Ravens Wednesday Transcripts

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"We had a good practice today. I'm very happy with where the guys are at. We had two really good practices the last two days. It's been a camp where these guys have really pushed it. Yesterday was a very long practice, so today we focused on the mental part of it – assignments, alignments, communications and techniques – of what we're trying to accomplish. It was a third-down day, a blitz day – so we got a lot done. We're happy with where we're at, and we'll try to get them off their legs a little bit today."

So, whose idea was the movie day? (Jamison Hensley) "The leadership council's. It was unanimous. (laughter) To be honest with you, I can't remember the name of what we're going to see. ['Lucy' is the movie.] I hope it's good. (laughter) As a coach, you're sitting there like…" (laughter)


Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak

Gary, in terms of red zone offense, what strides are you making compared to last year and what are you trying to do for an effective red zone? (Aaron Wilson) "As far as the two games we played, we did not play as well in the red zone against San Francisco; last week [at Dallas] we were 2-for-2. The biggest thing for me [is] I want to know we're down there. You need to get down there – that's the most important thing. We have to run the ball well in the red zone to be effective. The biggest thing in this league – I tell the players all the time – if you have penalties in the red zone, touchdowns turn into field goals with penalties, and field goals turn into punts. So, protecting the ball, running the ball and not hurting yourself offensively is the key to being good down there."

What have been your thoughts as far as pass protection so far? (Jamison Hensley)"We can be better at everything we're doing. We've run the ball pretty good. I told the guys that we have to get more out of throwing the ball in our play pass. And we had some protection issues last week, especially early in the game. So, we've got some things to fix, but we have to keep plugging. And as I've told [the media] all along, the key to us for running the ball well is we have to find some big plays throwing the ball. So, [we] need to do that much better than we've been doing it."

Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees

Dean, what concern is there with the health in the secondary, even just from a preparation standpoint with CB Lardarius Webb being out? (Luke Jones) "[There is] always a concern. We want guys that are going to play. Somebody asked today about who we'd have out there first game, and I said, 'Whoever we have healthy.' But even when you get guys back … If a guy has been off for three or four weeks, he hasn't played [and adjusted to] game temp – all that stuff – it's always a concern at any position. There's concern at [the] five-technique, too – guys playing that [position] – because we devoted most of the reps early in camp to [Brent] Urban and 'Kap' [Kapron Lewis-Moore] and those guys. It's always a concern."

Dean, John Harbaugh said at the beginning of camp this can be a Top 5 defense. Do you feel that way? (Aaron Wilson) "I think we can be higher than that. The sky is the limit. We have to execute. What we have to do is just … The other day, what hurt us was the opposite of the first game – the first game, we got off to a slow start and we didn't give up big plays. Last week, [we] played better, but we gave up big plays. And some of it … I put some of the DBs in those positions to see if they can do it. I told [the media] last week that I'm going to call stuff – I'm going to do it this game, too – I'm going to call the game to see where we are in certain situations. That's what [preseason] is all about. It's not to prep so much for Washington – it's to prep us for Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and Cleveland. We're going to do the same thing. Last week, we had 15 plays in the running game that [went for] two yards or less. That's a pretty good day on 25 runs. Unfortunately, there's an asterisk to that, though, because there were four plays for over 10 yards, which you can't have. We just have to eliminate that, and they're easily eliminated. We just have to do it. But I really feel like we can be as good as we want to be."

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