Ravens-Steelers Post-game Quotes (12/11)


(Opening statement) "Good to see everybody. I appreciate you guys being here. Just a shoutout to the great environment, the experience here in Pittsburgh and the amazing rivalry that this is. We appreciate it, and we appreciate victories like this in this environment against Pittsburgh because we have respect for them and for the rivalry. I'm very proud of our guys. I think it was the kind of victory that you can attribute to heart and character and toughness and finding a way to get the job done, and never giving up, and never flinching and having each other's back in the end. So, a lot of guys stepped up; the two guys in this room obviously – Anthony Brown and J.K. Dobbins – stepped up in a big way when we needed it the most. That drive in the fourth quarter will go down in history as one of the great drives in this rivalry. It will in my mind, I promise you that. So, I'm proud of everybody; I appreciate everybody; [I] trust everybody on this team, love this team. [I] love this team; I love every guy on this team and trust and believe in every guy on this team. We're very, very proud of this victory. Past that, we're moving on to Cleveland. That's next, and that's our next challenge in Cleveland. What questions do you have?"

(on the players saying this week that "you're not a Raven until you beat the Steelers") "Yes, that's their thing. I appreciate that; it makes sense to me. Roquan [Smith] talked about it when he talked to the team after the game. That's kind of their deal. So, I appreciate that, and I sure respect it. I think it's a very valid, valuable thing."

(on how impressed he was with QB Anthony Brown's poise when he entered the game) "The first play off the one [-yard line], he throws a pass and completes it off the one-yard line. That's pretty ... But that's kind of how he is. His personality is that. He's kind of calm, cool and collected. [He's] very much a student of the game; [he] works very hard at it in terms of preparing himself. He made great strides throughout the whole year. Then, his opportunity comes up when you never know. When you might least expect it, there's your opportunity, and he stepped into it heroically."

(on RB J.K. Dobbins' impact on the running game in his first game back from injury) "The running game was it. The running game was what we needed in this game, and 215 yards, a bunch of yards on the final drive there – I think it was seven minute and 55 second drive in the fourth quarter, mostly on the back of the run game. J.K. [Dobbins] had 120 yards. [He was] just running good, and not just J.K. Let's look at Gus [Edwards], too. Let's look at that last first down, the two runs that Gus had. Those were tremendous runs. Getting it, he came around there on the 34-power like a freight train coming through there; it was really well-blocked. So, that probably was as heroic a play as any; that series right there to get the first down and salt the game away. I'm probably as proud of those three plays as any in the whole game."

(on if a player in concussion protocol like QB Tyler Huntley would be eligible to play during a short week before Saturday) "No, no. It's a Thursday game they're talking about. Talking to him right now – and I can't speak to it – but he seems good to me. He's reciting the months of the year backwards; can you do that right now? (Reporter: "No, I can't.") I guess not. (laughter) So, we'll see how it goes. You just have to trust the docs on that, and they'll do a good job with it. Whatever it is, it is. If Tyler [Huntley] can go, he'll be there, and Anthony [Brown] will be backing him up. If he can't go, Anthony will be there playing, and Brett [Hundley] will be backing him up. So, we'll go with what we have. I promise you; everybody in that locker room trusts everybody that we have."

(on what worked well on the long fourth-quarter drive) "The inside running, gap schemes were good. We did a really good job with our combination with our guards and our tackles, our tight ends and tackles. Then, the inside zone stuff was really good too. We weren't really looking at quarterback-driven stuff. That was an old-fashioned run game. Our offensive line, tight ends, fullback Pat Ricard [and] running backs did a great job."

(on the defense coming up with three interceptions in the red zone) "You know the turnovers in this series have kind of been the thing. To get the three interceptions after they had driven down there speaks volumes. You can never talk about Pat Queen's hands again. Actually, he made that demand in the locker room afterwards. So, that won't be allowed in the future. Those were great interceptions by him and Roquan [Smith]. Then, Marcus [Williams] going and covering the ground that he did to make that play shows you what he's capable of. Those were game-winning plays right there for sure."

(on T Ronnie Stanley's performance and the team having success running left) "That's exactly right. Ronnie [Stanley] just ... When you have him out there, you're reminded of the level of player that he is. He does it all; he does pass protection, he does it in the run game coming off the ball, he does it pulling. You'll probably notice that, too. He had a number of times he pulled around there. Right there at the end, he pulled around there on that last couple plays. So, [I'm] just proud of that. Morgan [Moses] played great. How about Trystan Colon coming in there and Ben Cleveland – when Kevin [Zeitler] couldn't go [at right guard] – and playing like they did. [Tyler] Linderbaum continues to play at a high, high level. And Ben Powers – none of you guys ever talk about Ben Powers. Maybe someone did; maybe there was an article I forgot. Ben's been playing really good football. So, that whole offensive line has been doing a great job."

(on who was the emergency quarterback behind QB Anthony Brown) "We're going to keep that topsecret information right now, but we do have a name. I did ask that question recently, so we have a guy. (Reporter: "Would it be Mark Andrews?") He's definitely in the multiple choice options, how about that?"

(on DE Calais Campbell's field goal block) "Oh, yes. Golly gee, I almost forgot about that, there was so much going on in the game, but Calais Campbell – I think he's a Hall of Fame player. He's definitely a Hall of Fame field goal blocker, there's no doubt about that. He's a Hall of Fame man, too, [and] a Hall of Fame leader."

(on attributing today's win to doing all the small things well) "I'm sure there are a lot of small things we did really well. I think we stuck together. I think that's what we did; we did it together. That was probably the No. 1 thing."


(on what was going through his mind when he entered the game and had to start at his own one-yard line) "Honestly, [I was thinking] it was an opportunity for a 99-yard drive, and trying to get it out, get the first down and just keep working on it. So, we'll be alright."

(on what this week was like knowing he would be the backup quarterback) "So, [quarterbacks] Coach [James] Urban and [assistant quarterbacks] Coach [Kerry] Dixon, they had a plan as soon as I got here to make sure that I would be prepared within any situation. It's been very consistent every week, so it didn't change with this week. Like J.K. [Dobbins] said, even though not getting some of those reps, still being able to do extra work with coach and continue to have a plan and follow that process, [I] was able to go out there and have some confidence."

(on RB J.K. Dobbins saying he was calm on the field and if that was how he felt) "I would say so. Like I said, with [quarterbacks coach James Urban and assistant quarterbacks coach Adrian Dixon's] plan, it allows me to be calm. It allows me to be confident in what we're calling, what I'm doing, and just be able to step forward and not even worry about it [or] bat an eye."

(on if he mentally envisioned himself playing in today's game to prepare himself) "Absolutely. All week, I hear it every week. So, you're two plays away. So, just mentally preparing myself to be able to be out there, and do what we did today and even get better at it. So yes, I envisioned it all the time."

(on his thought process as he was called into the game and how he blocked out everything else) "I don't know. It was really just trying to figure out whether Marcus [Williams] got the touchback, or it was on the one-yard line. Then, from there it was getting ready, and we're at the one-yard line, so we just had to get it out. Making sure that we did that, and I would just say that [quarterbacks] Coach 'Urb' [James Urban] made sure that I was ready for it, and we did it."

(on how gratifying it was for his first NFL action to be in a game for a team with playoff aspirations against their biggest rivals) "It is extremely gratifying. I appreciate [head] Coach [John] Harbaugh for trusting me and believing in me. Today was just a testament to them for actually bringing me here and believing in who I was."

(on what made him decide to sign with the Ravens) "The organization as a whole and then just the talks with [quarterbacks] Coach [James] Urban, [offensive coordinator] Coach [Greg] Roman, and [assistant quarterbacks coach] Kerry Dixon when I first had my [Top] 30 visit [in Baltimore]. It was unbelievable; they said they had a plan for me, and low and behold, here we are in Pittsburgh, and we got it done."

(on his mentality as a practice squad player knowing chances were, he would not be on the 53-man roster) "I've been hearing it all my life from my father, 'Stay ready so you don't have to get ready.' This was just a testament to that. Then on top of it – like I said – just following the plan, following the process and making sure I was ready for whenever this moment came."

(on if he's received any meaningful messages from friends and family) "A lot. I don't want to disclose any of the messages, but a lot of gratifying messages."

(on how we would feel if he made his first NFL start next week against Cleveland) "It would be great, but like Coach [John Harbaugh] said, 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] sounds ready. I have all the confidence in the world in him. If it is my turn, it's my turn, and I'll just have to work at it."


(on winning with QB Anthony Brown)"Without our best player, and then losing 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley], for Anthony [Brown] to come in and play the way he did, demand the huddle the way he did, [it was] very impressive. It was a huge team win. It was awesome to see."

(on how the mental focus changes not having QB Lamar Jackson)"[We just] lock in. I think this is going to make us a better team, going through that adversity, just having to lock in, focus on your job and come together as a team. That's what we did today."

(on having the full complement of the running game back today including T Ronnie Stanley) "[It was] just ground and pound. Those guys up front did an incredible job. You look at Pat Ricard, you look at Josh Oliver, the way they're blocking as well as all the linemen. They just did their job, and those running backs, [and] the way they pounded it. Again, [I'm] super proud. That's just all 11 guys on the field being on the same page, coming together and playing good football."

(on QB Anthony Brown throwing the ball out of his own end zone in his first NFL action and how often he works with him)"Probably never, but he did an incredible job. It was super impressive just the way he commanded the huddle, the way that he brought us all together and all that. Acting like he had been there before, and [I] just have a lot of respect and love for the way he came in and handled it."

(on how important it is for young quarterbacks to command the huddle and how it influences everyone else) "Anytime you have a quarterback that comes in and is assertive and knows what he's talking about, knows what he's doing, and that's what he did. So, that's not an easy spot to be in for Anthony [Brown], but he did everything he could, and he helped us win this game, which is big."


(on how much adversity the team faced today) "It's football. Things are going to happen. You never make an excuse; you just keep playing football. So, of course the adversity of losing the quarterback. The same thing happened to them – they lost their quarterback, too. [It's] next man up. My man 'A.B.' [Anthony Brown] did a great job. That stuff is hard; when you don't get a lot of reps, and you have to take a handoff, make sure that you give the ball, put the ball in the running back's chest, pulling it – he made a couple of good throws [and] kept the chains moving. A lot of people won't be able to appreciate how important that is and how hard that was. We have nothing but confidence in the guys. We work really hard, [and] we're always going to be prepared. That says a lot about our culture and how we do things."

(on his field goal block) "Speaking of coaching, [special teams coordinator] Coach [Chris Horton] called pretty much an audible. Chris Horton came to me on the sideline, and it was like, 'Hey, I'm going to switch it up. I know we don't practice it, but I want you to get in the A-gap and try to swim on the snapper.' We did it last year against some, but I haven't worked on that since last year. It was a good call. He kicked the ball, [and] I had a good chance to get up there and get it, get my left hand on it. It was a good feeling."

(on his first win as a Raven against the Steelers) "It feels great. I've been hearing all week, 'You're not a Raven until you beat the Steelers.' That meant something to me. I take great pride in just being in this rivalry, being a part of this team and seeing the guys that came before us, the old vets. Seeing 'T. Suggs' [Terrell Suggs] video, seeing Ray Lewis talk, just seeing all the highlight tapes and the good videos to get us ready for this game. I was getting chills down my back; I wanted to be a part of this. I'm glad that I can now call myself a Raven."

(on the defense's ability to take the ball away) "We have a lot of playmakers. We have a lot of guys making plays. It's fun; that's what makes it special. They made plays. It's the NFL; they're going to make plays. We didn't flinch. We just kept playing our game, kept depending on each other [and] being there for each other. When you have different guys making plays like that, it's huge. I think that's been really what we've been all year. I don't know where we're at in the turnover battle, but we have to be pretty high up there. It's definitely something that we work [on] in practice. Our coaches definitely should get a lot of love for that, too, because we practice everything. Then, I think [we have] a lot of guys who study a lot of ball [and are] focused, locked in. When opportunities come, they're going to make the plays. How about Marcus Williams, [an interception with] one hand? One hand out there. I told him, 'I don't want to hear any excuses that you have a cast on your hand. If it comes your way, you better catch it.' So afterwards, he found me. He was like, 'I told you. I told you.'"

(on if the team feels like they're being overlooked because everyone is talking about the Bengals) "We have a chance to show who we are and what we can do each and every week. Whether we're being overlooked, or under looked or whatever it is, it doesn't really matter. We get a chance to show it each and every week. As long as we keep playing good football, when it matters, we'll be where we're supposed to be."

(on RB J.K. Dobbins' performance in his first game back from injury and if it was what he expected) "I know that J.K. [Dobbins] is a beast. Did I expect what he did today? I can't sit here and lie to you. I did not expect it like that. I knew he was going to have a good game, but wow. I told him he put the team on his back. The way he was running that ball, his vision, his stop and start, getting North and South, running hard. [He was] literally making defenders pay every time he touched the ball. I've seen him, he's been working on the field ever since he was first on PUP, and he was trying to return. He's been hungry, just itching to get on the field. You can see that desire in him, and I'm like, 'Take your time, make sure you're healthy.' You just see the heart and the passion he plays with. Then after the second thing he had to do and getting surgery to have his knee cleaned up again and getting back on the field. That's tough to go through that kind of stuff mentally; it's very tough. It shows you what kind of person he is. He has a lot of heart, and it showed today. He was near tears just sitting on the sideline. He wanted the ball, he wanted to go out there and just make his plays. I told him, 'Everybody knows when you see somebody who's hungry like that.' To watch him do what he did today, it was special. I told him also, 'You have to keep it going. I need it every week; that's the standard now.'"


(on gaining 100 yards rushing in his first game back) "It feels good, it feels good. It's still not me all the way yet. I'm going to continue to get better, and hopefully those 100-yard games will start turning into 200-yard games, maybe. I'm just going to keep getting healthier, and like I said, I'm going to keep getting better. I got the 100-yard game [today], and I'm just going to keep stacking on that."

(on what his rehab process was like to get ready for the game) "The scope was a success. There was a lot of scar tissue in my knee, and it was hindering my flexion, which is when you bend your knee, so I had to get that taken care of. The rehab process wasn't bad. It wasn't really like me getting something fixed or anything like that. So it was just getting out there, resting and just letting it get stronger and getting back into shape. On that long run that I had, I'm still not in shape that I need to be in, because I would have never gotten caught. So, I'm pretty upset about that. But, it's only going to keep getting better, and I can only thank God for that."

(on being able to put up rushing numbers when everyone knew the Ravens were going to run the ball) "That's just a testament to the offensive line. The offensive line was blocking so good, and I can only go as far as they go. They did a good job for me. I'm going to keep having their back as well. I'm going to keep finding the hole that they make and things like that and keep making guys miss to help them out when I need to. It's just a testament to our offensive line."

(on his mentality when he realized he was going to have to shut down again earlier this year) "When I got the scope, my mentality was very good. I was ready for it. I was prepared for it mentally. When I got injured last year, oh no, that was the worst thing ever, ever. [It was one of the] Top 5 hardest moments in my life. But, coming back out here and being able to play and do things like that, it just … It was part of the patience game. I had to learn patience. It just helped me as a person, as a man. When we're out there, and it's going crazy, I'm calm and ready to go because I've been through so much, so that's what helped."

(on the Ravens playing without the top two quarterbacks) "My man Anthony Brown is good, too. So, it just shows … I'm going to give him the testament of this. It shows that he's in the film room. He's in the playbook. He's ready to go. We were backed up on the one-yard line, and he completed a pass – five yards. It's loud, and he's calm, he's calm. It's just a testament to him and how he works. When we get 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] and Lamar [Jackson] back, we have our ammo ready to go."

(on if he knew he was going to feel good flexion-wise coming out of his recent surgery) "When I got out of surgery, when I was walking, it felt way better, as soon as I got out of surgery. When I woke up, I felt so much pressure released. I knew it was going to be good. I knew it was going to be good. It's still getting better. I can only thank God. He was the reason why I even thought about doing it. Some people didn't want me to do it. But I had to listen to God, and he told me to do it. He woke me out of my sleep and told me to get a scope. Really, though. Really, though. And so I did it. And now you see – first game back, I did good with my offensive line."

(on what was missing on that long run) "I've got to get back in shape, get back in shape. That's what it is, I've got to get back in shape, get my knee back in shape."


(on matching up against Steelers WR George Pickens, someone he's familiar with back from Hoover, Alabama)"I coach track over at the high school [Hoover High School]. I tried to recruit him, a lot. Maybe he knew a thing, because he was burning me out there today. But it was really cool to see and have another guy you know – know where he's from and everything – match up against. "

(on knowing if Steelers WR George Pickens was going to be this good so soon)"I knew he was a really good player. And I kind of knew Pittsburgh would probably draft him, just because he's a Pittsburgh guy. (Reporter: What makes you say that?) "[He] just has a lot of dog in him. I've got a lot of respect for [Steelers head coach] Mike Tomlin. He's not only a great football coach, but he's a great man-builder for guys that kind of … Obviously, [George Pickens] had some draft stuff, some off-the-field things that aren't head coach-friendly."

(on if there was a difference in the Steelers' quarterback change from QB Kenny Pickett to QB Mitchell Trubisky)"No, not really a big change. I didn't really think [Mitchell] Trubisky would get in and just throw it up. I knew [Kenny] Pickett was going to do that, but I didn't think Trubisky would as well. But nothing really changed around the backup [quarterback]."


(on being able to make a big play in his first Ravens-Steelers game)"It was amazing, man. Just being able to go out there with my teammates and get the 'dub' and win it in Ravens fashion. I'm very excited. I'm happy to keep going, and I'm going to enjoy this for the rest of the day. Then, we're going to flush it and move on to Cleveland."

(on how many teams he thinks can win a game in December when they don't have their Top 2 quarterbacks)"Honestly, I'm not really too worried about that, but I know this team can – and we showed that we could. So, hey, that's all that matters, and I'm a part of this team."

(on how this rivalry compares to those he's been a part of while with the Chicago Bears)"If I'm being honest, it doesn't compare, because I got the 'dub.' (laughter)I wasn't on that side of it too much [in Chicago]. So, hey, I'm just happy to be a part of the 'dub' and winning football."

(on if he picked up on anything on his interception from QB Mitchell Trubisky having spent time with him in Chicago)"I've got a lot of respect for the guy [Mitchell Trubisky]. He made a throw, and he had to pay for it. So, he did. [It was a] great rush by the defense. I made a play. I was in the right place at the right time."

(on the vibe on the sideline watching the offense get the run game going as the game winds down)"I have a lot of respect for those guys on the offensive side of the ball. The O-line, [they're a] very physical group. The running backs welcoming J.K. [Dobbins] back. And then, even the receivers blocking on the outside. So, I've got a great deal of respect, and I'm just happy to be a part of it. I knew once those guys get rolling, it's hard to stop – because I remember playing against these guys. So, I know what it's all about."

(on if he feels like a Raven now after beating the Steelers as a Raven)"Yes, absolutely man. It's no other way I'd rather have it. [We] fought a lot of adversity throughout the game. But that's what makes everyone special and how you respond once you face it. And we faced it. [There's] no other way of winning that, and it was in Ravens fashion. So, I'm just happy to be here."

(on what's making this defense so good right now)"I think just playing together. The D-line – we've got a lot of horses up front. Those guys tracking blockers, keeping the 'backers clean. And also, they're tearing off and making plays in their gaps. We have some great support, too, from the corners in the secondary, and everyone in the secondary. I just think it's a good combination of everyone playing good physical football. We're only going to keep getting better. "


(on another classic Ravens-Steelers close game) "Anytime you can come away with a win against a division opponent, it's a big deal. And then to get one on the road in Pittsburgh, a hostile environment, everybody knew what's up, no one batted an eye, much to their credit. Every side of the ball contributed in a big way, and we had to. We know the types of games we play against these guys. To be able to get a win here in Pittsburgh, is a really special deal. It's pretty emotional."

(on what winning a gritty win in December means to this team) "I think it shows us and the world that this is a team of character. We're without our starting quarterback, and we lose 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] in the middle of the game – Anthony Brown comes in – I don't think a single person batted an eye. There was no doubt that Anthony was prepared. He comes in and keeps his poise. The vibe on the sideline was, 'Oh yes, this guy is prepared, he's a Raven.' He and the offense, all of the guys put the game away. The guys on the defensive side of the ball shut down a tough team playing in their home stadium. There were contributions on all sides of the ball. Every phase of the game came together in a way that shows what kind of character we have on the team."

(on setting the franchise mark for most points scored by a Raven) "It is really special. It's something that [longtime long snapper] Morgan Cox and [longtime punter/holder] Sam Koch and [longtime special teams coordinator] Jerry Rosburg, [special teams coach] Randy Brown and [special teams coordinator] Chris Horton, and now [long snapper] Nick [Moore] and [punter] Jordan [Stout] – we are all a part of every single one of those points, a lot of points that helped us win football games is what resonates with me. To be in one place surrounded by great people, great football players [and] great football coaches in a culture where we're encouraged to be ourselves and work hard and thrive when given the opportunity, that's what's really special to me."

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