Ravens Friday Quotes: Week 14 At Redskins

Head Coach John Harbaugh

What kind of job has Dennis [Dixon] done [playing Robert Griffin III on scout team]? I know, obviously, he has some background with some elements of the offense. How good of a resource has he been for you guys this week? (Albert Breer) "Dennis [Dixon] has done a great job. We felt like we had a couple of guys that could run it, but we found out on Wednesday that Dennis was our guy to run that offense. He ran it at Oregon. He understands the reads, the timing of it, the footwork and those things. It was a big plus for our defense. He's been into it all week."

In terms of [Dannell] Ellerbe and [Ed] Dickson, do you feel like there's a better chance this week, or do you feel like it's going kind of like last week? (Aaron Wilson) "We'll just see. We'll see on Sunday. We'll know on Sunday. They are working hard to get back. We probably thought that they would maybe be back last week, and it didn't work out. So, we'll just have to see for this week."

Did Jimmy [Smith] make progress? Has he kind of got his feet wet back on the field this week? (Aaron Wilson) "Jimmy [Smith] made progress. He's out there practicing. [He] did a nice job – moved around pretty well, broke up some scar tissue and things like that. That's really important. He did a good job."

Did Terrell's [Suggs] biceps hold up pretty well in the two days he was able to see some action? (Jason Butt) "Yes, it did. It held up real well. He practiced for two days partially. As far as if you are asking what he is going to do, I really don't know yet. We'll just have to see where it goes on Sunday."

We know Ray Lewis is ineligible to play this week, but he practiced all three days this week. How much of a lift was it for the team, and how did he look after the first time in seven weeks? (Luke Jones) "He moved around really well. Yes, he moved around … You know Ray [Lewis] is going to stay in great shape. It's not that long since he's played, so he moved around really well. It was fun to have him out there. I know I was uplifted by it. You will have to ask the other guys how they felt about it, but it was great to see him out there."

Any comment on Terrell's [Suggs] legal matter? (Aaron Wilson) "No. That's a personal matter."

How much more difficult [is it] preparing for the Redskins? They are up and down every week, and then the quarterback decides to make changes along the plays and can pull the ball down and run at any time. You don't have much film on him. Does it make it more difficult to prepare for a team like that? (Bill West) "The difficulty in preparing for the Redskins is the fact that their offense is a little bit unconventional.  It encompasses elements of the read option, the dive option, but it's also very conventional in the sense that they run all the things that [head coach] Mike Shanahan has been running for years. They have kind of perfected that offense as well. You can get caught up sometimes in all that other stuff and lose sight of the nuts and bolts of the offense, too. We just have to do a great job of defending what they do. We've worked on it all week. We feel like we've done what we need to do in terms of preparing ourselves. We are looking forward to going out there and playing."

S Ed Reed

On defending the Redskins' offense: "It's challenging, of course, because they have a lot that they do on offense – a lot of different looks that they give you with a lot of threats. So, you definitely have to be more patient and understand [what they're showing you]."

On what kind of look QB Dennis Dixon is giving the defense in practice: "A great look. When you see it at full speed, you have RG III [Redskins QB Robert Griffin III], of course, running it at a different tempo. You have those threats, like I said, but, [Dixon gives us] great looks, great preparation. It kind of brought you back to college because it's responsibility football when you are dealing with the option. It's just a part of the offense that you have to get prepared for. It's not the whole offense. It's not what they do the whole time, but it's definitely part of it that we're practicing for."

On if the defense is "chasing ghosts" with the Redskins' offense: "No, not at all. Every offense adds something different, for the most part. But, they stick to what they do. At the end of the day, it's about what we do, how we execute, what defense we are calling and what we need to do as far as our responsibility. We can't get caught up so much in what they do until we get our call and see what they are giving us and understand your assignment, alignment and technique on what you have to do as a player."

On if he can trick Redskins QB Robert Griffin III because he is still a rookie: "We'll see. (laughter) For the most part, personally, I think I need to be better these next four games – starting with this one – more patient, more disciplined, in what I do. That's every player though. We all are trying to focus on what we're doing and how we are supposed to play within the scheme of things as an individual."

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