Ravens Friday Transcripts: Week 2 vs. Kansas City

Opening statement: "OK, [it's] good to meet with you guys. I appreciate you being here. What questions do you have?"

You've had a long relationship with Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. When you watch tape, are there still elements that he still carries on from the time that even you were watching it with him? (Jamison Hensley) "I'd say pretty much everything. He's always looking for a new play, and he was always like that. Obviously, he has guys who have been with him forever; [defensive coordinator] Steve [Spagnuolo] on defense, he has [assistant head coach/special teams coordinator] Dave [Toub] on special teams [and] he has [offensive coordinator] Eric [Bieniemy] on offense. Those guys know him, they know each other, and they're well-coordinated."

If you look at the Kansas City team, how do you think T Orlando Brown Jr. has been doing at left tackle? (Todd Karpovich) "Do you want an evaluation on him?" (Reporter: "No, just how you think he's playing.") "He's playing well. He's playing well."

Understanding that you don't have the luxury of a backup at every position, with the offensive line, G/T Patrick Mekari, we've seen him play three different positions in an NFL game and practice everywhere. How valuable is that in a gameday setting? (Luke Jones) "[It's] very valuable. I think that's a trait that's rare. He's a technician. He knows his assignments at every position, all the time, completely, and he plays hard. He'll play well."

T Ronnie Stanley hasn't practiced all week. What are your thoughts on his availability? (Jamison Hensley) "My thoughts are I'm not going to make any comments on injuries for the rest of the season. So, you can keep asking, but that's my thoughts on it."

It's Week Two; is it too early to say this is a must-win situation? I think only once in your career you've only been 0-2. You had different variations from a couple of your players yesterday in terms of the importance of the matchup, whether it be QB Patrick Mahomes vs. QB Lamar Jackson. I think QB Lamar Jackson has one version, and WR Sammy Watkins said that QB Lamar Jackson needs to take the next step and get over the hump. So, do you look at this as a must win? Or is it too early and too premature to declare that? (Jerry Coleman) "I lost the question. Was there a question? After the whole … How many paragraphs was that?" (Reporter: "I don't know.") "So, basically, is it a must win?" (Reporter: "Yes.") "To me, every [game] is a must win, because I want to win every game, just like all our players do. There's no loss here that's going to derail our season at this point in time."

RB Ty'Son Williams

On making his NFL debut: "It felt great, man. It felt great. I wish we could have come out with the win, but other than that, it felt great."

On if his blocking assignments were a big adjustment: "No, not really."

On assessing the handoffs with QB Lamar Jackson on Monday night: "Yes, I think it went OK. Of course, there are still some things to clean up, so that's what this week is about. I've kind of gotten back to it, and there are some things I can clean up, as far as on my end, too."

On how much he's learned from all the new veteran experience that has joined the running back room: "Oh, yes, yes. It's been huge for me, because they just play the game at the highest level, so just being able to just poach things from their game and just ask them questions – because I've always got questions for them – and it's been great for me."

On what people close to him said after watching him play on Monday night: "[They're] just proud of me – that's what a lot of people were saying. Just proud of me, and I appreciate those people – people that've supported me all the way – so I definitely appreciate them."

On if he received any texts or phone calls that were especially meaningful or surprising: "Not really. Just everybody that you cherish that have helped you along the journey – from all my coaches, family members, friends, so it's just been a lot of people."

On [NBA player] Ja Morant's tweets and if they were friends in high school: "Yes, we spoke, we spoke. Of course, we knew about each other, and he was there when I was there. Yes, we're kind of just trying to put on for our city [Sumter, SC]."

On if he was a couple years ahead of Ja Morant in high school: "Yes, two years."

On if he has an idea of the running back rotation going into a game: "No, not really. Honestly, we've just got to be ready for whatever. Especially for me, however the game is flowing, however the game is going, I really just need to be effective in whatever we're doing [and] whatever play is being called."

On what he believes makes the Ravens' rushing attack so special: "It was crazy because we were out there today … And I think it's a lot of misdirection. Daelin [Hayes] had said something to me; he was like, 'Man, this offense is crazy,' because there are just a lot of things going a lot of different ways. So, I guess it kind of keeps the defense off balance, and it's great for running backs."

On how long it takes to get comfortable with the quarterback to maintain ball security at the mesh point of a rush: "I'm not sure the time stamp, but we're working it. Each and every time we get out here on the field, we're trying to clean things up, and it will happen really soon."

On if sharing the workload forces him to make the most of his snaps: "Yes, that's how I approach the game, regardless. It's always that [mindset of] however many times you touch it, you just want to be effective – and every time that you touch it. So, that's kind of my mindset."

On his poise and if he's phased by anything that's going on: (laughter) "I'm not really phased. At the end of the day, I try to tell people, because everybody kind of gets riled up, at the end of the day, it's football – it's just at the highest level. I just try to stay even keeled and focused on the job at hand."

On if he's had the chance to reflect on his journey: "I think about it from time to time, but honestly, I say to myself, 'The only time I'll probably really just sit down and think about it is probably when I get done playing ball.' I'll just think about everything that happened throughout my career, and be like, 'Yeah, it was a crazy ride.' (laughter)

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