The Caw: Torrey Smith Going Back To School


Torrey Smith is going back to school.

But, no, not to the University of Maryland.

Smith is enrolled in the University of Miami's new Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program tailored toward professional athletes and artists.

"I'm going back to the ACC," said Smith, who graduated as a Terp with a bachelor's degree in criminology and criminal justice in Dec. 2010.

The Ravens wide receiver has always been interested in learning outside of football. He held an internship at the office of Maryland U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings in March of 2013, just months after winning the Super Bowl.

This time, Smith is coming off a downer of a finish in which he was the player targeted by Joe Flacco's game-sealing interception in the final minutes of a 35-31 loss in New England. Smith said school will help him "stay distracted" as he enters free agency for the first time.

"It's something that will keep my mind off it for a little bit," Smith said.

Miami's program lasts 18 months with six two-week stints at the school's main campus in Florida. It's designed to adapt to players' schedules.

The program begins in February and will teach the athletes, many of whom already have strong personal brands, how to leverage those into business and social achievement. Smith, a Baltimore fan favorite, will learn how to take the next step in his off-the-field career development.

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