The Caw: Movie Buff Terrell Suggs Reacts To Oscars


I don't know anyone more into films than Terrell Suggs.

The guy's locker is full of DVDs. He's constantly got one playing in his locker, drawing the gaze of a couple nearby players and bored reporters. His Team Sizzle Worldwide production company has put out several films, including ones Suggs has helped write.

So when it came to watching last night's Oscars, Suggs was an entertaining follow on Twitter.

He tweeted the ENTIRE time, and was keeping a running tally of whether he got his predictions right. Seems that he at least went 17-for-21, a pretty impressive showing.

Below are some of Suggs' reactions (Mobile users click "View In Browser" at the top of this page). Check his timeline for the full commentary.

When "12 Years a Slave" won Best Picture:

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! #oscars2014 — T.S STARK (@untouchablejay4) March 3, 2014

When Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor in a Leading Role for "Dallas Buyers Club":

Congrats Mathew!!!!!! — T.S STARK (@untouchablejay4) March 3, 2014

When "Frozen" beat out "Despicable Me 2" for Best Animated Feature:

BOOOOOO! 14-18 #oscars2014 PHARRELL HAPPY!!!! — T.S STARK (@untouchablejay4) March 3, 2014

GRAVITY IS RACKIN UP!!!!! 12-14 #oscars2014 — T.S STARK (@untouchablejay4) March 3, 2014

Whoopi Goldberg looks like 2Chainz!!!!! #oscars2014 — T.S STARK (@untouchablejay4) March 3, 2014

Kevin Spacey's tux is FYE!!!! I see you Keiser Sosè — T.S STARK (@untouchablejay4) March 3, 2014

The Wolf, 12yearsaSlave, DallasbuyersClub. RT @tdjohnson: @untouchablejay4 Do you have any favorite films this year? — T.S STARK (@untouchablejay4) March 3, 2014

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