Ravens Get Three Compensatory Picks


The Ravens didn't get the maximum compensatory picks, but they did get a nice haul.

Baltimore received three compensatory picks for the 2015 draft, one below the maximum allotment. It breaks a streak of two straight years receiving the max.

The Ravens were awarded one fourth-round pick (No. 136) and two fifth-round picks (Nos. 171 and 175).

That gives Baltimore 10 total picks, as of now, heading into the draft.

Still, the Ravens lead the league in compensatory picks since the program was launched in 1994. Baltimore now has been given 44 picks. The closest teams are Green Bay (35) and Dallas (33).

This year, Denver, Kansas City and Seattle got four picks. Houston was the only other team with three.

Much of Baltimore's free agency strategy is based on acquiring compensatory picks.

While the Ravens don't like to see their own players sign elsewhere, the pain is eased the next year when it results in extra draft picks. The Ravens specifically try to avoid signing free agents that haven't been cut by other teams because they factor against the compensatory pick formula.

According to the NFL Management Council, a team losing more or better free agents than it acquired in the previous year is eligible to receive picks. The number of picks a team receives equals the net loss of free agents.

To determine "better" free agents, the council looks at average salaries, playing time and postseason awards. Salaries make up the biggest portion of that equation.

The Ravens lost five free agents last year: defensive tackle Arthur Jones, tackle Michael Oher, cornerback Corey Graham, safety James Ihedigbo and tight end Ed Dickson. Baltimore signed only one free agent that wasn't cut by another team: safety Darian Stewart.

Had Jones and Oher not been injured for part of the year, or had better seasons, the Ravens would have gotten higher compensatory picks.

Baltimore could have gotten a seventh-round compensatory pick for the loss of Dickson, but he fell too low on the list to factor into the equation. The league hands out a maximum of 32 total compensatory picks.

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