Ravens Post-Game Quotes 8/21/21

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, how are you doing? [It's] good to see you. [I'm] just pleased with our guys. I thought, as a team, we fought. We fought early on when things weren't going our way from a field-position standpoint, turnover standpoint, all the things that can really hurt you. Our guys fought through it, [and] kept it even. The goal-line stand was big. DeShon [Elliott] and all of those guys did a great job there. We had another sudden-change stop, so I was proud of our defense for that. Then we basically stopped making mistakes and started playing winning football. We were able to gain some momentum as the game went on and find a way to win the game. A lot of young guys played really well. It was good to see. [It] was good to see [the] offensive line, defensive line, running backs … Receivers made catches. Of course, Tyler [Huntley] played well. So, just across the board, it was a good preseason victory. Now, we just go to work on the tape and get ready to take the next step as a football team."

(on why G Tyre Phillips did not play tonight) "He tweaked his ankle the second practice [in Carolina]. So, it wasn't really something we wanted to put him out there with. It's not a serious injury; it just wasn't worth it tonight to put him out there."

(on what it means to win 19-straight preseason games) "I mean, there are going to be people that say this doesn't mean anything, and there are going to be people who look at it and say, 'Wow, that's something.' So, I think everything is something. I'm of the belief that everything has meaning in life. So, I guess you can take two things; nothing has meaning, and everything has meaning. So, if we're doing it, it's worth doing, it matters and it's worth doing well. So, I feel like the players [and] coaches that were involved all those times …If you want to look at the big picture of it, all those young players that were out there playing, Josh Woodrum having a game-winning drive, I think. You can go back … Those guys should all take pride in that. All those guys that were part of that over those years should be proud about that tonight, because it's something that only one other team has ever done – the Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers. I'd say that's notable."

(on how key it was to only have one penalty tonight) "[It was] very key. Once we settled down … We turned the ball over early – that gave [Carolina] opportunities, [but] our defense did step up, which was great. Then to just settle down and play that winning-type football – not to make mistakes, not to give them opportunities that they didn't earn, that's the way we try to play. So, to see the guys make progress in that area is something that's important to us. We talk about it a lot. That's how we try to practice, and we have to keep building on that for next week against Washington, which is an excellent football team with a lot of talent."

(on how the offensive line played tonight) "It felt good. They threw a lot of blitzes at us there early and batted some balls down. So, we'll have to look at that and see what happened there. But I thought we played good, solid football. The guys that were in there did a nice job. But like you said, the tape will give us a better look at that."

(on RB Ty'Son Williams' TD run and progress over training camp) "He's done a great job. We saw glimpses of it last year in practices, as you guys remember, and he's done it in the preseason practices and the game. That was one of the best runs. That was just a great football run, you know? To get hit three or four times, break tackles, keep his feet when he's going down, put the arm in the ground … You know, the old arm in the ground, hold onto the ball, keep the ball up high and tight and then launch himself into the end zone, that's an old school run right there. Of course, Nate McCrary did it as well. [He] made some really good runs, some strong runs. For him to step up like that and kind of show himself … I think he went sideways once or twice, then he decided to go north and all of a sudden, he was breaking tackles. He was thinking to himself, I bet, 'Hey, I can do this. I'm pretty good.' (laughter)Then he got some confidence and made some nice runs."

(on how difficult some of the young defensive backs making the decision in terms of roster construction) "[They're making it] very difficult, very difficult. It's a great problem to have. It's the problem that you work very hard to have in terms of acquiring players and developing player, and all the things we do in the weight room, the meeting room [and] the practice field to help those guys be the best they can be. The effort they put in to play like that and to see them play like that is really rewarding. It's a great problem, but it's a tough problem."

(on how open the competition is for the third running back spot after RB Ty'Son Williams and RB Nate McCrary's performance) "Justice [Hill] has been practicing really well, too. He just, unfortunately, hasn't been able to do it in the games as much because of the ankle injury. So, every spot … Everybody has to prove themselves every year. Even the most celebrated player still has a lot to prove to varying degrees. But every position has to be earned, and that's one that has to be earned. They're all doing a very good job, so again, it's another tough decision."

(on S DeShon Elliott and S Chuck Clark as a young secondary tandem) "They've really taken it to another level. I think if you watch them just moving-around wise, they're both moving really well, which is credit to them, and the work they've put in. [It's] also credit to the fact that they really understand the defense well. They flow within the construction of the defense. They understand where to be. They understand the spacing. They understand the landmarks. They understand how to make one thing look like something else and do it in a really natural way that is really hard for the quarterback to identify. I'm proud of them. I think they're playing really good football."

(on ILB L.J. Fort's status after leaving the game with a knee injury) "I haven't heard a final thing yet. I'll have to say, unfortunately, it does not look good from what I was told during the game with a knee injury. I think it got stuck in that AstroTurf out there, unfortunately. So, we'll get final word probably tomorrow with an MRI, but L.J. [Fort] has been playing great [and] practicing great. He's been leading our guys. I mean, nobody is … He's in the weight room every morning at 5:30 [a.m.] … So, it's going to be an unfortunate injury for him, if that's where it turns out to be."

(on if it's an added benefit that OLB Justin Houston has brought wisdom to the outside linebackers room) "Yes, you never know … We thought Justin [Houston] was a great guy. We had gotten to know him there over the years, too. But yes, he's been great. He's just a great guy. He wants to win. He's a family man. He kind of takes these guys under his wing and teaches them along with [outside linebackers coach] Drew [Wilkins]. He loves the system. He wants to learn the system inside and out. He thinks it's going to be a great fit for him, but for him to give those guys … Having had coached [Eagles DB] Brian Dawkins in the secondary and Ed Reed and being around Ray Lewis and those guys, those guys have so much understanding of the game from inside the game, a perspective that only really a player can have that's very unique. For him to be able to share that with those guys, it's pure gold."

S Chuck Clark

(on winning 19-straight preseason games) "Yes, Coach [Harbaugh] actually just told us after the game. We kind of knew a little bit before, going into it – a few of us – but we let the whole team know at the end of the game in the locker room. So, we celebrated and cherished that moment, but [even though] we're in the record books right now, we've just got to go keep [doing] more and keep being better as a team."

(on the performance in the second half) "Everybody just locked in, settled in [and] started making plays. The offense started controlling the ball, moving the ball. The young running backs were running the ball good. The quarterback was leading them and moving them down the field, and the defense started getting off the field."

(on the talent of the young defensive backs) "Personally, I'm very impressed, and just talking to other guys in the first group, we're all trying to pull those guys along, get them better and make them the best players that they can possible be, because we can see a lot of the talent in all those guys. The sky is the limit for a lot of those guys. We saw in the first game, all of them made a play in some type of way, and even today, they carried over, as well."

(on sharing advice with younger defensive backs) "I wouldn't say it's hard or anything. I mean, I feel like anybody can learn from anybody. A young guy can come in, and he can teach me something, and I can teach him something. It's all about a roll of evolving doors. It's not hard at all. Like I said, I can learn from those guys, just as well as they can learn from me."

(on his comfort level playing alongside S DeShon Elliott, and if he believes they can take their game to another level) "Yes, definitely; that's how we both feel. We've got so much more to do, so much more to climb, and I think it just starts with our relationship off of the field – just bonding and clicking and vibing together – and then it carries over to the field, and we hold each other to a standard that we want to be the best duo in the league."

ILB Malik Harrison

(on the team limiting penalties tonight) "That's how we practice. We try to not have any penalties in practice, so we just roll it over to the game."

(on winning 19-straight preseason games) "Once we got into the locker room, Coach 'Harbs' [Harbaugh], he told us that we tied [the NFL record]. Now we just go into the next one trying to beat the record."

(on spending almost a full week on the road with his teammates) "It just made our chemistry stronger. Just being with the guys for these five days made us stronger [and made] us better."

(on the biggest difference for him so far this preseason, as far as making plays on the field) "Just me being comfortable with the system. Last year, it was my first year; we didn't have any OTAs or a real camp, so these OTAs, and this camp really helped me a lot to get comfortable with the guys on the field."

(on RB Ty'Son Williams) "He's a great [running] back. He does the same thing in practice, so it's nothing new; I'm not shocked. He's a great guy on and off the field."

QB Tyler Huntley

(on winning 19-straight preseason games) "It's a good feeling, just because you could see the type of culture that we have as a team, as an organization. We strive to win every time we step on the field, and it just shows you how much depth, as a team, that we have – just to keep rolling out wins in the preseason."

(on having a similar style of play to QB Lamar Jackson) "We're just two, young athletes that are trying to win games; that's what makes us – I guess – look alike. Because Lamar [Jackson], he wants to win every time he steps on the field, and I'm right behind him. I want to follow those footsteps, and whatever it takes for us to win, that's what we're going to do."

(on overcoming early offensive struggles and performing well in the second half) "[They] just had some – I'll say – luck. They had some luck – tipped pass, interception and a fumble right when a receiver turned around. I feel like they had some good luck going in that first half, and we just cleaned up and continued our drives, and that's what made us come out victorious."

(on if he knew that he was going to play almost the whole game) "I kind of knew I was going to play a lot, just because 'L' [Lamar Jackson] is 'L.' He needs his time to get ready for the season, so I knew I was going to play a good bit. And just me, [in terms of my] development, I think feel like it was a good thing that I got this little game behind me, because I haven't really played a full game in a couple years now – two. So, it was good that I got some quarters behind me."

(on the key to getting into a rhythm after starting 0-for-4 on passes) "I had to just get into a rhythm. I couldn't keep performing how I was, because it would have been all bad. I just had to get that rhythm and get us on track so we could start moving the ball; that's key right there. I didn't even know I was 0-for-4; I just knew I needed to complete some passes, so that's what I strived to do, and I guess it came to play."

TE Josh Oliver

(on winning 19-straight preseason games) "Just as an organization, they win here, so they just instill that in the culture and everything we do. Everything we try to do, we try to compete at, and we try to win. So, it's just great to be here and just great to go out and get a win."

(on bouncing back after fumbling the ball) "Yes, it was tough. I think that was probably my first fumble I've ever had. So, it was tough to bounce back from that, but I came out and caught some balls after, and I just tried to focus, really, on holding on to the ball and executing."

(on being traded to the Ravens this past offseason) "It's a huge blessing just to be here with this organization. The culture they have here – like I was saying earlier – it's awesome to be a part of it."

(on if the coaches spoke to him after his fumble) "Yes, they were just telling me to tuck that ball when I turn up the field; hold on to it and execute like they've seen me do in practice and do over time."

(on if there is pressure in competing for the third TE spot with Eric Tomlinson) "No, me and Eric [Tomlinson] are great friends. We just go out and compete every day and practice hard. And when the cards are dealt, they're dealt."

(on how he feels physically) "I feel great, and my body feels good. It's been a long road, but it finally feels like I've got my feet back underneath me. So, just going out there and catching balls brings a lot of confidence."

(on if he was surprised by being traded to the Ravens this offseason) "Yes, I was surprised by the trade, but at the same time, I hadn't played a lot of games for [Jacksonville]; I have been injured in the past. So, it is what it is, but I'm happy I'm here, and I'm glad to be a part of the Ravens organization."

RB Ty'Son Williams

(on what it felt like to contribute to the Ravens' 167 rushing yards) "It felt good. Shoutout to the guys out front making it easy for us. Shoutout to all the guys that played tonight, me and Nate [McCrary] especially. Shoutout to the guys out front."

(on what it does for his confidence to get carries each game) "It feels great just to go back out there and make plays. Honestly, I just continue to stack, continue to get better and [working] on the things that I need to improve on, and I'll be good."

(on if the dynamic between Williams and RB Nate McCrary helps each other's energy) "Yes, most definitely. He was telling me things, and I'm like, 'Man, I have to try to match his intensity.' He was doing his thing for sure.'"

RB Nate McCrary

(on the Ravens' rushing attack and how it felt to be involved in the run game) "It was an awesome experience. For me, it felt like a dream come true just to be here and play at this level. Our goal was just to play downhill football, be physical and run the ball high and tight – that's what we did."

(on what it meant for him to score his first NFL touchdown) "Honestly, I can't even explain how excited I am to even score my first NFL touchdown. I worked real hard to get here, but I just have to give all glory to God [for letting me] make it into the end zone."

(on what the dynamic is between McCrary and RB Ty'Son Williams) "Me and Ty'Son [Williams] on the sidelines, we're sitting there motivating each other, pumping each other up [and] getting each other ready. It's just a 1-2 punch. It's all love between us. The O-line was for sure a big part in that run game tonight, so I give my respect to them."

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