The Caw: Marquise Brown Surprises Mom With a New House And Car


Getting drafted is a life-changing moment, and Marquise "Hollywood" Brown is repaying the one who helped get him there.

After signing his rookie contract about a month ago, the Ravens' first-round pick surprised his mom with a new house and car over the weekend.

Her reaction? Priceless.

Sharron James raised Brown and his older sister by herself while battling health problems before and after Brown's birth.

James had a high-risk birth with high blood pressure and failing kidneys, which later caused her to go on dialysis. Brown was born two weeks early and was 5 pounds, 6 ounces. His mother calls him a "miracle baby." He was an underdog for much of his young life.

Brown began his college career at College of the Canyons in California before earning a Division I offer from Oklahoma. During that time, James would send her son $300 for rent while he worked at Six Flags as a ride operator.

Now, neither will have to worry about finances anytime soon.

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