The Caw: Torrey Smith's Voting Dilemma


Torrey Smith has had a difficult internal debate during this presidential election.

Should his vote reflect his current interests or his former ones?

Smith said he had a conversation with several players, asking who they were voting for and why. They all talked about this internal struggle, so perhaps it's something  that extends to many professional athletes.

As center Matt Birk comically emphasized to me, the Ravens "make pretty good money playing football."  

At the same time, many Ravens players come from very poor beginnings.  

Those vastly different phases of life can create very different political motivations. * *

"In a perfect world, Romney would probably be my vote because he fits my lifestyle and things I want to accomplish now. The things he wants to do doesn't affect me or maybe would benefit me, and it is my vote," Torrey said.

"But I look right at my brothers or sisters and my mom and think about what they would do without the help of some of the programs the Democrats bring to the table that I was raised off of. It was tough getting here. Without that help, would I have been here? You can't vote necessarily based on how your walk of life is now." 

Regardless, there's definitely one thing all the Ravens agreed on. That you should get out and vote.

"Especially being an African American man, it's huge for us to go out there because people laid down their lives for an opportunity to vote to have a say in the election," cornerback Cary Williams said. "For me not to practice my right, I feel like I'm doing an injustice to my people. I feel like you can't complain about anything if you don't go out there and vote. You don't really have a voice after that."

"It's what makes America great is that we can have free, democratic elections," Birk said. "Regardless of who you are, everybody's vote counts as one vote."

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