball fly with an amazing shot that beat Japan's goalkeeper into the back of the net.

Several Ravens tuned in and knew they were watching greatness when Lloyd hit her midfield shot. It pushed the Americans' lead to 4-0 after just sixteen minutes.

Below are Ravens' reactions to her score, along with video of the play with Spanish commentary ... because the Spanish commentary is just better.

What's more epic than Carli Lloyd's half-field wonderstrike? Carli Lloyd's half-field wonderstrike IN SPANISH. pic.twitter.com/PdQog7R9N6 — Zack Goldman (@ThatDamnYank) July 6, 2015

Perhaps the tweet of the night came from the Ravens official Twitter account. With so much time left after a lightning-fast start, it reminded Baltimore of its own championship game in New Orleans.

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